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The true beauty of our life and our existence can be explained by the starry night sky. For the stars know the truth of beauty, which is that much stronger once it's paired with its dark background


This is Angelo. Angelo works as a bartender in a five star restaurant, the Hay Palace. There some of Ponyville’s biggest celebrities come in to have a drink. Sometimes they share stories and even secrets. Because, as we all know, what the bartender hear is, stays as a secret, right?
This was inspired by Doug Walker's Video Game Confessions (if you haven't guessed already). it is a silly project I wanted to write just because. The stories here will be rather short and mostly random and weird. If you have any suggestions for the next character leave it in the comment below. Enjoy, i guess:rainbowhuh:

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Comments ( 89 )

how bout you do lyra or bon bon?

>And not to mention what they did for me in the bedroom.
>In the bedroom.
A-aren't they a little too young for that T-trixie?

Oh, I must say the concept is very interesting. I would definitely love to see what other mishaps may occur in this story. Very enjoyable! :)

6234719 How do you know I meant it like that? :raritywink: Maybe they brought her breakfast in bed lol:rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for the compliments.:twilightsmile:

Well, that was odd. Yeah, this is a pretty funny story. Great job!

Sure he’s a ten foot blob demon who tried to destroy Ponyville in a jealous rage, but let’s be honest here; who hasn’t been there?

I know that feel. Great chapter!

6236396 Well he did break her heart so they are even lol

Great thing you're writing:rainbowlaugh:! Please keep at it! Maybe one in the future can be Discord?

6239161 Thanks :twilightsmile: Discord might be a bit of a challenge, but I'll see if I can make it work

this fic ,THIS FIC right here is like a magnet a cant stop reading is just soo interesting and has continuity all in all great fic how about you do pinkie pie celestia knows she could share some secrets

6241047 Aww thanks :twilightblush: I just wanted to do some random stories about popular characters. Thanks for sticking with it and I will most definitely get to Celestia and especially Pinkie Pie.

Yeah, really awesome,and I agree about pinkie pie, but how about zecora and maybe....hmmm...Ooh! How about gilda? And maybe one of the sirens or a changeling!

6242716 Hmmm, Zecora migt be a bit of a challenge (considering her rhyming gimmick), so I'll put her with Discord. Gilda would be great as well as the chnagelings and the sirens. Certainly interesting suggestions

Yeah”, he replied, “I mean have you seen Chrysalis lately? Even she is forced to work as a babysitter. It’s really degrading”


6244549 It's a coming, don't worry :raritywink:

I love the cover image :twilightsmile:

i'm not sure myself is it dazzle or dazlle?

6247164 I think it's with two zzs.

two stallion

Stallions? And are they of age to be called that?

The relationship was just suffocating me”.

Aren't they minors? Doesn't having a "relationship" is illegal?

6248281 To be honest, I never said that the stuff they did here are 100 percent moral. And a 'relationship' here in question, doesn't have to involve anything romantic. As I said before, the two of them served her on all four hooves and that is what she considers a 'relationship'.

the two chapters were great as ever how bout berry punch I mean we can't have a drinking related fic without her appearing now can we?

6251180 I don't know that much about her character, but I'll give it a shot

even forced foal labor.

HOLY SHIT I didn't expect that! Super illegal! I don't see Filthy Rich like that.

I mean those kids parents allowed them freely to work. I didn’t force them to do anything they didn’t already sign up for!”,

Good thing to know....

6252774 Still even if his actions werent 'illegal' they are very immoral and highly ethically questionable.

so we have Lyra,Sweetie drops (AKA Bon Bon) and Berry Punch now we only need Vinyl, Octavia and cherilee to have all main bg ponies completed

6256362 Eeyup :eeyup: They shouldn't be that difficult (Berry took a bit out of me lol)

Wow I just... wow this is crazy.

6257020 just wait till you get to Iron Will

Wow! this is a really nice series! Have an upvote!

poor Angelo i think he's the only sane pony in ponyville and has to cope with all the craziness around him

6259968 You'd think so, but just wait for the last confession

Hahaha! Iron hoof got it! How about one of Fluttershy? I am curious what one can imagine up for a character like her!

6263120 I was actually thinking of doing her's and Vinyl's story today

HAHAHA!!! nice one!

For the Daring Do one:

My hats off to you! Such an interesting perspective!!!

“Let’s just say that her ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ plan backfired”,


to be hones”


Nice one Fluttershy. Don't take her for granted Angel Bunny!

You know this is funny. I'd like for once to see Fleur De Lis depicted as a supermodel like Paris Hilton that ends up participating in sex tapes, not because she's out of money or everything, but because of how rotten she must be inside.



Holy shit things are messed up.

6275265 Interesting idea. I wanted to do a bit of a subversion to her character here. I might do a revisit with a few. Oh and as for your coment on Daribg Do, I have to say: Yes. Things are messed up. and they are only going to get messier.

how about a certain clumsy pegasus with a love for an especific baking treat and carrot top

6278980 Hmmm... I have an idea for carrot top. And the blond pegasi you're referring to would be a bit of a challenge to write (for more reasons than one), so I'll save her for later.


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