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This is relevant to my interests..

Edit: Dis was gud! God, was this good! That stinger was just perfect, but maybe something in between the end and the stinger, something about how Twilight's friends react to her new *ahem* situation. Your writing style was great and worked perfectly. I love how you portrayed Luna, with just the right mixture between how she acts in fanon and how she did in canon.

And do it for science!

And that's where I lost it. Just... I don't know what to say.

Very worth reading.

Dat ending!
Lovely writing. Actually made me read the clop sequences (I often skip them, strange since I'm a dirty old coot). Nice take on classical clop concepts and alicorn speculation.

This is reaaaaly long, looks good, sadly I'll have to read it later :raritycry:

Err, might wanna consider her asking about her friends?

holy shit

“Fluttershy has dirty novels?” Luna asked, stunned.

Twilight, eyes still vacant, shook her head. “No, no, she writes them... pro bono animal hospitals don't pay the bills...”

i rolled out of my bed laughing so hard
and im on the top bunk

oh my.... now that is one heck of a twist... and quite the comical ending there...

408724 Really? That concept is so cliched by now, I'd be surprised if you couldn't find at least a hundred fics with that as their stinger on FiMFiction. I still think it's funny, I just haven't ROFL'ed because of it in a long time.

10,000 words? MY ATTENTION SPAN HURTS JUST LOOKING AT THAT NUMBER! Curse you ADD :derpytongue2:

The pen name most use for her is Papillon Rose, right? If not it's still my favorite by far.


Aside from the epilogue. Hate Cadence and Shining Armour. (I will hold that opinion until the show shows that it's awesome. I don't expect it to succeed, hah!)

I'll probably write something longer tomorrow. In the meanwhile, go to the Twilestia group. Pick a reward and PM me :).

This was by far better then I expected it to be... nice one.

408744 no
i have not seen that one a lot
only once before
but it was more Luna's reaction that fluttershy's doings

i just finished reading this
all data available suggests at 10/10 and thumbs up

this was also read in 10 minutes with considerable distraction from multitasking ME2 and this at the same time

i'd say that's good

Now, I need to be blunt and say that I'm not really a fan of futa, but this... this was... beautiful. It was awkward, sweet, romantic, and sexy in all the right moments.
I actually feel kind of crappy now, because there's no way I'll ever be able to write a story of this caliber.
You've done a fine job here. :twilightsmile:


dear lord...That may have been the second most amazing Twilestia I've ever read, the only one that is better is Four of Two tied with my own in progress I have yet to upload. I'd like to know how Everypony would react though, and I need to watch the episode with Cadence

This could've very easily been a short and dirty porno, but no, it actually had a good deal of substance to it. I suspected some horn action for awhile, but nope, Celestial gender-shift. And the bit with Shining Armor there at the end was a good touch, I liked that a lot. I do find myself wanting for a scene with the other mane six, though. Twilight left in a hurry and... what? Spike lived alone for nine months, and the others never came a-looking? I think it would make for some great storyline, personally. :)

“Fluttershy has dirty novels?” Luna asked, stunned.

Twilight, eyes still vacant, shook her head. “No, no, she writes them... pro bono animal hospitals don't pay the bills...”

For some reason, this cracked me up...

"Mmm, what to do, what to do..." Celestia mused, giggling a little when Twilight gave an extremely impatient little moan. "I do hope you're taking notes."

Twilight huffed. "Well maybe I would be if something was going on to report about!"

"Very well, very well...the impetuousness of youth demands action, as ever..."

This too... >.>

wait what happen at the end i don't get it? :applejackconfused: :rainbowhuh:

damn, for some reason i wanted twilight to have a foal

Fuck it... This is just getting better and better, very good show, my man! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:
Take all the damn moustaches!!!

Waiter, I'll have a glass of your finest Twilestia please.

Twilight and her brother eyed each other carefully, both chewing their lips nervously. Occasionally one of them fluffed their wings awkwardly.

“I won’t tell mom and dad if you don’t,” Twilight said, eventually.

"Right. Stars aligned, prophecies fulfilled."

"Good diet, healthy exercise..."



Hah, that was hilarious.

I'm usually not a fan of Twilestia, but this was a pleasent surprise.

This was awesome. :rainbowkiss:


That good sir, Was awesome. Great work

Is it weird that I've been waiting for someone to make a story like this one....


This was awesome. Great, slow buildup to Twilight accepting the situation, the actual sex was white-hot, and that final gag was just beautiful. I almost want to see that particular sidestory now.

My only complaint, as several other commentators, is that it might have been nice to hear something from Celestia about how Spike and the gang coped with Twilight getting all sleepy and wingy for nine months.

My train of thought when I read the ending:

"Wait a minute! Shining Armor is a stallion! How could he...
So... Cadence... Shining Armor...

This was great :D There were a few grammatical errors in places but the concept, dialogue, and humour was delightful :rainbowkiss:

Everything about this was good. Fave'd.

Oh by the way, we didn't fully explain what you heard, have fun watching everyone you know and love die

Also its irreversible

Thanks princess!:trollestia:

Well, you see, what the author is going to do now is release a spin off chapter that answers the question of where the rest of the Mane 6 have been. An anonymous source hints that heavy use of LunaShy may be involved and resolution of a key plot point regarding the function of alicorns may be intertwined with Luna's propensity to break into Royal Canterlot under times of emotional strain.
-The Sun and Moon Times, Eq.D. (Equestria Date) 21.3.3741

Rare is it that I even consider clop, you got me to read it when it joined alicorn twilight group, and I'm glad i did. :pinkiesmile:

9 months! Seriously, she hasn't asked about her friends yet? Then again, i guess she does have a rather good distraction :trollestia:

The ending.... bwahah! :rainbowlaugh:

Consider doing a sequal? :rainbowderp:

And yes, I just called Luna a screamer under the guise of an Equestrian tabloid.:rainbowlaugh:

409036 shining Armour got turned into a alicorn and how does that happen hmmm *wink wink*

I can't read the rest now, but what I have seems... very good.

Finishing it later, when I have more... private... time.

Omfg... the genius of it all~ XD

I always did like Twi as an Alicorn of some sort but... the ending twist with Shining... LAWL! :rainbowlaugh:

OMFG THOUGH! What will the remaining Mane 6 think of all this?! :twilightoops:

DAFUQ DID I JUST READ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

She blinded me with science

ok...maybe i'm overthinking this, but how Do Luna, Celestia, and Cadence exist if they don't have mates? Were they just always existant? Or did their old lovers die or something?

And If Celestia's last reproductive stage was 1000 years ago, how would she be abel to concentrate enough to make the elements work? Much less carry the sun for however long it lasted?

408724 You have the best display picture I have yet to come across, like, ever. Just wanted to say that.

I'm new to writing and I'm very jealous... :(

Jealous because at the moment, I am nowhere close to you in writing ability... Oh sad face.:ajsleepy:

Very good story though.

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