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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 26: Spooky music bro




The filly opened her eyes, then frantically shot up. Celestia's breath sharpened, she looked at herself.

"Oh my gosh...Mane, check. Wings, check. Limbs, check. Horn...HORN...*sigh* check"

Celestia couldn't believe it. "I-I'm alive...I'm alive! YES! WOOHOO!!" Celestia jumped high in the air, laughing in relief. "Okay, heheheh, I'm actually ok" The alicorn let out a big sigh in relief, and smiled like there was no tomorrow.

She inspected her surrondings, she appeared to be some sort of garbage dump or trash zone, with a seemingly endless waterfall coming from above. There was also water that covered the floor, with some of the wooden platform floating and keeping the pony dry. Celestia looked down to see she was on a bed of flowers, golden flowers. "Huh? These things grow down here?" She couldn't really wonder why the flowers were there, she was to busy interpreting the fact that she survived falling down for who-knows long. Her smile wavered when she looked at her wings 'This all could've been avoided if I knew how to fly' The alicorn's smile wiped of her face, she never tried to fly in her life, only doing short glides. 'I really should learn how to do it one day'.

Even though Celestia stopped smiling, it didn't mean she wasn't happy. The pony slowly trotted into the water, it wasn't high enough to reach her knees, but still shallow enough to reach half that height.

She walked forward, seeing more garbage piles. The filly was a bit uncomfortable by how much garbage there was, but still trotted onwards.

Until one trash pile got her attention, or to be more specific, what was on the pile. Celestia raised a brow at the sight. It was a torn and faded banner, with a picture of a female pony, the sun and the moon either side of her. What surprised her was that the pony had both wings and horn, like Celestia.

She looked at it for a while, then proceeded forward head down, with some questions in her mind.

'Who was that pony?"

'Why was the sun and moon next to her?'

But the most interesting one...

'Why does she look so much like me?'

Celestia's mind was so preoccupied that she didn't hear the sudden 'sploosh' behind her, or notice the weird floating dummy infront of her.

"Hahahaha...to intimidated to- HEY COME BACK HERE!" The mad dummy yelled as Celestia walked right past him. The dummy zoomed in front of Celestia, making the filly bump into him, getting her attention.

"Oh, hi. Is something the matter?"


"Sorry, I'm not interested. Bye now." Celestia walked away, leaving mad dummy completely infuriated, and alone.

"HEY!!! WHAT DID- MMMMMM THAT WAS EXTREMELY RUDE YOU KNOW!!!" Mad dummy yelled, but the pony was long gone. "Why didn't she cower in FEAR! I AM CLEARLY SCARY AND MAAAADD!!!! HHHMMMMMNNNN THAT PONY IS SO RUDE!"

Just as Celestia walked to the next area, she spotted a familiar shy friend. The filly gasped happily "Blooky!" The pony ran up right next to her ghostly friend. "I can't believe you're here! Wow! It's been way to long"

Blooky was a bit startled by Celestia's appeared, but shook it off, "heh heh...hi celly. i guess it has been a while...but, why are you here? if you don't mind me asking..."

Celestia waved her hoof, "Don't worry about that. I'm just happy to see my good friend again!"

Blooky grinned a little bit, "heh heh, okay...hey, want to come to my house? if your not busy of course... it's just up ahead..."

Celestia smiled "Heck yeah I wanna come. Lead the way Blooky!"

Blooky's smile grew a little bit bigger "thanks celly..."

Nabstablook hovered towards his house, with Celestia in tow. When they arrived, Celestia noticed two houses, looking identical, if it weren't for the coloration. Blooky went to the left house, the filly followed.

The house, unlike the skelebro's, was quite small. The room was quite empty and had only a fridge, TV, computer, and three CD's in a line. The rest of the room had cracks in the walls and floorboards, and one little spiderweb. Blooky turned to Celestia "it's not much, but make yourself at home"

The ghost hovered to the computer and got some black headphones.

Celestia decided to check out the TV first "Nice TV Blooky"

"thanks celly...there's a show I like to watch on it...sometimes..."

Celestia gave the ghost a confused look 'Is there something Blooky isn't telling me? Ehh, forget it' She continued her exploring.

Celestia looked at the CDs, particularly the one in the middle. "How do these things work?"

Nabstablook hovered over to Celestia "first you open it...then you press the play button..."

As the ghost said, Celestia lifted the CD case up and opened the CD, there were a few buttons, "Um... OK, I think I got it..." Celestia pushed what she thought was the play button.

The music began to play.


Celestia smiled "Spooky"

"dang...that ambiance....it's like my whole body is being spooked..." Blooky described.

"Hey, Can I play another?" Celestia asked.

"sure celly...which one?"

"Huh? Uumm... How about this one?" The alicorn lifted up the one on the left, she picked play.

The music played.

(A/N I'm having some trouble with imputing the music on the story...sorry :/)

"ah, this one....once you learn the lyrics it's not hard to sing along... ooo ooo oooo, ooo ooo oooo, oo oo ooo oo ooo" The ghost sang with his eyes closed.

Celestia smiled "This is good music Blooky, do you make this yourself?"

"well, sort of...i usually make remixes and mix tapes..." Napstablook explained

Celestia caught sight of a flyer in the spider web. She lifted it up, only to notice something else in the web, "Hey Blooky, what's this?" She lifted the strange device out of the web and into the sight of the ghost.

Blooky recognised the small device, his eye's widened. "oh...that's my friends old iPod...i never noticed it was there...you can have it if you want...i'm sure my friend wouldn't mind..."

"Thanks Blooky, but, what's an iPod?" Celestia smiled sheepishly.

"it's a music device...i'll show you how to use it..." Napstablook drifted to his computer to get a pair of small headphones, "you need these if you want the iPod to work..." Blooky gave the filly the headphones, Celestia inserted then in the small device. She pushed the play button.

".....? I don't hear anything?" Celestia didn't know if it was working or not.

"um...that's because you need the other part of the headphones in your ears"

"Oooh...heheh... Thanks for the tip Blooky" A song was heard in the pony's ears, it was very catchy, she started humming.

The hums caught the ghost's attention. "that song...it was my friend's favourite..."

The ghost floated over to the fridge, while Celestia paused the song and put the headphones and the iPod in her satchel.

Napstablook turned to Celestia, eating a transparent sandwich. "this is a ghost sandwich...do you wanna try it?"

Celestia stared at Blooky "I would, if I was a ghost"

Napstablook looked away, trying to hide his embarrassed face "oh...r-right...nevermind..."

"Don't worry about it Blooky. We all make mistakes sometimes" The filly reassured him.

"well...after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage...it's a family tradition...do you want to join me...?" Celestia nodded, "okay...follow my lead..." Napstablook floated to the middle of and slowly drifted to the ground. Celestia lied down next to him with her back on the floor. "here we go...you'll lie down as long as you don't move. so...move around when you want to get up..."

Celestia and Napstablook lied down, blankly staring at the ceiling, feeling like trash. Thinking about life and the universe

After a while, Celestia started to feel cramped, she stretched and stood up "I think I'm done for now"

"well that was nice...thank you..." Napstablook flashed the pony a small smile.

"Anytime Blooky...hey, I'm gonna check this area out more. Soooo I'll see you later, oh, by the way, thanks for the iPod" Celestia smiled as she walked out. Going to explore the rest of the area.

Author's Note:

Cryotic is my headcannon voice for Blooky, (When he's calm not crazy...) What's yours?

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