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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 36: The best Wingmare

Celestia was happily scrolling through the puns, scanning each one of them and mostly snickering at all of them. Basically, she couldn't stop smiling at the waves and waves of terrible puns. The alicorn also saw a pic of Alphys posing with 6 weird pony figurines, and Papyrus flexing with sunglasses infront of a mirror, biceps were also taped into the skeleton's shoulders, the biceps were also wearing sunglasses. Celestia laughed hysterically the first time saw it, and scowled when Alphys made fun of it.

The filly continued onwards, until she got another request.

NABSTABLOOK22 has sent you a friend request

Celestia gasped happily, "Blooky!" She pressed the 'accept' option.


It seems that it has already rejected itself...

"Blooky...no~" The alicorn groaned, "Why are you so shy? You can always be my friend"


'Oh' "Hey Alphys! What's up?" The pony greeted.

"H... hi...! Um, see t-that puzzle infront of you?" The doctor asked.

Celestia looked ahead to see a puzzle. "Oh, didn't even realise it was there, sooo...what about it?"

"W-well, uh...it's a-a time-based puzzle. Y-you see those switches over there?" She stumbled.


"Y-you'll have to press all three of them within 3 seconds I'll t-try and help you with the rhythm!" The doctor enthused.


Celestia walked up to the conveyor belt, 'OK...three, two, one!' She hopped on the moving metal sheet and pressed the 1st and 2nd switched with ease. She reached for the 3rd one...


'Huh?' The alicorn had gotten distracted for a second, missing her chance to press the last switch.

"OK! Now press the third one!!!"



"Okay it's done! Hey, why's the electric gate thingy still there?" Celestia asked still looking at the electric barrier blocking the path.

"............" The electric wall had phased away, "H-h-hey, you did it! L-looks like there was just a...bit of...uh...lag.. y-yeah! T-there was just a bit of lag! N-n-nothing else!"


Celestia felt like there was something more to this, but shrugged and moved to the next area. Who knows what's next?

A giant, maze-like puzzle was next.

Celestia sighed as she looked at her phone, 'Alphys, help me'


ALPHYS updated status. that's the last time I try to help with a puzzle lmao

The pony groaned in disappointment, 'That's not what you want to see'


"Uh, h-h-hey! I'm going to the bathroom, so I'll be MIA for a bit. I'm...I'm sure you can handle this puzzle your self!"

"W-wait! Al-"


"God...! Uuhh..." Celestia closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she looked once more at the puzzle. "I can do this, this doesn't look that hard anyway" The pony took a step toward onto a button near the steam plates.


The button seem to change the direction of the platforms in front of her.

'I'm going to be here for a while'


'OK, this will work. It has to work!' The alicorn activated the steam platform, second last from the exit, she flew to the last steam platform...


...and it did not work.

'That's it I'm done' Celestia teleported to the exit, 'I Should've done this earlier...' She continued walking to the next area and checked her phone, 'Wonder if Alphys said anything...'

ALPHYS updated status. OMG? ppl think the s3 finale of MDP is good!?!?LLOOOOLLLLLLL that's a joke right?!


ALPHYS updated status. My review of MDP s3 finale: This finale IS the worst thing in the entire series. It's trash. 0 stars

'....oh... I feel like I'm getting spoiled on something... Eh, forget it' She shrugged and made her way onwards.

The pony continued heading up to the CORE, until she was stopped by a voice.

"Hey! You! Stop!"

Celestia was confused about who said that, but stopped and turned around nonetheless. "Can I help...y-you" The young pony looked up, to see two tall figures in menacing armour.

However, the first one, didn't sound menacing, "We've, like, received an anonymous tip about a pony with a golden torc. They told us they were wandering around Hotland right now..."

"Oh...um...sounds, sc-cary, heheh" 'I don't want to fight these guys! They're bigger than Undyne!'

"I know right. Totally freaky. Well, just stay chill. We'll bring you someplace safe, OK?" 01 explained, suggesting Celestia to walk with them.

However the pony did not move, "W-wait...what?" 'Is he not putting who and two together yet?'

The 01 looked at the alicorn, "Well, like, what are you waiting for?" 02 tapped the first one on the chest, signalling his attention. "Y-yeah bro?" 02 pointed at the filly's torc, "The torc she's wearing? ....like, what about it?" Both the Royal guards looked at Celestia.

Getting said pony to feel anxious, 'Oh no...'

The guards looked at each other, 01 spoke up. "Bro... Are you thinkin... What I'm thinkin?" 02 nodded, 01 scratched his armour covered neck, "Bummer. This is, like... Mega embarrassing" 01 looked at the pony once more, "We, like, totally actually have to kill you and stuff"

Celestia's SOUL jumped out.

The Royal guards attack!

"Like, team attack..."


A barrage of stars come at Celestia from her front and back, she managed to dodge. She was in thought of what to do to spare them. She noticed 02's armour was a bit dirty, 'hmm, maybe cleaning is the answer' She knew what she had to do.

"Like, 'you're dead' and all..."


As the team attack was summoned. A green silhouette of 02's armour appears. Celestia moved her heart to the armour over and over. The cooling dirt on 02's armour began to wash away.

02 looked uncomfortable, "....can't....take it...armour...to...HOT!!!!" The Royal guard ripped off his chest piece, revealing his chest. "....much better"

Celestia quickly looked away flustered, and caught sight of 01, he looked bothered by something.

A lightbulb in the alicorn's mind lit up. She went up to 01 and whispered about being honest with his feelings.



Another attack came the pony's way, she noticed that some of the attacks were shaking, making it significantly harder to dodge.

Suddenly, 01 faced 02. "D-Dude... I can't... I can't take this anymore! Not like this!!"

(A/N que dramatic music! With a hint of romance)

"Like 02! I like... I like, LIKE you, bro! The way you fight... The way you talk... I love doing team attacks with you. I love standing here with you, bouncing, and waving our weapons in sync... 02, I, like, want to stay like this forever..." 01 confessed, being honest of how he felt towards 02.

". . . . . . ." 02 was silent.

It scared 01, "Uh... I mean, uh... Psyche! Gotcha, bro!!! Haha!"

02 took a step closer to 01, "...01"

"Y-yeah, bro??"

"......do you want to......get some ice cream......after this?" 02 shyly asked.

"Sure, dude! Haha!" 01 and 02 looked happily into each other's eyes. Ignoring Celestia, who had sparkles in her eyes.

"EEEEEEE!!! You too are so cute together!!!" She squealed happily, she had an idea, "Hey! You want to take a pic together!?" She held up the phone twitching with excitement.

01 looked flustered, "Do you, like, want to, 02?" 01 asked

"...sure" 02 answered.

Both Royal guards kneeled close to Celestia, 02 put his arm around 01, making said guard blush. Celestia posed cutely, "OK, everybody smile~"


The pony turned the phone around to see the photo. "Nice! What do you two think?"

"It's, like, totally awesome"

"..... I agree"

With that, the Royal guards waved goodbye to the pony, walking their different ways.

Celestia typed down onto her phone, until.


ALPHYS updated status. oppswait how's the pwny doing

'Your a little to late on that one Alphys'


ALPHYS updated status. Top 10 Show That Make You Forget To Do Your Frickin Job

The pony held in her laughter, she continued to type in her post.

Sun-angle Pop-pony64 updated status. I just realised that I am the best Wingman. Or should I say, Wingmare. \\^. ^//

Author's Note:

My ships:


2. 01x02

3.PapyrusxMettaton (ONLY in Underswap!)

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