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Based on an idea from DeathWing118

After caring for and developing feelings for a lost, amnesia ridden stallion who was found stumbling out of the Everfree Forest, Fluttershy discovers that he is not the pony he said he was, or even a pony at all for that matter.

Cover Art by Drauguzislt. Find the full version here

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After returning to Canterlot to teach Moondancer the Haycart Technique, Twilight and her friend decide to catch up. This leads Twilight to produce a rather personal question. Moondancer's reply is even more personal and an absolute shock to the Princess of Friendship.

Rated Teen for a slightly sexual reference. Otherwise this story is pretty cutesy. So be warned!

Cover Art: TwiDancer by lunarina

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This story is a sequel to Not a Monster 2: Under Their Spell

Our protagonist discovers what friendship means with a little help from Sunset Shimmer and her friends, and he hopes to find even more than that in one of them. In the process, he discovers a real monster.

I strongly recommend reading both NaM and NaM2 before starting this story.
Mane Six tag used only due to character tag limit. Twilight is not a character in this story.

Cover Art: Shine Like Rainbows by NintenDash

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This story is a sequel to Not a Monster

The infamous battle of the bands brought plenty of change to Canterlot High School and our protagonist, for better or for worse. As his relationship with Sunset grows sour, he attempts to start a new chapter in his life. To do this, he turns to none other than the recently defeated "Dazzlings," even though he is almost certain the decision will end badly.

Cover Art by Akuama

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After his stepfather receives a job offer which requires his family to move, our protagonist is thrust into the bustling halls of Canterlot High School to complete his senior year. He quickly begins to fall for a certain girl named Sunset Shimmer. Unbeknownst to him, she has a much darker past than he ever would have believed. Does she feel the same? After he discovers the truth, will he still have the same feelings? (Set in the EG universe between Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks[not taking comics into account])

Cover Art by 00riko (used with permission): http://00riko.deviantart.com/art/MLP-EqG-Sunset-Shimmer-486769420

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Twilight has thought of Rainbow Dash as more than a friend for quite some time now. Noticing how affectionate her friend has become towards her as well, she finally works up enough courage to admit these feelings. The only problem is that she and her friends are currently in the Crystal Empire, fully engaged with one of the largest events in Equestria, the Equestria Games. This, of course, presents plenty of obstacles for the princess, along with a problem which could completely ruin her chances and make her attempts utterly useless.

Proofread by: ConEditor (If Con or I missed anything, don't be afraid to point it out. I'll gladly fix it)
Cover Art: True Friends by AeliosZero

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Scootaloo realizes the intricacies and stress of love firsthoof when she discovers that both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are interested in her.

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Cover Art by Spanish-Scoot

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"He truly loved her and knew she loved him just as much. The dragon gulped deeply as a fluttering sensation occupied his stomach. He didn't just love Twilight as a friend."

After finally giving up on Rarity, Spike realizes that the true mare of his dreams has been in his company for a lifetime, but is unsure if Twilight would ever consider him as more than a great friend and assistant. The only way he can find out is ask.

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Cover Art: Hey,.. real' quick, before the intro starts.. by Frist44

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The Canterlot Castle can be a stressful, boring, and serious place. After already spending what seemed like ages at the dull place to discuss political affairs with the other princesses and make public appearances for the eager Canterlot citizens, Twilight is not looking forward to spending another week there. Luckily, her friend Pinkie comes for a visit to help liven the place up and more importantly spend time with her favorite princess.

Cover Art: Twinkie by lulubellct

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For Lightning,
The delivery of a package, a normal everyday occurrence, but what could make something so ordinary become so life changing and perhaps the best day of your life? Well, it definitely wasn't what was in the package.

(Warning: This is a stallion x stallion ship. Its a bit hard to tell by the cover art, I know.)

Cover Art by Notebook, Base by MintChocolatey

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