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I am a writer hailing from Denmark, Scandineighvia (*Giggles* Neigh *Giggle*). I hope to both have some fun and make something that you all want to read! Best wishes to you all! Pony On!


Twilight Sparkle gets the chance of researching and questioning the first live specimen of a changeling since the Canterlot invasion three years ago.
Twilight goes in with a scientific mind and wants to figure out everything about these evil bugs, as clearly they have shown themselves to be nothing but cruel in the past. However, in an attempt to find a cruel primitive being, she instead finds something she did not expect.
A teacher.

Story Tags and notes: There is going to be no explicit sex in this story, but gender, sex, and general reproduction will be a subject, as well as love, affection, morality, society and any other subjects that boggles my mind.
This story is something I made out of a combination of my own headcanon for changelings, and with my frustration, yet love, for philosophy, which I study at writing moment at university. This story will have slow updates, but I will work on it. This is as much a work for me, as it is for you.
I hope you´ll enjoy.

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Oh I am keeping an eye on this. This is very well written and peeks my interest.

continue, i would like to read more of this.

I will when I get the time to it. Currently I am stuck in a Life of assignments.

I am glad I was able to catch your interest! Hopefully you will like it! :pinkiehappy:

And the princesses would like her to be the one to lead the interrogation, and the study of the creature as the first! Any sort of anger or resentment for the creatures had momentarily faded at the prospect of being the first to study an entirely new species!

Twilight found herself internally squeeing still, even as she teetering at the door to her basement, waiting for the guards to finish setting everything up. She could be the first pony to study a Changeling. She could publish research papers, hold seminars! Maybe even… publish a book~

Nouns are usually NOT capitalised, and sometimes you don't capitalise them, and sometimes you do. I can accept changelings capitalised because...
What... NO! Because it is the name of a species, and names are usually capitalised, even if we don't capitalise Human or Rabbit or Bunny or...
Yeah, we don't capitalise that either.
Why are you writing my comment?
Because you revel in the lie that is piece...
:facehoof: Just... just continue reading...

Finished reading and what can I say?
That he is not worthy of living and should die in a horrible way?
Nope, any other ideas?
The author of this story has to improve his, her or its capitalisation?
That's what I can say. What can I also say?
That the author of the story should find somebody who can take said mistakes out until he improves himself?
That's nearly exactly what you said before.
That we can agree Twilight did a great job tearing the skull of a changeling open and trying to kill it by this means, and to suppress Victim #1's mind with mindmagic for the sake of selfishness, so she can kill it later in the most gruesome way possible?
You don't seriously think...
That is a great answer there, Shipper.
Well, you got a better name? Oh, and Solar is already mine.
Now now, Shippers are one of the most evil creature living...
Oh, then its okay, I guess...

Interesting. I'd like to see this continued.

It will be, Once Uni Allows me to.

Twilight... You are an asshole. As it is suggested for the ponies here. This is nor a statement whether I like this or not ((I don't and I think that such unethical things wouldn't happen)) this is just an observation.

He he! :pinkiehappy:

First chapter and already we have a possible case of solitary confinement (declared an inhumane practise by a number of countries), one case of attempted molestation, one act of assault in defence of previously mentioned molestation, one case of mind rape and lets not forget one big fat case of culture shock.

I feel this story is going to get very interesting indeed. I'll be watching. :coolphoto:

Also, very glad this isn't another story where the changlings are typical barbarians. Personally can't stand it when they, a race that employs such a intellectually demanding tool as shape shifting, is portrayed in such a way. :ajbemused:

My college (or university, as you call it) work often influences my stories as well. This one is a great one. Keep it up.

VERY well written and VERY interesting...
keep up the good work

Venerated Zichti us Phd. Twilight Sparkle - begin to gamble ladies and gentlemens.

Interesting stuff, I will be traking it.

Firstly. I cant help but think of "Lets Get ready to Rumbleeeeeee!" :rainbowlaugh:

I will try and keep it up, but yea, The world and all that. Curse obligations! *Shakes fist* :twilightblush:

Yea, Twilight is lucky there does not seem to be any Geneva Conversions around this place to stop her.
I will do my best to try and show the Changelings in a different light. :raritywink:

I like it so far, but it could use editing. Quite a bit, in fact.

If you like, you can take this as an offer for me to do so. Let me know if you're interested.

