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OMG! Another clopfic by orthodoxy! DIS Gon b gud!


It. . . It's alive. . .


had boiled away in into nervousness

I do believe there is an extra



I'll try to be on the lookout for more stuff like that I guess.

Color me surprised. I wasn't expecting something from you.

I suppose it's time to take a look.

>New Story from you
>New ANYTHING from you
Oh my Gosh,Oh my gosh,Oh my gosh!! :pinkiegasp::raritystarry:

Thank Luna you are still alive. You had me worried.

Not really my particular cup of tea, but still an excellent story. The general impression walking away from it was that reading it was time very well spent.

The ending in particular, the last scene between Cadence and Twilight, made me happy. In point of fact, that is my particular cup of tea being hinted at there, so it made my smile just that little bit wider as the story drew to a close. :rainbowkiss:

There's more stallions out there like you than know it, believe me.

out there like you than know it, believe

like you than know it

than know it

I feel like something is wrong here....


Everything is adorable and fantastic.

OMG. Today is a great day! Your new story!:pinkiehappy:

i totally want to see a sequel with Cadence setting up Celestia and Twilight.

Can we please get that?



The way that Oma Luna knew

Can you please explain to me what



Hm. He's back. Mixed feelings, but another writer is always welcome.

but if she was honest most of that was because

Grammatical error here.

Shiny wanted she couldn't give him

I think it should be:

Shiny wanted that she couldn't give him

I can't help but feel I shouldn't have posted these all separately , but these are all my posts
corresponding to grammatical errors.

I'm too tired to leave any form of review on this tonight, I hope I won't forget when I wake up.
I'm pretty sure I won't forget, considering that I'm not all that into MaleOnMale clopfics, but I still
found this whole thing rather interesting; educational, even. I wonder if liking futa but not liking
MaleOnMale makes me a hypocrite....

bats #17 · May 18th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Bit of (slightly TMI) background info about me: I am a bisexual polyamorous man (future note: turns out I'm actually a trans lesbian, funny what a decade can change) who was married for a while to a bisexual polyamorous woman. You captured what polyamory is actually like very, very well. Most of the time it's treated as a taboo sort of thing, especially the 'wandering male looking for another male' situation, when a lot of the time they're an open, honest, heartfelt thing like what Shining and Cadence have going on here. Reading this conjured some interesting personal memories.

Holy shit, he's still around. :pinkiegasp: This pleases me. I'm sure this story will also please me later on.


You never cease to amaze me with your ability to make me go "Aww, how sweet!" even when treading fetishes that aren't mine. Good sensual fiction should be able to be enjoyed on an emotional level even when it's not pushing your buttons, and you pull that off nicely here. Cadence is particularly sweetly-drawn, and “I suppose we ought to start at some point" was funnier than it had any right to be.

“Ah, yeah,” Mac said with a deep chuckle. “You two were just gettin' all riled over each other. Oldest story in the book.”

There's either an odd style choice directly after this passage or you're missing a block of text. Maybe check your square brackets?

i know it's dutch for grandmother, which could be appropriate given the right context
(will start reading the story shortly)

Nice to see you alive and ticking!

Not quite relevant to my interests but always nice to see a story that happens to contain clop as opposed to x number of creatures in y locations banging in z different ways in w combinations.

Minor issue I noticed while reading:

Shining licked his lips, running the details through his mind again. “This was like ten years ago, now. Cadence and I weren't together together, or anything, right, we were just...you know, we'd gotten physical a couple times, but...well, anyways, that's not the point. The point is that...there was this pegasus...” [A]

“Liked him a bit more than usual, did you?”

“What? ‘Course not. I hated his guts!” Shining laughed. “We were always neck and neck on evaluations, drill, aptitude batteries...basically, we acted like only one of us was going to get into officer's candidacy after basic. We were constantly at each other's throats. And I would meet Cadence and complain, and she'd just smile...”

“Ah, yeah,” Mac said with a deep chuckle. “You two were just gettin' all riled over each other. Oldest story in the book.”

[A] thing for a few months, is all. Fight all day, hump each other silly all night. Even the sex was harsh. He wanted me to hurt him a bit—like, he wanted me biting his wings.” Shining hissed between his teeth. “Hard. Feathers pulled out and everything.”

The two paragraphs marked [A] match but the second doesn't follow from Shining's previous sentence which is "And I would meet Cadence and complain, and she'd just smile..." There also seems to be a couple of extra lines between the two paragraphs.

Oma is the familiar form of Grandmother in German. Much like Granny, Gran or Nan.

