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I mainly write porn, it's all in good fun.

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Oh wow! :raritystarry: You know normally i dont go for food play but that was really well done.
Great story!!!:scootangel:

I give this story one erection out of one possible.

Small mistake: His saddle bags went from green to blue :p

And a nitpick but I wish that the part with the initial penetration lasted slightly longer as it takes some time to relax the second muscle before full penetration, wich could have been used to make Joe more nervous, but other than that, I quite liked it.

M/M porn is best porn.

More proof that I'm an idiot.

Nice. Not a pairing we tend to see often.


i want a sequel!

I swear I was just thinking to myself "Why isn't there more Donut Joe Coltcuddler fics!":raritydespair:
then i got on the site to find this piece of awesome, you genius you!:rainbowkiss:
Great job!!!!!!

LOLZ who has seen the whole cover picture :rainbowlaugh: the baker really likes doughnuts

Hot! Thumbs up! :heart:

niiiccceee....played it well till the very finish

A few tense wobbles, but otherwise pretty solid and very enjoyable!

Damn it I need to stop rushing these things out. Sorry y'all :fluttercry:

Oh Caramel, you silly pony.

I quite enjoyed this little story. Well-written, enjoyable, and very, very smexy.

story wise, 7/10.

sexy wise, 200/10. Nice job!:twilightsmile:

Out of blue comment after 7 years. Ha.

Seriously, I've enjoyed this tidbit of the story.

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