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Lean Mean Spleen Unclean


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You know what? This is... strangely sweet. It's a fun little fic, filled with all the sexy, naughty fun times some couples have. I could see those two having a relationship like this. I just wonder what Cadance's kink is if Shining's is his sleeping wife.

Wouldn't mind another session of sleeping Cadance.

Well this is one fetish that seems to fit into Shining Armor and this is one of those more sane ones.
I am really glad this is like that in this story and not where Shining Armor is submissive.

Surprisingly sweet for a clopfic.
For a first attempt , I must say that you were quite successful.

Why doesn't anyone call somnophilia by its proper name? :fluttercry:

This was really good great work.

Figured most people don't know what it's called.

I really love how intimate this story is. Compared to what most sleep fetish stuff is like

More please ^o^

Thanks for the kind words, guys. After that last story, I wanted to do something a little more intimate (and less icky) with this one.

You know, I wouldn't mind seeing more somnophilia sweetness like this. Is there any chance at all Cadence could have a go?

This is quite sweet. :heart:Great job.:twilightsmile:

Yeah, I'm sure that could be fun. I'm off this week, so I'll see what I can do.

Fantastic. Looking forward to it!

Why... can I see Shining actually eating her out at the GGG? And of course, Celestia and Luna know, but Twilight is in the dark as to why Cadence's face is turning a dozen shades of read :pinkiehappy:

This afternoon I was mapping out the overall flow for a sequel to this one. It'll definitely be a lot of fun. :scootangel:

Goddamnit anal

I mean I can deal with anal sex but licking the fucking hole itself is just no

This is so cute.

This was really sweet for something so dirty :raritywink: :heart: :heart:

i enjoyed it, i'd say more but it'll just repeat whats been said already by the people below, good job

This was well done...

Usually don't give a shit about anal sex, or one scene clopfics in general. But, despite the rather questionable nature of Shining Armor still thinking he had sex with his wife without her knowing, there is a certain sweetness that makes your story an oasis in a desert of "Cadence/Shining Armor commit adultery", "Cadence only married Shining Armor to fuck Twilight", and "Shining Armor is a lousy dad to his changeling daughter" stories.

I might should have fapped or something, but I found myself laughing through 3/4's of it. :rainbowlaugh:

I could never forgive myself for laughing at the love of my life -- intentionally or not -- right in the middle of his orgasm. That’s just...rude.

That right there was the gold humor for me, just imaging someone trying to justify not laughing out of the fact that it's rude, nevermind potentially hurtful.

But still. I found this more humorous than cloppy.

It's interesting that there have been a fair number of referrals from Google. Have people been finding this story via direct search? Possibly due to word of mouth? If a friend pointed you here, please give them credit!

I got here from a /mlp/ fimfiction thread.

4471267 That picture is scarely accurate, I saw it and burst into laughter!

Damn... this was surprisingly hot!

"Thanks dear."
Shining let out a filly - like squeak as his very-much-awake wife turned her head to look at him
"Now finish me properly."

Cute story

I'm not really into that kind of fic but as much as I love to read as much as I love to discover new things. When I started to read your fic I was like "That a quiet interesting idea to think of an intimate time like this in a couple". Shining's actions were really well detailed by Cadence's sensitivity. And then comes the unexpected part about all that backhole stuff. It generally disguting me the idea of this

slightly non-traditional, lopsided sexual encounter

but when I read the whole thing I find it lovely and really interesting.:twilightsmile: I don't know if it's because of the situation or the so well-explained actions but it sounds not disgusting to me anymore. That was a pleasure to read your fic. Keep going like this.:raritywink:

,Peace from Midnight.


Thanks for the kind words! I was surprised to see this story become one of the highest (maybe even the highest) rated buttsex story on FiMFiction. :scootangel:

Out of the blue, TheCaptainSand asked me if he could do a dramatic reading of this story. It turned out rather well. You can listen to it here, if you like:

Interesting idea for a story. Tried it ones. Didnt end quite like this :derpytongue2: Nice job :twilightsmile:

Wow I very much enjoyed this story. It was well written and well delivered. I did not expect that point of view from Cadence when I started reading this but I absolutely loved it. There action was sensual and your imagery was effective. This would be great as a series that goes on and on with Shining using Cadence in further ways and with different kinks each new time he takes her in her 'sleep.'

What was that noise? Also, I can see a faint blue glow of his magic,

Shining’s magic is the same colour as Twilight’s. Cadance’s is blue.

Nevertheless, I love how descriptive this has been! It’s well put together, and and interesting read. Well done.

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