She was a bit longer in the horn, certainly

*snrk* :rainbowlaugh:
Lovely how the erotic-poni implications of this are so distinct from the associations with 'long in the tooth'…
Same deliberate, meditative pace as ever—and oh, those implications!
I'd read that sequel :rainbowwild:


>missing text


>that feel when you fixed all of this on your last runthrough of the text before posting but forgot to save it when you posted the story like some kind of amazing dumbass machine


I wonder if liking futa but not liking MaleOnMale makes me a hypocrite....


you like what you like that's how sexuality works

although I mean I'll be honest futa is def a gateway drug for bi dudes

Heh, I was kinda hoping to see it as a continuation of Alicorn Shining :p Still nice to see a stallion tend to his needs <3

He lives!

The clop isn't my cuppa tea, but the story around it was really nice. Well done, sir.

Biological Orthodoxy used teh man-pornz!

JustBrowsing is confused! He needs an adult!
Not like that!

I kid, still glad to see that you're still writing for these ponies. And as 2593951 said, it wasn't my thing but the implications at the end put a smile on my face.

As much as this is probably the best M/M fic I have ever read, you want to know what I REALLY got out of this story that stuck in my mind for some reason?

The phrase "Sweaty thoughts."

I don't know what it is exactly, but I just immediately fell in love with that phrase. It's probably the CUTEST euphemism I've ever heard for erotic daydreaming, it's a perfect descriptor of the subject it's conveying.

I apologize in advance if I end up stealing that phrase for my own writing. :twilightblush:

Good show, keep it up.


Please. Please tell me you're not just teasing me with twilestia! Pretty please.

That's so gay~

Well, that was quite a tonic for my mood!

Gosh, I read a M/M clopfic and enjoyed it.
FIMfiction is having weird effects on me!

I feel bad that I only skimmed the sex scene and would pop in for a funny ass line every now and then. But I really enjoyed the story regardless and Cadance was written so very well.

Oh hey DH.

Not what I was expecting going in, not really my sort of thing, but hey it was entertaining enough.

My only regret is that the framing story wasn't given its own story. Because, while I enjoyed both parts, I'd really like to be able to recommend the scenes with Twilight and Cadænce to my friends without the awkwardness of recommending a clopfic.


I definitely usually don't like male on male.
I definitely liked this. Probably because it's a very healthy amount of the actual reason behind the sexy time, it made me want them to have a good time, rather than just reading it for the thrills for myself.
Loved Cadence's observation at the end. Can't resist Twilestia, huh?

they kissed like colts. I love it *Laughs*


chapter two

"What the hell does that mean?" Twilight said, somewhat obviously put off by the grandiloquence of the statement.

Cadence sighed and let herself deflate before giving her favorite little alicorn an impatient grimace. "It means--"

No, no, don't spill all the beans yet, that's artless!

Twi was still giving her a suspicious look.

"We'll start with your wings," Cadence said, promptly.

"Okay, great! I'll--"

"And disco dancing."


Cadence realized that Twilight probably had never been exposed to what Auntie considered a desperately guilty pleasure. Cadence had only found out about it herself by stumbling across a room in the palace she'd never seen before while looking for somewhere she and Shining could, ahem, be alone for a little while. Shining still didn't realize who owned it, bless his heart.

The elder princess's careful and vividly imaginative eye sized up the incredulous Twilight for a bright-white disco suit, and had to admit that Auntie had no idea how pleasurable that guilt was about to get.

"Oh yes. This is...this is going to work."


Cadence grinned. "Trust me."

Dear lord... Twi in a disco suit. Someone must art this. I've spent the last five minutes laughing uncontrollably at that mental image.

2596926 I was probably a little too happy seeing you upload this... :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: I hope to see more! :trollestia:

Well, that does it. I guess I'm gay now.

I don't always read M/M clopfics front-to-back.
But when I do, it's probably very well written.
+1 for you good sir/madam/unspecified entity of sass. :eeyup:

> This was a kiss that said: I am going to fuck you now.

A brilliant way to sum up the pure-lust-kiss sometimes delivered by men. (And, admittedly, rather butch women.)

You hit my nostalgia buttons with that kiss, and it's a lovely story overall. :twilightblush:



I know there's something to be said for brevity, and that sometimes a fine idea is best expressed in the concise form of a fragment rather than a full workup, but I nonetheless expect that if you turned this into its own story or chapter I would owe you an entire Internet.


It's useless to resist :trollestia:


I'm trying to throw money, but I don't know the direction.


The biggest part of this story wasn't my cup of tea, though now I feel kind of close minded by saying so. Apart from that it was once again very well written with great dialog, overall a good read. I especially enjoyed Cadance's characterization and the insights you provided on what makes her herself and how her powers influence the way she expierences the world.

also, it's nice to know, you're still out there, writing :twilightsmile:

IMO the best part about this was everything BUT the Clop. It wasn't... irrelevant to my interests or bad in any way, but the rest was just so much better.

good fic, i was kinda hoping this would be a continuation of the "Alicorn Reproduction" series but oh well still good.

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