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We can't expect Celestia to do all the work... i-if that's okay with you.


Calvin was like all other Sixth grade boys in his class. He was Adventurous, brave and daring. Some of his hobbies included Video Games, Trading Card Games, soccer and various other activities. One of those things though was that he liked to play Skylanders. At times, he even imagined himself as one of the characters as he played around his backyard and saw the family dog as one of Kaos' minions. At times, he even wished to wonder if one day, he could become one of them

But he was never prepared for when that wish of his came true.

This is his story.

[Skylanders/MLP Displaced Crossover]
Credits to everything shown

Rated E10 because it's a skylanders story. You get the rest
Featured 9/15/16 and on 1/9/17: You guys are awesome!!
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Featured on 7/19/2019! Thank you so much for the support everypony!
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Can't wait to see what happens next.

About time a skylanders thing was made! ... THIS CALLS FOR ME TO BREAK OUT MY COLLECTION!

*Runs and grabs bag full of skylanders*

Ok, time to read!

6114106 Lol xD. Need to finish Trap Team and buy a Kaos Trap. I really want to get Blackout

The abbreviation for pound is lb not pds.

...Isn't Rainbow's house nothing but clouds?

He should of kept falling if that is the case.

6114997 And that's what I get when I try to add realism

6114312 I gave up once swap force came out. I only have up to giants sadly...

6116217 I have all the current ones, but can't wait for superchargers

i so wonder what their reaction would be if he turns into Knight mare

I do hope he figures out how to, if possible, extend his time transformed, 5 minutes seems to be really short

6117444 He'll figure out how everything works later on, but He's just starting right now. Think of it like Ben from Ben 10

Skimmed through. Surprised you didn't mention Superchargers as an option.

From what I see, it has potential, but feels quite rushed. Eon would have no way of knowing about portals, and how he got the pendant doesn't make sense. Don't get me wrong, the writing style itself seems good enough, but it feels rushed. Like it should be fleshed out more.

6121432 There will be more in the next chapter and the Superchargers are mentioned in that one, I'm just trying to start off slowly and work my way from there.

6121437 Still, seems rushed. There should be a more noticable origin for the amulet. And for Eon to know about the Displaced... just doesn't seem right. Every displaced learns about the tokens from another Displaced. Eon telling him about it just seems too convenient.

Still, I'll find time to read through it more thoroughly sometime today, instead of just skimming through like I did. But, even with the skimming, it seemed... rushed. I mean, having Skylands be beneath Eques? Too convenient. Personally, to include Skylands, I would instead have Kaos, being a dark portal master and all, be able to sense the 'leak' that the Merchant makes in the worlds of the Displaced, and turn that into a full scale portal. Would make more sense. After all, if Skylands was truly above Eques, wouldn't everypony have seen it by now? Just doesn't make sense.

Anyways, we'll see how well you do over time with this, eh?

Comment posted by Regreme deleted Jun 22nd, 2015

6121511 Eon doesn't know about the Displaced. He just knows about what happened to Calvin. As for Kaos, don't worry. I have plans for him. But it's good to have a second opinion on it. Mind if I PM you about it?

6121592 Go head. Better still if you have Skype or are making it on Gdocs. Still though, I already explained some of the problems in the first chapter. But, I'm pretty sure you can edit things. But, I only noticed those problems while skimming through. For all I know, I may have missed something.*shrug*

About him not falling through the cloud home, my suggestion is a quick fix. Have it so Blackout and flying skylanders can stand on them, but edit it slightly so that when he returned to human form, he did so on something solid that was magically put in place, like her bed or something. Easy fix.

I have some sugestions for transforamtions

Enigma = out of sight
Tree Rex = be afraud of the bark
Trigger Happy = no gold no glory
Chop Chop = slice and dice
Ignitor = slash and burn
Snap Shot = croc and awe
Thunderbolt = a stirm is comming
Whirlwind = twists of furry (this one is simply becuse she looks kind of like an allicorn)
Food Fight = eat this
ninjini = any last wiches (this one becuse the magic sighn is on her belt and it whold be hilarios to se that it look nearly exactly like her cutie mark)

Like and fave.

Love the stor





The mighty evil Lord of skylands!

I am loving where this story is going can hardly wait to see more.

No Flashwing and Rarity It basiclly writes itself

Have you looked at my suggestiuns? Please do.:unsuresweetie:

6133328 I did. Really like the Whirlwind one

6133419 ok. But can you please do tree rex or ninjini too? That is if you want to.:fluttershysad:

6133458 That will be when the Giants are needed. I will do Snap Shot, but I just need to figure out when

So, is he gonna end up getting a hub world?

Don't forget superchargers get rides race to rescue go!

6217896 Yeah. Right now, I'm focusing on the characters

I cant wait to see spikes reaction if Calvin turns into Flashwing or Cynder :rainbowlaugh:.

6288086 That... actually is a good point. How about Spyro?

6288092 Spyro would be neat too (kinda like a role model for spike) but i think Flashwing would be better since she is like a dragon version of Rarity...wow I just realized how twisted my sense of humor is these days.

Oh well it would still be funny:rainbowlaugh:.

6288128 And the fact that Flashwing's VA is Tara strong

6289487 lol i didn't realize that until you pointed it out XD

6289959 Yup. wait til Spike is like "Why do you two sound... Familiar?"


After I do some minor rewites, and a few chapters come out, permission to summon calvin?

6326851 That depends on WHO is summoning him


6326936 bosmer kinght of the crystal empire in an anthromorphic equestria .
thief, enchanting master, mage, assassin, kind hearted hero, protector of innocent, dragon born, thousand year old hero.
tried to get clestia to bring justice against a town for burning a mares house down, killig her and mameing her son, because they called her a witch.
twilight is cadences mother a clestias older sister who sombra regressed and repressed with the banishment of the crystal empire.

Nice chapter... When will you include Donkey Kong or Bowser:pinkiehappy:

sooo 12 hours to go from one nation to another? not including the train ride...

i certainly hope that was a border town or something they went to else your saying those nations are really small

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