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The most air-tight case ever in the history of forever that Maud Pie is, in fact, an evil changeling who wants to turn ponies into tacos and eat their brains... and some other things Button Mash thinks ponies should be aware of...

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If Maud was a cannibal changeling wouldn't that mean she eats other changelings?

I’m not just saying this because Maud Pie is a creepy pony who lives in a cave on the outskirt of Ponyville and talks to rocks, mind you.

Nope standing by my earlier comment...WUT DA?:rainbowderp:

blessed be those who slumber beneath the waves.

was expecting for earth pony...
'blessed be those who slumber under the mountains.'

ad there’s no way to absolutely prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that some,


Nopony has ever publically accused King Thorax of turning ponies into tacos. I should also note that no evidence has yet to surface proving that Starlight Glimmer ever ate tacos that were made of ponies

publicly (unless foalish spelling error?)
Soylent green tacos??

“Princess Twilight, who is almost certainly not an evil doppleganger sent to lure us to our doom, has assured us that changelings just want to be our friends.”


But if Maud isn’t evil then how do you explain Trixie?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, now how does Trixie all of a sudden factor in to this, or is that next chapter?

...And they say video games don't rot the brain, poor Button :facehoof:...poor Elaina!! :twilightoops:

That cover image is the perfect storm of smug self-assurance.

But if Maud isn’t evil then how do you explain Trixie?

Checkmake, atheists.

Anyway, I giggled quite a bit at this.

8138138 its a letter written by a foal gamer that's still in school. There is likely to be missuses of words.

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