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A Hoof-ful of Dust

You can't see the forest...


Snow. Everywhere there is snow. It lies in neat layers on roofs, in intricate crystalline networks in the branches of the bare trees, in hard-packed pathways underhoof. No clouds are in the sky to trap any of the sun's heat; light scatters off the snow in an infinity of golden glittery flecks and dances away back into the sky. The air is still, the main street of Ponyville quiet on this Tuesday midmorning. The ponies outside go about their business quickly, bundled in scarves and woolen hats and winter saddles and covered boots. Twilight Sparkle is one of these few.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

Fluttershy likes Applejack!

Well, that was a D'aww moment if I've ever read one...

Been waiting for some good fluttershy shipping.

yay i found it

I read this a while ago, but after reading Synchronicity I figured I'd go back and read this again.

Very sweet. I love your writing style, though I'm not really sure how to describe it.

Anyway, the fact that this has 0 dislikes should say it all. It just needs more attention.

I think the reason this story has 0 dislikes (currently) is a function of it not having a lot of attention, actually. As a story it's got some definite problems, but it was a good way to get myself back into writing and get a feel for the universe.


Usually, any good story (by my standards) that I see, usually only gets to 20-25 likes or so before it gets at least one thumbs-down.:rainbowwild:

I guess it is pretty much impossible for a story to avoid getting disliked, especially the more attention that it gets. So yeah, if this story were more popular, it would have some dislikes.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that this story deserves every like that it's gotten so far.

This is really lovely. There's some proper heart behind the ship, and I am a sucker for a good Appleshy fic. If I might give you one bit of advice? You switch between present-tense and past-tense occasionally, and that can make things a little confusing to read. It's usually best to stick with one. That is genuinely the only decent criticism I can come up with for you here- while I prefer an Equestria that's totally on board with gay/lesbian relationships, In one that's maybe slighty less so I can completely see Applejack reacting like this. It was all very in character. Yay! :yay:

248146 Obvious comment is obvious.

Anywho, this was a pretty good read, though the part where it switched to Rainbow Dash's POV kinda threw me off. Might be the way it was worded, or could just be my brain uncomprehending something, but it didn't affect me too badly. Time for the next chapter!

835561 It now has exactly 1 dislike. Go figure. There just seems to be someone somewhere out in this big old world at any point in time who just can't agree with anything. Seems to be the way things work.

Me, on the other hand, find this story to be pretty damn good, and very sweet at the end. I reward this story with a cookie.


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