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I am a writer hailing from Denmark, Scandineighvia (*Giggles* Neigh *Giggle*). I hope to both have some fun and make something that you all want to read! Best wishes to you all! Pony On!

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Blane opens a flowershop in Canterlot and with Canvas´s help sets up for the first day!
Time for Canterlot to experience that which is Blane Clawson´s talent with flora. Only problem is they don't exactly react like Blane expected them to. And now he has to wonder if it's what he wants.

Written for the Troy/Canvas Competition
And to attempt to kick myself into gear.

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Prince Blueblood is shocked to find that not only has yet another villain escaped the grasp of justice, but that said villain was invited into Canterlot as a guest. Princess Celestia must be completely insane to think reforming the former King Sombra is going to work. Blueblood is all set to leave untill he learns of a possible reward for aiding in the reformation. Following the carrot dangling in front of him, Prince Blueblood the 57th sets his sights on the former Crystal Despot of the North!
Or at least try to.

Warning because i have to: M/M shipping ahead.
Tag clarification:
Sex is there for implications 'off screen' and a singular use of the word "Cum".

This story came about, sometime the last year while I was still having my mental power outage, just based on one of the last lines in this story.

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Twilight Sparkle gets the chance of researching and questioning the first live specimen of a changeling since the Canterlot invasion three years ago.
Twilight goes in with a scientific mind and wants to figure out everything about these evil bugs, as clearly they have shown themselves to be nothing but cruel in the past. However, in an attempt to find a cruel primitive being, she instead finds something she did not expect.
A teacher.

Story Tags and notes: There is going to be no explicit sex in this story, but gender, sex, and general reproduction will be a subject, as well as love, affection, morality, society and any other subjects that boggles my mind.
This story is something I made out of a combination of my own headcanon for changelings, and with my frustration, yet love, for philosophy, which I study at writing moment at university. This story will have slow updates, but I will work on it. This is as much a work for me, as it is for you.
I hope you´ll enjoy.

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King Sombra survives his supposed destruction by the Crystal Heart. However he is thrown far away in the process, left in what seems to be a frozen wasteland.
Defeated, humiliated and barely even alive, Sombra must rebuild himself from the ashes, and find a new home.
How will Sombra live? Will he be able to accept his failure and defeat?
And what does a former monarch do when he has lost everything he fought for?
And why does the world just not want to leave him alone?

Story Notes:
The sex and gore tag is not because that is the main focus of the story, it is simply a warning that if you want a story with absolutely NO sexual refferences, or gore at any time, then you most likely didn't make a good choice of picking a story about a unicorn who was known to have slaves.
And Dark tag is not due to everything being dark or depressing, but that its some dark subjects that is going to be brought up.
I wanted to put comedy, but the sad is just balanced out, and I wanted to put Slice of life, but really, its more of an adventure for Sombra.

Any comments are appreciated.

Cover art by my amazing friend 50-Shades-Of-Faye

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Everything is going well for Cheerilee, or as well as it can for a vampire schoolteacher. All that changes when Princess Luna once again asks her to leave home and face an enemy of Equestria. Will she succeed, or will the Fiends take over Manehatten?

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