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Similar to the tantabus that had haunted Princess Luna for so long, Sunset too has something she had created to punish herself for her wrong doings. But it has finally pushed her over the edge, and she's not sure if friendship can help her this time.

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i really did enjoy this story.. dispite the topic at hand... and it's best to get this off your chest so others can help.... i can't wait to see more of your story's NewYorkBrony.. and always remember you have friends who can help you pass any problem

Also Saw a 1 or 2 spelling error's.

"-out if your mind?! you could have killed yourself!"

"Yeah! scew old Sunset!"

again great story can't wait to see more story's from you... and always remember you have friends who can help you and also us the ponies who read thy story's.

That... is so sad... but I love it...

Intentionally creating something to punish herself like Luna did? Depression isn't a cute quirk that just goes away with kind words. Sunset needs to seek therapy. Or better yet, get dragged kicking and screaming to a psychiatric ward.

6369037 i oh I know. The voice is gone but the pain is still there

Absolutely amazing! I've been there, wrote the travelogue, and can tell you Friendship is bucking Magic. Anything that can get you outside yourself is a good start.

Awesome story bro! :pinkiehappy:

Loved it.

And just like that, the voice disappeared.

For a moment I read that last part as voices and thought that she was imagining that her friends came to her rescue and she was actually going to jump. I'm glad it didn't that way.

Sunset's always probably gonna need a hug. Thankfully, she'll always get a big one when she needs it.

Depression sucks, though. I sympathize.

So is the voice in Sunset's head supposed to be her Demon Form?

Good reading, but the end was a little rushed. Thanks for the effort, have my upvote !

Well written, but I have the same problem with this as I do with Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? If anyone wants to kill themselves or is self-harming, they need medical help. "It's all going to be okay" from friends and such is temporary treatment, but it's not enough!

This basically sums up my feelings on this if you want to watch.

I think this was very good, and it definitely had a powerful message to it. I've had that voice in my head before, when I went through a depression of my own, it was never bad enough to make me think about "that", but it can be devastating. I also agree with some of the people here though, when someone is that close to doing "that", they need medical care. Being a friend, while it's very nice, is not enough, what about the next time that happens, will you be there then?

To say that Sunset was depressed was an understatement. She was more than depressed. She was hopeless. Uncaring. Even apathetic. Not towards her friends, of course.

I like that sort of distinction. All too often people think depression is exclusively a sadness, when it's much more than that. This piece is heavy, it doesn't have the distractions of random humor thrown in for the sake of "lightening it up" - that has no place here.

I believe everything that it says!

this feels weak - because when Sunset describes it as a belief then it implies it's not absolute fact. I suggest something like "Everything it says it true!"

ruined it!" She shouted, choking back sobs.

okay, I see your problem now. When a quote ends with a question mark or exclamation point, I find a lot of writing programs with auto-correct engaged will start the next as a new sentence. Specifically here "she" should not be capitalized.

I really enjoyed this story - it gave detail without going overboard and had feels that weren't contrived. It didn't feel rushed, even if the end came about quickly. Everything that needed to be said was said. :yay:
Therapy is nice and all for anyone who's receptive to it, but some of us just need the occasional reassurance and comfort from loved ones. Or even just someone willing to listen. If you ever find yourself in a bad state, I'm here. :raritywink:

6369689 They meant the "if" should've been "of"

6369625 You're right. One feelsy moment with friends isn't enough to treat someone with self-destructive or suicidal thoughts.

But it's a start.

Maybe not a ward, that could easily make her feel betrayed which would make the situation much worse. Professional help is definitely needed, though. I agree with you there.

6483585 Hey, that's what I'd do if my friend admits to committing self-harm. He can hate me and call me a callous asshole all he wants, but I don't care how long it take. If I don't have to bury him by the time I'm done, I've been a bloody good friend regardless of what he says about me.

But their friendship with you is one of the things that keeps them from killing themselves. If they feel betrayed, that gives them one less reason to keep going. Making them get help is definitely the way to handle the situation but a softer approach seems like the better option given that we're talking about mental health issues. Forcibly committing someone is a last resort.

Ne proud that you made this. It is a Fantastic story. And maybe you were able to help yourself by eriting it.:pinkiesad2::twilightsmile:

Nearly made me cry a lot!

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a friend is just be there for them.

Her past is not today...

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