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It is Diamond Tiara's 14th birthday and as a gift, she is going to be Princess Twilight's assistant for the Grand Equestria Pony Summit. While Diamond considers it to be lame at first, she soon finds that speaking on Twilight's behalf is more fun than she thought.

(Written for Skeeter The Lurker's Switcharoo Contest. This fic is essentially "Princess Spike", but with Diamond Tiara instead.)

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Entry noted!

Best of luck, man!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Sometimes it takes a royal smackdown to set someone on the right path. Once Diamond Tiara was exposed to the consequences of her actions, everything followed suit. It still feels a bit abrupt, but on the other hand, the letter makes it clear that Diamond hasn't done a complete one-eighty. Quite enjoyable.

One thing confuses me, though:

Golden Touch smiled fondly. “I know you hear this enough from your dad, but you sure are growing up. Mom would be proud of you.”

Diamond's mother, or Golden's?


The idea was Diamond's mother.

Well that was an interesting story. It was well within the character of Diamond Tiara for the most part. I personally am skeptical that she would learn her lesson so easily. It also gave a nice bit of background to her, giving her a small bit of sympathy while in no way excusing what she did.

Also, one issue in the last chapter:

She had no power as Diamond Tiara’s assistant anymore

So, Diamond Tiara has no power as her own assistant anymore?

It is a good fic, best of luck with the contest!

I might have to make a bookshelf for "Fics that have made me giggle like an idiot on a commuter train". You did a great job of essentially giving Diamond her own episode. :)

Author Interviewer

A "destructive" lack? O.o That's odd. There's certainly a lack of contractions, which makes the dialogue feel wooden, and I'm pretty sure "Great gift, Dad" was supposed to be in italics. Yes/no?

Author Interviewer

Yeah, this definitely feels rushed and you oversold the reformation, but boy was it fun. :)

I assumed this implied the butler was her brother, which makes her turn-around all the more heartwrenching.


Did I not fix that? Yeah that was supposed to be the case.

Cool! I don't think I oversold the reformation with the letter, but that works. Thanks for your opinion!

Yeah, "it is time to wake up" made me think at first that Luna was jumping into her dreams to prod her awake, and this seemed to back that up:

Diamond couldn’t have ran faster out of the room. She nearly toppled over her father as she darted down a spiral staircase, keeping her eyes where the staircase would open up to once she was at the bottom. She caught a glimpse of both a white and blue pony, but it didn’t make sense to her until she stopped in the middle of the foyer. Princess Twilight was sitting upon one of the fine mahogany chairs ...

Though it doesn't sound from the rest of the dialogue like the other princesses are there, so now I'm just confused. :\

I've reviewed this story (and the other contest entrants, minus mine) here. Good luck tomorrow! :twilightsmile:

This is a disaster, why did Twilight think it's a good idea for Diamond to be her assistant?

I love good endings.

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