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A Hoof-ful of Dust

You can't see the forest...

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Comment posted by dragonjek deleted Sep 14th, 2015

Hm... that easily forgotten waiter--could he be a reporter for the Post? Perhaps even the bellcolt from the hotel? Working at a big-time hotel would provide plenty of opportunities for juicy twistible celeb-gossip.

I'll be interested in seeing where this goes. They don't look like anything more than friends at the moment and it will be fun to see how that turns into love. We still have two days left...

I look forward to them.

That last few paragraphs, how interesting.

I know the focus is on rarity and twilights interactions but I'd love to learn some more about the event and the hopes for it.

Let's see where this goes!

Thank you for writing this story.

Maaaybe he is.

It's more of a backdrop, but you find out a bit more about it as things go on, yeah.

The extrovert/introvert dynamic was something I had in mind a lot while writing this, actually. Rarity's not so extremely extroverted (unlike, say, Dash or Pinkie) that she can't really grasp the idea of Twilight needing alone time -- after all, her work is often fairly solitary and she has a bit of downtime alone at the spa -- but she's leagues more comfortable in unfamiliar social situations than Twilight is. I too relate a lot to Twilight, maybe that's why I have so much time to write all these horsewords.

And thank you for reading it.

Ohh, how interesting...

Must read further.

I'm loving the character interactions in this. You've got the personalities down pretty darn well. :twilightsmile:

6421942 Maybe this is actually a spy thriller story in disguise! ... Okay, probably not. :rainbowlaugh:

6425921 He's actually a Cthulhu cultist, and is the secret turning point the author intends to use to shift this into a Lovecraftian-horror/comedy/erotica fic.

I'm really enjoying this. The rapport between Twilight and Rarity, as you present it, is very engaging. I'm eager to see how their friendship (so far) develops! All the elements of world-building--the different newspapers, the OCs that feel totally natural--are well used and add a lot to the story. I'll be following this one for sure.

New chapter coming later today*!

* Maybe be "tomorrow" depending on individual timezone.

Well, there's no tag for thriller/Lovecraftian-horror/erotica/comedy/musical, so...

Well, thank you. There's a couple more OCs appearing in the next chapter that hopefully go over just as well. And more slightly-more-than-friendshipping for Twilight and Rarity, of course.

Keeping it a secret from their friends is hard(since Pinkie knows) but keeping it from family will be nerve-wrecking.

A half-formed checklist crossed Twilight's mind before she realized that, before planning just how they would pull this off, there was an important question in need of asking: "And why would we do that?"

Do, or do not.
There is no 'why'.

Always love reading some of yours. Usually silent about it, tho. I'll read this when I get back to the homestead.

Your writing is so delightfully descriptive. Lovely work. :twilightsmile:

I'm loving this, I can't wait for the inevitable awkwardness when they realize they truly like each other. Or maybe only one of them will realize it first. Or they will just accept it on the spot, allowing the fantasy to become reality. Anything can happen :raritystarry:

I'm really loving this story so far. Can't wait to see them at the opera!

Gosh, I'm loving how this story is developing. It's like a fairytale.

Rarity listen to the siblings talk, finding the way Twilight's tone changed when she was speaking with somepony she was familiar and comfortable with fascinating.

I think this should be 'listened'

There is a kinda wonderful undercurrent to this story that makes it fun to read.

Not to spoil anything (I don't think it does), but Twilight and Rarity aren't going to be hiding anything from their friends -- Twilight and maybe only a couple other ponies (like Lyra, perhaps) read the Post. Pinkie is probably feeling one heck of a weird combo, though.

Getting such in-depth comments in really great, but what makes them better is being able to read through them and say "Yes! Yes, I meant to do all of that!" Rarity is opportunistic, but in a way that doesn't interfere with her altruism, and she can be a little bit... misguided when it comes to the partners she pursues. Self-deluding, maybe. Not so willing to see what is obvious.

Twilight, on the other hand, is a bit of a mystery when it comes to romance. We'll get to that.

There's going to be a short interlude thing tomorrow, something that didn't fit nicely at the beginning or end of the chapters it's between. Then the opera on Friday. I like having this release schedule all planned out, it's fun.

Mm, fixed.

"I wonder what spin tomorrow night's version will have," she said as she stepped to the door. She was still smiling.

Twilight smiled back at her, a little part of her wanting Rarity to stay. "Me too," she said instead. "That's the fun of retelling old stories."

