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A Hoof-ful of Dust

You can't see the forest...



Bon Bon... er, Special Agent Sweetie Drops has come clean to her very best friend Lyra about her past, but there's one secret she's still keeping.

Written for the Writer's Training Grounds '15 #6.

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A wise decision, Sunset. Very wise.
And Bon-Bon, JUST FUCK HER ALREADY oh wait, are they already, since they were in the same bed?

They share a bed, yeah. Y'know, like friends do.

I will show you ponies in a hoofful of dust

I mean

I still enjoy the lyra-the-human-fanatic trope. It's old, but it's still fun to me.


6111018 With benefits!

It seemed very fitting for the fanservice-y episode. I quite like the spin of Lyra being a supporter of conspiracies and paranormal stuff in general, humans being a part of that -- don't quite know where I picked that up, but it's not originally my idea -- but you don't see that interpretation nearly as often.

Bon Bon should have made her Pinkie Promise.

"That all the princesses and most important pegasi are really part of a race of extra-dimensional intelligent birds bent on conquering ponykind," Lyra said with a straight face.
But where did Twilight Sparkle get her wings from, if not--"

Okay, this seriously needs to be a thing!

I agree with the fan-service-ee sentiment about the episode -- I mean, it could have almost been called that. Still, it was cute and I really hope they don't drop some of the things they did with it, namely Bon Bon the agent. Lyra the human fanatic worked well here, you did a subtle job of it. As to her as the conspiracy theorist, I have seen that around elsewhere as well and usually as part of humans as cryptozoology.

This was fun and cute and you got the playfulness of their relationship well. Bon Bon was serious without edging into grumpy and Lyra was persistent and endearing without being irritating.

"fruit bowel" should be "fruitbowl".

Staring at her hands, giggling? Someone's been into the weed!

Oh, she's far too serious for that. Not that it's not a good idea, though. Or, well, even if she did make her Pinkie Promise, she probably would have made sure Lyra wasn't going to let anypony know about the you-know-what to you-know-where. Careful wording is everything.
I like writing Lyra and Bon Bon; it's pretty easy to make them be cute together and you have a little more freedom in terms of personality and background and what-have-you. So, if I need, for example, Lyra to be into a bunch of silly conspiracies and cryptozoology and other paranormal junk (that I may or may not also want to be real), then she can do that without too much hassle.
No, she's just high on life, man!

Magnificent again! I love your stories! All of them have such a pure, realistic atmosphere!
Not sure if this is a good description. But I always feel extremely relaxed when reading your stories.
You are one of my favourite authors here. :twilightsmile:

Not only was this an entertaining blend of Secret Agent Sweetie Drops and Conspiracy Cryptozoologist Lyra, it also gave me a bit of inspiration for the final project of a summer course! Thanks for a great read and another example of the persistence of superstition through the ages.

Author Interviewer

I loved this.

Hayvid Ike's avian conspiracy

My favorite part.

Great song and better fic. Thanks to 6736707 for letting me know this exists!

Sunset probably thought Lyra was high

This feels like the most likely outcome.

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