• Published 24th Oct 2018
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Blane´s Bouquet Boutique - Skrive Flip

Blane opens a flowershop in Canerlot and deals with the 'Unique Tastes' of Equestria.

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Opening Day

Celestia´s sun was shining from a clear sky over the pony nation's capital. Canterlot practically sparkled with all the finely polished signs and store windows, trying to catch the eye of the passers by, enticing them to come inside and spend their hard earned bits.

One of these stores were just in the process of getting the last touchings up. An aqua coloured stallion working his hardest to get a small bit of a glass discolouration off of the surface, thankful that his hairdresser had shortened his brown mane just to the point where he would not have to constantly move it to see.

He had done up the entire window but this last part was haunted by a matted spot, the so called ‘glass plague’. But it was nothing he could not remove with some stubbornness and brand named soaps.

With confidence in his accomplishment, the stallion smiled brightly and looked up at the text branded onto the glass:

Blane’s Bouquet Boutique.

He suppressed a small giggle in his stomach as he reread the title a couple of times. The irony that someone like his brother in law would not only have a flower shop, but deciding to name it with such a flourish, never ceased to amuse him. Also the alliteration was a nice touch.

Happy with the result the stallion put the washing cloth into the bucket of water he had along, walked over and pushed the door open to the shop. A small chime clattered against the top of the door in a pleasant flourish as it opened and closed behind him, announcing his presence to the shop.

The inside had a minimalist decoration job, the shopping counter cutting the room in half, allowing several of the more fragile or expensive arrangements be outside of hoofs reach for any customers, well meaning or otherwise. In front of the counter were several more stock type bouquets arranged in several smaller glass and clay vases, surrounding the entire room in a myriad of colours. Furthermore a table was set up in the center of the customer area, creating an display island.

The stallion tried to peek around the flower displays, as he did not find his brother-in-law immediately like he expected. He set the water bucket on the counter and called out.

“Blane? You still in here?”

“Just a second Canvas!!” Replied a deep but muffled voice, from the back room.

After a few moments, Canvas was met with the lumbering frame of Blane, his brother in law. A large brown gryphon, genuinely towering over most denizens of Equestria, beyond perhaps its rulers, slowly walked back into the room carrying a basket with his latest floral creation: A three layer ring arrangement. Red with black tipped king proteas on the outer ring, a full rim of purple irises on the middle ring and lastly a single pink cluster of hydrangeas in the center. Not a single flower seemed bent or even out of place as the massive gryphon moved past the shopping counter and placed it perfectly central on the display island.

“There we go.” Blane sighed in relief, taking great care to step backwards away from the island to a safe distance.

“Oh gods that is so beautiful!” Canvas couldn't help but exclaim in excitement as he moved closer as to get a better look. “Perfectly aligned and perfectly layered. You never cease to amaze me Blane!”

“Thanks dude, and thank you for helping with the cleaning. I would never have made it ready for the opening without you!” Said Blane. His voice, while deep, rose a few octaves as he could barely mask his excitement.

“Oh it was nothing.” The stallion responded casually, walking over towards his bag, stashed in the corner. “It was either help my brother-in-law, or wander aimlessly for hours till Troy´s train arrives.”

“When was that by the way?” Asked Blane, making his way back behind the shop counter.

“It was 15:14 if the schedule holds!” Canvas replied as he dug through his bag, giving a cursory glance at the small clock hanging from the wall. 12:47. “So I can keep hanging for around… Two more hours-ish.”

“Great!” Blane took a deep breath as he rubbed his claws together. “It would be a great help. I mean, you know the Canterlot snobs more than I do, dude. So having you here is sure to boost the opening.”

The aqua stallion raised an eyebrow at the gryphon for a moment, before softening to a more understanding look.

“Uhm, thank you Blane, just one word of advice?”

“Shoot!” Blane smiled eagerly.

“Don’t call them snobs.” Canvas offered as he finally managed to dig his sketchbook out of the bag.

Blane tilted his head in confusion.

“But they are snobs.” He stated.

“I know most of them are!” Conceded Canvas, snatching his hind leg around a small stool and dragging it towards him. “But customers like that don't tend to like your kind of uhm… blunt honesty.”

“Why? Isn't honesty like one of the elements of hornmony?” Asked Blane.