And that is why cliche, classic, and flat-out overdone stories can still be incredibly fun to read. Good authors put a spin on them to make them fresh and interesting again.

which she wasn't completely certainly

An extra 'ly' snuck in there. Probably fairies did it. :rainbowlaugh:

Still enjoying this greatly. :twilightsmile:

It's an important thing to remember, especially in our corner of the fandom where every writer, it seems, is frantically wracking their brain for the next big original idea; it doesn't really matter who did something first, it's the people who did things the best that are remembered.

What of 'em?

Much as I'd like to blame the little buggers, I think that one's my fault for adding a bunch of last-minute things and not re-reading my work. Nice to know that it still comes off as good even with my dumb typos.

Also, new chapter tonight/today/something! Then there's a new episode the following day, then another chapter the day after that, which is one that most people have probably been waiting for, hint hint.

Okay, I've just barely started reading and I had to come down here to say that the 'practice' scene was wonderful. Carrying on now.

Edit: Alright. The next chapter promises to be... nice. :fluttershyouch:

I like how we're finally getting some good romance involved, but... it feels as if you took too huge a step between the previous chapters and this one, like there's a gap of relation-building that was skipped over.

She knew she had borne children, many in her long lifetime, but that was academic knowledge.

I've never thought that Celestia's immortality would lead her to avoid taking on lovers over the years, but... I always thought that there could be nothing more horrifying for a parent than the ability to live forever. I've no idea how she could bring herself to keep having more children.

But, what relationship though? It's still all just an act. (I think.)

About Celestia, it's definitely a valid interpretation for her to wall herself off from very deep contact with her subjects in order to not be hurt due to their drastically shorter lifespans, but she strikes me more as someone who would celebrate all the positive aspects of life while accepting the negative ones. There's a lovely bit of Buddhist philosophy that says if you accidentally break a bowl, your favourite bowl, you should not mourn and weep for it was already broken -- destined to break because there's only one outcome to the universe, time is an illusion, that sort of thing -- but instead cherish the time you had to admire it where it was sitting and looking nice and being useful. Loss hurts, but isolation hurts much deeper; we only have one frail lifetime to cope with loss, but Celestia has something of a different perspective on things, I'd imagine.

Now this is how you pay off 23,500 words of build up! Lovely images, and the back and forth afterwards work splendidly.

Well that was really fucking well written.

Bravo, its rare to see sex portrayed so meaningfully.

How delightfully sensual this is. :twilightsmile:

I guess freaking out is Future Twilight's problem. :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait for dat morning


These two posts pretty much summed up my love for this chapter and for this story in general.

Hoof-ful, I only have one little criticism on this chapter:

Twilight alone held the reigns,

It should be reins.

All in all, splendid chapter, and I eagerly look forward to the next one!

I think that when Twilight steps out of character to be herself is a sign that she wants something as well. The passion is gone in that scene replaced with confirmation and acknowledgement that they have grown closer in a new way.

I can feel the cringes from here.

Sorry it took so long to get to this (and all the other responses). This is, wow. I had a lot of this in my head while planning and writing, either deliberately or just subconscious character stuff, and seeing that it all came through... that really makes my day. Thank you, for taking the time to write all this out.

Also, in general, it's good to see what the story has been building up to pay off well for so many people. Glad you're all liking it. There's a couple more short-ish chapters, they'll be going up one per day for a little while.

I think you have the f-word in the wrong place there :rainbowlaugh:

Aaarrgh!! Can't...upvote...more!

Oh glob the awkward and uncomfortable feelings just poured from the page :raritydespair:

I can't take the waiting. I need to know what's going to happen. Can't you see the waiting is tearing me apart!!! :raritycry:

In all seriousness though I am thoroughly enjoying this story :raritywink:

Perfection. There's not many stories of that caliber, with only about 100 votes totally underrated. I wish it'd never end. :raritydespair:

Finally getting to read this.

First: damn that payoff. Secondly, your characterization is delightful. Thirdly, that was intense. Holy cow.

Which of those two would tell him?

Now this is some high quality word usage. When I think of other romantic or clop-scenes and compare them to this stories versions this one comes out so far ahead. There is so much there to enjoy the emotional layer between them, the detailed but not over the top physical descriptions and the build up from previous chapters.

Absolutely wonderful.
10/10 will read this story multiple times.


You can't just leave out what the tabloids were saying! They were what brought them together in the first place!!!

Your descriptions have always been incredible, Hoof-ful, but I think this scene was on an entirely new level. I don't believe that I've ever read so sensual, powerful and even genuine a sex scene. The buildup has been fantastic and this climax doubly so.

Rarity had a mind of her own, and she moved where she will

I believe this should be 'willed'

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