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Three days later

tonight on equestrian news, prince shining armour was seen having sexual conduct with a young- oh what's that? Oh... Cadence?... Ah I see... Well it appears that this entire debacle was on if princess cadences shenanigans...

Hehehehehehe This is wonderful. :trollestia:

I favorited this and upthumbed it and whatnot.

but I am very disappointed there was no scene of filly Cadance trying to cram all of that in her mouth. :pinkiesad2:




6367317 wwwwwhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt whyyyyy would you say that its creepy

I get the feeling that even if they were caught, no one would really care. Like this:
"And on your right, you'll see the regal and dignified King Armor and Queen Cadenza, casually fucking each other silly in the middle of a public park... Yeah, no, that's normal for them. No, I'm serious. Really. That's just how it works around here. Yeah, for realsies."

Can someone call the exorcist?


This is the hottest fic I have read in a while, ageplay is starting to become one of my favorite fetishes. And I just realized that you are the same author who wrote one of my favorite pregnancy fics, you just earned yourself another follower.

6367096 I could picture it now, Shining Armor bends Cadence over his knee and spanks her sweet plot with a ruler. She says she will do "anything" to make it up to him and he has her deep throat his thick cock.

6367317 I'm just a little disappointed that there wasn't a swing sex scene. I mean what's the point of using a swing specifically if you aren't going to put it in and start swinging. :rainbowlaugh:

Still liked the story though


Why do I only hear that term when it comes to falcon or lolicon? :trixieshiftleft:

One of the best clop fics I've ever read. You nailed Cadance (literally) and Shining Armor. Kind of wish this was a full series.

I do have an idea for asort of sequel: Cadance and Shining have a daughter and Cadance keeps disguising herself as her daughter and coming on to Shining leaving him confused and hornier than Celestia in a room covered in cake.

Best King and Queen ever.

6368370 Probably because you don't venture into the main part of the world of internet porn enough. That's the only reason I can think of anyways.

6368403 or maybe the term is just used alot more often for falcon. :trixieshiftright:

6368397 What anime is that from?

6368451 Plastic Nee San:The shortest anime in existence which surprisingly got meme'd

6368408 It's actually quite a common keyword on actual porn sites. Probably one of the top 10 most common keywords even.

I usually don't like foalcon... but I do like Princess Cadance and she is technically of age. Just doesn't look like it.

Saving that gif cause Leslie Nielsen.

You people are sick, this is basically adults having sex with kids. This genre crap is as bad as those bodily waste fetish freak-shows.

6369764 Yet you read it anyways. Some people are into this stuff, others into feet, fat people, bodily waste, cartoon horses that defy human convention and other such "messed up" things. Just because you don't get it doesn't mean others won't like it. Don't. Judge. That said, I apologize for not respecting your opinion fully, but I feel like that had to be said, sleep-deprived as I am. Forgive me for this short nonsensical rant.


Yet I bet you read all the fucking gay porn in the world. No one cares about your opinion you two faced dick! I bet you're the kind of guy who fucks a guy in the ass and doesn't have the common curtsy to give him a god damn reach-a-round. Shut the fuck up and go suck a dick.

Okay, let's not get rough here. He's probably a hater, but still, we should let the author handle this.

Very cute and sexy!

I would have liked to see Shining become more dominant towards filly Cadance, saying something like; "Is daddy going to have to 'punish' his filly?"
Or Cadance saying something along those same lines, but to the effect of; "Punish me, daddy, I've been a very naughty filly!"

Not bad at all. I spotted a few grammar errors, but it didn't really interrupt the flow of the story much. As for the hater down below, it's the same story as always. If you know you don't like foalcon then just don't read it. But hey, I guess that's none of my business *insert Kermit the Frog drinking Lipton tea meme here*

>mfw after reading and clopping to this so many times


Seriously this is one of the best foalcon clopfics I've ever read and this is so worth the wait after commissioning this. Filly!Cadance is best jailbait next to Filly!Trixie and Diamond Tiara :heart:

Now if some clop artist draws something based on this


Daddy’s body is saying yes. So why can’t daddy?

My mind's telling me no. But my body, my body's telling me yes!

6368397 that gif never fails to make me laugh.

I just came here to check this story out, I don't think I'm gonna read this but I gotta say this.

6369764 I see where your coming from but like enigmatic_Quill said some people are into that, also like Fourpony said. . .

she is technically of age. Just doesn't look like it.

Better save it before it gets Tak3n :moustache:

6370923 Some clop artist you say??? HMMMMMMMM...


Oh bloody hell!:twilightoops:

If Jax does a pic like this, PC stores are gonna be sold out because guys and gals are gonna be frying their PC's due to how much cum they'll be blowing at their labtops!:rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

Oh. My. God. That. Was. HOT!

Never thought I'd see such a perfectly executed FMJ reference. :pinkiehappy:

You know how people send hate mail/love letters to the actors for their movie characters (Emma Watson as noteworthy example)?
That's because they're are many, many people out there who can't separate their fiction/fantasy from reality.

This applies to people watching/reading porn as well.
"Daddy says no, but his body says yes!"
"Her mouth said no, but her body said yes!"
"She got wet, so she really wanted it, that makes it okay, right?"

Just as a general factoid, a person's sex organs will pretty much always react to any kind of positive stimulus, regardless of whether the person wants them to, even if the person is unconscious.

Not to mention the incest roleplaying.

I find this so arousing it's almost disturbing...more?


Oops. :twilightoops:

I really love that Filly!Cadence/Shining Armor clopart you've drawn two months ago though, I just wish I could've commissioned more of this at the time. :twilightblush:


Even more fun would be if their daughter caught them with their age play and realized her daddy was a foalaphile. A whole set of of incestuous adventures could follow.

6373554 The joke is that I already have drawn art for the story. Its on derpi is you search my name.

6374095 lol I thought you were referencing that pic sarcastically lol I was trying to be sarcastic back lol

6368390 ...Thats a damn good idea. i can just imagine Shining mistaking his daughter for Cadence and the two having an awkward conversation as Cadence walks into the room while Shining is flirting with his daughter :rainbowlaugh:

6368397 i forgot about that. Commence the the ROFLcopter

I just pissed myself laughing.:rainbowlaugh:

Thank you, I sure hope an author isn't reading this and thinking of doing this -wink- -wink- :pinkiehappy:

We need to create a board of Cadance foalcon directors because we have some great ideas. Authors hear our prayers!

This is all that came to mind.


Sounds like fun. I'll be on the board of foalcon directors. Just don't ask to write it, apparently I can't write clop very well.

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