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The true beauty of our life and our existence can be explained by the starry night sky. For the stars know the truth of beauty, which is that much stronger once it's paired with its dark background


This story is a sequel to Umbra Memoria

After escaping Basilisk' evil coils, twice, the exiled prince of Tartarus, Darkrim, has taken up Luna's training in order to better his mind and improve his magic. However, due to Luna's royal duties, Princess Celestia has requested that he takes upon studying magic with Twilight as well, to improve upon his chances of the defeating the malicious serpent, once and for all. How will he get along with the Elements of Harmony? Will they be able to withstand the force of darkness that lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce at any given moment? Find out in this installment!

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This is Angelo. Angelo works as a bartender in a five star restaurant, the Hay Palace. There some of Ponyville’s biggest celebrities come in to have a drink. Sometimes they share stories and even secrets. Because, as we all know, what the bartender hear is, stays as a secret, right?
This was inspired by Doug Walker's Video Game Confessions (if you haven't guessed already). it is a silly project I wanted to write just because. The stories here will be rather short and mostly random and weird. If you have any suggestions for the next character leave it in the comment below. Enjoy, i guess:rainbowhuh:

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This story is a sequel to The lone stallion

After Darkrim escaped Radifus' slimy clutches, he begins to experience horrifying nightmares. A terrible curse had been placed upon Darkrim and it is up to our night princess to save him. What she finds in his mind could change her perception of the banished prince. What memories lie behind the closed walls of Darkrim's subconsciousness? What secrets does he hold?

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It was supposed to be just another night watch, but fate had other plans for our favorite princess of the night. A new foe arises from the depths of Tartarus and threatens to lead Luna back to her Nightmare ways. Who is this mysterious beast and what are his treacherous plans for Equestria?

Author's notes: While I have your attention here I would just like to give a shout out to one of my friends on this site: JLBDreamer. She is the amazing artist that did that fantastic cover art for this fanfic. Aside from that she is also a great author, an amazing person and also a great support overall. She also helped me out a lot while I was writing this fanfic so i thank her from the bottom of my heart. JLB you rock!:rainbowdetermined2:

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