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Gotta admit, while I agree it's not the same story anymore, I don't like the split. The original story doesn't have a proper ending and this 'Pinkie continuation' isn't a sequel.

man when I saw the word complete on One Step, Two Step, Three Hoof, Four Dead I was like 0_0 waa...what just happen then I want 2 your story page and found this I'm like :derpyderp2: ookk confusion gone :twilightsmile:

I feel it would be a good idea to add a "sequel" chapter to OSTSTHFD because if I hadn't been browsing I would have never found out you had decided to split the story... I can only imagine how many readers you just lost if you don't.

Comment posted by Charles Kiki Madrie deleted Oct 9th, 2015

3, 4 and 5 make no sense, while 1 is just outright dangerous. 2 seems the best option, though they should stick close together, keep their orifaces closed and their bodily fluids inside them, avoid confrontation and above all, be wary.

"Expect the unexpected"

6507739 I don't even have the strength to argue it anymore. It is literally the events that follow the first one. It is the very definition of a sequel. There wasn't even a pause. They even share a chapter. It's as much of a sequel as any two stories can be.

Holy crap, where did that came from? Reading time!. :pinkiecrazy:

easy choice for me. things have ben to good it is time to shake it up a lot. #4 all the way.

What the fuck!?
There was a way to clean people this whole time? and it reverse changes too? Where did they learn it? How...
Screw the choices, try to find those guys! They basically have the cure!

#2 sounds most likely, since it's easier to dissect things than people.

I vote 3!

6508829 Depends. It might only be the ones carrying the active gift, maybe even only Duchesses and Princesses.

#1, crazy vote from a crazy reader. :pinkiehappy:

5: Complete debriefing of one Pie Pinkie.

1: Psychiatric, would just tell the doctors what their mindset is and that what the ponies have want's to spread to other people.
2: Chemical analysis of the Equestrian artifacts, will not work anymore. If the dance, cleaned everything out of Pinkie then it cleaned the artifacts too.
3: Biological study of the aware ponies, may show something, but not much more than why they change.
4: No time for that, something's busy going wrong! Why is the whole building shaking like that?, would just end their stay.
5: Complete debriefing of one Pie Pinkie, mite work if she is ask the right questions.
I would say that #1 would be the most fruitful of them all and that #5 would most likely too happen during it.

6509104 Interesting breakdown, but what's your vote? :)

4: No time for that, something's busy going wrong! Why is the whole building shaking like that?

Heavy military guard? Must be a reason, lets give them one.

1 might be fun, espescially for that mare who ask every human to mount her

5 makes the most sense so I vote 5

Although afterwards I expect 4 to happen at some point if they are facing hydra hybrids...

Of course the princess ponies should start showing up eventually.

What is the gore tag for..? I need someone to tell me before vore gives me nightmares again...

6509810 There is one part that comes to mind when somebody gets devoured. It is not done in a sexualized fashion. It's also not done in a descriptive fashion either, come to think of it.

Not really, it's more like a continuation then a sequel. As I said, the story has no ending, this story has no beginning. They share a chapter, yes, but that just proves my point that it's a continuation. They're both still one story, just told in different perspectives.

6509906 I have no idea what you're arguing towards, but here, the definitions of sequel.

1: a published, broadcast, or recorded work that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one.

2: something that takes place after or as a result of an earlier event.

This is a sequel by either definition. It continues the story. It develops the theme, and takes place after and as the result of the earlier. It. Is. A. Sequel. Provide evidence otherwise. Stop just saying it isn't.

6509817 So basically someone get's eaten alive, blood gushing everywhere?

Who is it? I would probably have unstoppable nightmares if it was Fluttershy.:fluttershbad:

6510003 Oh, no. A bunch of faceless humans getting 'gobbled up'. Pinkie is too far away to even see the details, she just knows they got snatch up and swallowed.

6510025 Ok. Still probably going to give me nightmares. :fluttershyouch:

6510029 It gave Pinkie an upset stomach, but what we've discussed just kinda covered all of it.

Ok then, it's a sequel, but regardless, the other story still does not have an ending. They still feel like they're one story.

Eyikes, things went dark for a moment, i wonder if Pinkies psychiatrist wil need therapy.:twilightoops:

Wow. So that happened.

Pinkie Pie was exercised of her dick? I assume the magical infection responded to the spiritual influence those people were exerting on her. Unless there's something more going on.

You've made this decision hard for me. I literally cannot decide.

4 is unlikely, leaving 1-3 and 5. I'll have to narrow down the choices by making assumptions.

I assume they won't seperate the group too early, eliminating choices 1 and 5.

I assume that choice 3 refers to examining each pony individually, the above assumption eliminating that choice.

That leaves choice 2. So I guess I choose 2.

Also, I'd just like to take a moment to laugh and cringe at the fact that I'm explaining in the comments how I used logic to come to my decision. I mean, who does that?

... Oh god she's making a stable time loop.

6512498 Did you not consider that possibility? :)

... Heh, Pinkie causes the apocolypse. That's amazing.

6512502 I considered it briefly but only rarely does an author actually go through with it, so I didn't expect it at all. Well played. Usually they just follow along like Back to the Future or osmething silly like that.

6512579 My mind works that way. Given all the pieces, it happily weaves them together into one cohesive line.

Sometimes people don't like the line I make, but it always forms a solid line that leads from A to B, using all the points between along the way.

Anything but #1. I suspect Pinkie Pie has a standing order to remain at least 30 yards away from any practicing psychologist or psychiatrist.

I vote choice 5 cause I knowledge unless they can quantify magic the are out of luck. That and pinkie would end up getting diagnosed with something if you were to go the psy route

4: No time for that, something's busy going wrong! Why is the whole building shaking like that?

2 and 5 go hand in hoof. Seems like that would happen.
Added. Huh, 4 is also logical moment. Can be mentioned and if 2 and 5 happen, she wouldn't be allowed to leave anyway.

#1 would probably be the funnest. And should definately happen, but a chapter or two more in the hospital first wouldn't hurt.

6515379 What is your actual vote? I got lost in there.

2 and 5 seem the most likely. I can vote for two, right?

I like #2...but I'm afraid it would get too dark for me.... So...#5, I guess. Or can I vote for both?

6515466 Again, if #2 is gonna end up Dark/having torture just give it all to #5. Other wise, 0.5 to each is fine.

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