Okay, I'm sorry, but the Twilight Sparkle you're portraying here is almost unrecognizable from the one in the show. You're writing her here as a textbook arrogant, unethical scientist who's solely interesting seeking out her own glory (despite the fact she's already a Princess) and top of that a smug bigot. You've made it almost impossible for me to like her, though I doubt that was ever the intention.

“You know, I could just send you back to Canterlot, saying that you're uncooperative… And I can’t promise you their interrogation methods are in any way equine.”

And top on of that, you're also depicting Equestria, like so many other changeling stories, as a fascist, racist state that commits human-rights abuses that the majority of even human nations don't. And while you may argue there's no Geneva Convention in this universe, you have to keep in mind that this is still Equestria, a Sugar Bowl world where the concepts of 'Friendship' and 'Harmony' are key pillars of their society. This isn't Nazi Germany, Franco's Spain, etc. Okay, that's a bit extreme, but still, this is barely the same Equestria we now and love, the kind so many fans write stories about them visiting.

I know that one of the goals of the story is to make the changelings look better and that they're not as evil a lot of ponies could be justified in thinking (the invasion didn't leave a good impression), the synopsis and the ponies' intense racism makes that quite clear. However, and I'm sorry, thoroughly I dislike this method that in order to do so, you have to twist and warp the ponies and Equestria into hideous caricatures. It's pretty on the nose: "Gee, the supposedly 'Good' species are acting like jackbooted racist thugs, while the 'Bad' species is discussing the philosophy of love."

5646198 I agree that I dislike changelings being portrayed like that, but at the same time, you have no qualms about ponies routinely being depicted as ignorant, ultra-racist bigots who violate creatures-rights? Because from what we've been reading so far, that seems to be the road this story is going down.

You are overestimating grossly by both points.

Huh, looks interesting... this gets a watch.


“Right then… I guess I will have to do this the scientific method!”

Said no scientist ever...

5648070 i agree in part with him, about that Twi is a bit off. Not so much, for example: that threat could be just a bluff. But forcebly enter in someone else mind or constantly "puling someone tails" is a bit too harsh
Also i think that compare germany and spain there is a bit too much xP
Anyways the unexpected class was a funny twist xD and this story has potential :twilightsmile:

The Princess of Friendship! Supposed to represent all core elements...
Decided to molest and mind-rape a changeling.
I think you can tell that I'm not a fan of this story.

For if Love is an inherently physical thing, It would be easy to handle, something we perhaps even could grow through predictable patterns in ponies or even amongst ourselves.

This is based on a false assumption. Just because something is physical does not mean it is easy to handle. Take the weather for example. (Our weather, not pegasus controlled weather) We know that there are a lot of physical variables that make the weather function, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., but that doesn't mean that it is easy, or even possible to handle.

5648130 Well, we can't pretend she was planning to do worse on the show. Remember when she was finding a 'conforming' spell to put on Discord?

5648232 Difference is that she was a student and a hero then, mistakes could be forgiven.
When you fall at the bottom of the ladder, you land on your feet. When you fall from the top, you're crushed by the fall. A princess, the top of the pecking order, wouldn't get to keep her position if, let's say, the news found out that she's fond of molesting and mind-raping foreigners.

5648240 I don't know... I feel like ponies, while believing changelings to be heartless and mindless creatures, would be under the impression that what she's doing to the equivalent of fucking around with some lab rats. That what she's got here is a creature and not 'pony.'

Changelings on the other hand would be pissed, though.

5648250 Politics, my friend, politics. Imagine how much propaganda the Griffon Empire, or Saddle Arabia, or the changeling hives, Crystal Empire, etc, could get from this.

5648252 That is true, the changelings are going to find this as discrimination. The rest still pending.

5648070 What I mean is I don't like seeing chagnelings displayed as typical barbarians and any fool could tell the ponies are not that by canon. However I'm still more then open to both sides making misnomers and assumptions about the other based on fear, anger and other less rational urges. My gripe is with changeling capacity for civilisation, not whether they are completely civil about it.

I think you fail to see that Twilight has just simply been caught in a moment of over excitement like she has many times in the show before to less then ideal ends. In many ways she behaved as many would towards a perceived threat that has hurt ones close family, friends and home in the past. Her actions and behaviour are completely understandable if not morally or logically valid. I honestly expect to see this change rapidly soon and only underlined her ill actions out of my humour and anticipation for being called out in them and the bashfulness that will no doubt follow.

