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Okay, if I would have told myself half an hour ago, I would not only read something like that, but actually kind of enjoy it... my past self would have laughed at me (and maybe sucker punched me). Another proof that a good author can turn almost anything into a worthwhile story.

Liked the details you added to their backstory.


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i laughed so, so hard through this entire fic
good job

564101 How the heck did you post a video in the comment section?

Ok you have done Celestia and Cadence. Now you know what must be done. It's the Princess of the Night's turn.

564139 What you have to do is [ youtube=(video id) ] with the obvious replacements.

Tried it out, it works.
But then, I found this. Much easier for dumb people like me

Disgustingly sweet and saccharine. That should be physically impossible for such filthy clop. :rainbowwild:

Damn... you're like Homer or something. Do you do epic poems too?

Oh, this should be GOOD! Considering the epilogue of the previous fic, hehe :rainbowlaugh:

564199 Yeah, that's how I figured it out.


Hawt. Although, I can't say I wasn't expecting something like this.


BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :rainbowlaugh:!!!! I swear I was laughing my ass off throughout this entire thing! Congratulations on yet another wonderful story, my man! Particularly loved how you wrote it so it tied in perfectly with your previous one.

On another note, ha! You said not to follow you as it would be a waste of time :ajsmug: looks like me and everypony else who ignored you showed you what for

On the one hand, this kind of clop does absolutely nothing for me. I don't even like anal when its being done to a girl, when you add herm's to the equation its pretty much a turn off.

However, the amount of love and compassion that you put into this more than makes up for that. This fic is more than just about the sex, which whenever a fic can pull that off is always a win win in my book. Even if the sex part is squicky.

In otherwords, I read it for the love.

so... yeah cellys preggers now? :moustache:

I think I love this. Strike that. I KNOW I LOVE IT :pinkiecrazy:
Two amazing stories in a row. Good show :moustache:

You know what I Ioved most about this story? The fact it did nothing for me, not in the slightest bit, I just had a load of laughs. This gives me the much-needed proof I still have some bits of sanity left :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: :twilightsheepish:

...i think i need brain bleach. although regular bleach would probally work fine too.

564358 negative. Same reproducticpve cycle as Cadance. Read the linked story in the description.

As for you, author.....

I just don't know what to say... I read it because I loved the original.

As a straight male, this is Strange to read. But, at the same time, it is very sweet. Which makes it even more strange and confusing.

Well done, you did it well enough where I didn't stop reading until you stopped writing, and for a topic that is at best a turn off for me, that's the highest praise I can give.

... Well written. No other comments. Two hooves up.

I dont even... I still liked field notes.

I agree with 564508 on this. I would normally not find something like this all together interesting but you made it a great story to read. Well done sir. :moustache:

Both of these stories were hot. o/

564508 yeah my bad soz :twilightblush:


What the bucking hay was that? Why did Cadence have a dick? Why did swallowing her cum give Shining Armor a longer life? (I'm guessing)
What do Celestia and Luna have to do with anything? Why will Shining be missing for a while? And seriously... what the.... THAT WAS WIERD. :ajbemused:

i read it...all of it...why didnt i just skip this one?:pinkiesick:
i need some mouthwash
it was funny, but i'll never be able to watch the season finally the same way again.

Oh, good. I was afraid we'd seen the last Biorthodox story. You get a watch!

I have to say, that I did not expect you to turn the one-off dirty gag from the end of the last one into a really very touching story in its own right. The other thing I did not expect is that I would be able to consistently and with a straight face use the descriptors "sweet" and "transgender alicorn clopfic" in the same sentence, but somehow, you're pulling it off. Hope to see more!

Strange: None of the problems I expected rose up (no pun intended). The cloppy bits were toned down with humor, the funny parts were delightfully romantic and the sappy pieces were short enough.
But how should I categorize this: "Funny Clop"? "Sexy Comedy"?
Chief librarian Sparkle is not amused! :facehoof:

THIS, class, is what somebody looks like when they read the sequel before the original work in question.

Looks silly, doesn't it? Especially when the original work is right there in the description, and every last question he asked was answered in it.

564850 I saw that but ignored it completely... well if Cadence grows a dick.... I don't even care anymore... if it's not arousing yet still clop, then what's the point?

If you don't see any point in a story about a couple in love, then, well... good luck in life.

You should probably read the original work, which as a matter of fact has Cadence and Shining as mere cameos. It'll clear things up for you.

I can't believe I actually read something like this... and like it...

>Clap clap clap calp.

Well done.:twilightsmile:

Oh yeah, I've been waiting for this.

Damnit boner, why must you torture me?

" [...] laughing weakly in the strained way of ponies who have an entire penis in them." Oh God...
"It made a mare wonder, it really did...but you heard things about the Guard barracks. A lonely place full of young, very healthy stallions..." Oh GOD...
"[...] she felt his lips remain on her, even with the rather extreme amount of fluid she was producing." WOOOW OKAY.

Ahem... Uh... Well... I don't...

I didn't dislike it? I thought the ending of the other story was pretty hilarious. This, on the other hand, was REALLY FUCKING FUNNY, for lack of a better term.

Umm... God this is weirding me out. Good story, chap.

shhh, shhh, it's okay

you're allowed to like it

that's more or less the point

M/M with one being a transgendered F?

This was actually a really good read, and the twist to get it to work was unexpected - until the moment Shining suggested it. It's so obvious in hindsight. And Shining's excuse for how he was able to take it all amused me. Couldn't help but think "Sure, whatever you say, buddy." Don't know what the next one's gonna' be about... but I'm hoping it's got a chat between quasi-Alicorn Shining and Alicorn Twilight. An awkward chat. :rainbowlaugh:

Umm... Okay... That just happened. Umm... how do I respond to that? I guess I... click like and move on? I am so confused...

Well, my suspicions from field notes are confirmed, he took it like a stallion.

"She slipped her mem-"


I enjoyed it a lot actually. Good humor, love, sex, etc. All in all, awesome story.

*Slow clap* Bravo! Bravo!
Typically don't read into m/m sex scenes but you filled it with great character interactions that were so sweet that it made it a lot easier to swallow.

Very good, and a more than worthy sequel.

One thing I have to bring forward for special mention was a moment where I was going "_not_ directly from there to another hole, _ever_," followed immediately by you addressing that issue. Thank you for remembering that important rule.

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