I assure you, if Twilight is too out of character once she has calmed down I will lose intent in the story quickly, however I doubt that will happen.

5648256 Mhm, but just imagine Griffons setting up posters to launch war against Equestria with Twilight having Changelings, Diamond Dogs and Griffons strapped to a table, then the caption "Is this the ideal society? Enlist to stop them." Then one piece of proof to back it up can do a lot.
Oh well.
Also, she's quite OOC.

5648260 Shit, I kind of want to see that now! A war of morality in the MLP universe! And even if you're right about Twilight being OOC, this'll be amazing seeing her trying not to get burnt to the stake by different factions who believe what she has done a unethical!

...What Love is?”
While Twilight got a sudden rising urge to burst out singing...

Man, it makes me fell old, that I was the only one that get that reference.

Ooo an interesting start. I like it. must read more when it comes out

What Love is?”
While Twilight got a sudden rising urge to burst out singing


whats is love? Something that happens when you try to have sex but keep getting blocked by guards and family.

Okay Wow, now this has some very nice potential. I'm loving what you have here so far as a start and can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

You might want to look for an editor or proofreader though. Nothing major, but you do have a couple wrong words and awkward wordings here and there, but it isn't too bad. I've seen far far worse, it just breaks the flow in a couple places. :pinkiesmile:

One quick example:

Both guards raised their heads to see that their princess had slammed the door in their face, and as they could hear, was now squeeing with glee all the way down the stairs. For a while, none of them said anything, until one turned to the other.
“That… Sounded terrifying… Should we be worried?”

Here you might just completely cut out the "as they could hear" and simply have "their princess had slammed the door in their face and was now squeeing with glee all the way down the stairs."

Also that exchange got a great laugh out of me. :rainbowlaugh:

OOC Twi aside, this is good. Very good. Keep writing OP, please your horde.

Faved and following. This is getting interesting.


I think that's the base of fic: Twilight once again being overboat with her obscession. Changelings are mind-controlling bugs for all she knows, and this one is unwilling to cooperate. So, she's doing what she can. I hope changeling will explain to her just how much she's wrong and Twi will make amends

I came here expecting the first Changeling Cheerilee story ever. I walk away dissapointed

5648519 I see your Haddaway Boys, and raise you one Ponified version:


That strikes me as a rather overblown characterization of something that is the magic equivalent of reading the private diary of a captured enemy soldier.

It's an amusing concept, unfortunately it's not very well written. Character portrayals aside, there are a LOT of places where poor word choices, poorly worded sentences, and outright errors mar the narrative. Maybe if you spend some time cleaning it up I'll come back and actually read it, but as it is I can't even get to her first conversation with the changeling without cringing at the screen.

5648858 Right.
"Careful observation against subject #1's will to determine gender - Resorting to force.
Most likely illegal spell to invade Subject #1's privacy and memories."

5648240 Molesting and mind-raping foreigners... like Queen Chrysalis does?

Just sayin'... :trollestia:

You've successfully piqued my curiousity. I await the next chapter.

5649052 Except in what we know Chrysalis did stops at: Brainwashing Shining Armor.

So what's worse? Taking a peak at someone's memory and invading their privacy, or sapping them of their will and robbing them of their autonomy?

I'm not saying Twilight is in the right here, but what the Queen did is still much worse.

5649234 Argue as you may...
This Changeling is following a different Queen >.>

Besides, can you really blame them? Without love they can't survive, and the emergence of the elements of harmony are bound to make stealthy food harvesting almost impossible in the future. Either they took it by force, or starved to death. If you had thousands of people relying on you alone for their food, what would you do?

Okay, I had to check the tags on this story when I got to the end of the chapter, just to make sure it isn't going to go anywhere dark anytime soon. Thank Luna.

I'm interested to see where this goes. Hopefully by the end of this fic, they will learn to like each other, or at least respect each other's intellects.

This has my interest. However, due to the number of grammar issues, my obsessive-compulsiveness compelled me to copy this into Word and proofread it as I read. If you'd like, I can send the corrected version to you through private message.

You will have to go through and reapply formatting such as bold and italics, though. I put the tags in, but added spaces so that they would remain as text instead of turning into formatting in the message itself. I only did that for the formatting I know how to do, though, so parts with center alignment or smaller font size aren't tagged.

Then why be so uncooperative? If your hive had nothing to do with the invasion then simply say so and discuss cultural sensibilities with Twilight over tea and jam.

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