“Harmony.” Corrected Canvas as he sat down on the stool. “And it is, but you know there is something as being too honest?”

“Whatever, will flip the sign?” Asked Blane, practically jumping on the spot.

Canvas could feel the happiness radiating from the massive gryphon at that very moment. “I would be honoured.” He said, walking over and spun the sign, changing the lettering outside from ‘closed’ to ‘open’.

With the deed done, Blane let out an almost primal roar of excitement, which for just a moment seemed to even make the shop window quiver.

“Blane’s Bouquet Boutique is finally, OPEN!

Rubbing his ears and waiting for the ringing noise to end, Canvas still managed to smile before taking his seat again on the stool.

“Joy of joys. Lets see how long till a customer shows up” Said the stallion, picking his sketchbook back up again.

“The wait´s always scary, but I got you here for company, so it’s a lot better this time!” Blane insisted, his large claws tapping into the counter rhythmically, trying to let out some of that excess adrenaline.

Canvas smiled warmly. “Aww, thank you Blane. It was the least I could do.” He said, picking a pencil out of the bag and snapping it to his hoof with a rubber band. “What are you gonna do while we wait?”

“Oh! This!” The gryphon half gasped, reaching under the counter and pulling out what appeared to be some kind of branch wreath and a colourful collection of flowers. “I´ve been trying to find the combination of colours to make this one work out just perfectly.”

“Oh a wreath?” Canvas asked, taking an extra hard look at the pile on the desk. The branches were willow wood and the flowers mainly a combination of alstroemeria and amaryllis.

“Not just a wreath!” Insisted Blane. “It’s gonna be a literal flower crown. I’m hoping with the right prep, it’s gonna be able to last for at least a week! Then I can sell them for weddings and graduations and such!”

“That's brilliant! How´re you gonna be doing that?”

The conversation sort of trailed off into the nitty gritty details in flower conservation for about fifteen minutes before a natural lull point came once again. Still no customers, but that was to be expected.

Blane was hard at work with the careful use of his massive claws on the tiny delicate flowers, meanwhile Canvas was busy sketching away, deciding the interior of the boutique was a good source of inspiration.

The stallion had gotten a good half sketch before a thought struck him, and he had to express it.

“How come you named the shop ‘Blanes Bouquet Boutique?’” He asked.

Blane looked back up from his flower work at Canvas.

“Well, I wanted to name it something cool. But I learned back in Griffonstone that names tend to… change expectations.” He explained with a slightly sheepish look.

“What happened?” Asked Canvas, practically smelling a story coming off of that explanation.

“Uhm, I originally named my store ‘Thunder Tulips’, you know, for the cool lightning effect?” He explained, pausing to let Canvas have a small snicker. “Yea, after the twelfth customer coming and asking for actually conductive tulips, i decided to change the name.”

“I get that.” Canvas conceded, still a small giggle caught in his throat, imagining the poor Blane having to try and explain to a bunch of gryphons the reality of plants and electricity. “But still, why then Bouquet Boutique?”

“Well, after that, I decided I needed to have a name that was appealing you know. Then I remembered Rarity, her store was called a boutique and she has a store here! Just felt like it made sense, you know? Market analsys and all that.”

“Analysis.” The stallion corrected.

“Dude, I don't want to hear about your analysis. I leave that to you and Troy.”

“That's not-”

The sound of the metal chime interrupted them both, announcing the arrival of Blane´s first customer.

The gryphon lit up like a hearths warming tree and immediately spread his wings and arms in a grandiose manner.
“Welcome to the Blane´s Bouquet Boutique!”

As much as Blane´s excited exclamation sounded halfway between a lion and a town crier, it was thankfully not enough to scare off the customer. A white unicorn with a pencil thin moustache and light blue mane, wearing a fine black tailcoat, partially obscuring his three crown cutie mark. Someone they both knew.

“Fancy Pants!” Announced Canvas in sudden excitement almost mirroring Blanes.

“My word, I certainly am popular today!” Half laughed the Canterlot hot-shot as he met the artist halfway in the store with a hug. “Canvas, Blane, it is very good to see both of you again!”

“Right back at you, big guy!” Said Blane with a big grin. “You still blue-balling the entirety of Canterlot with that hot wife of yours?”

“Blane!!” Snapped Canvas, but was stopped by Fancy´s laughter.

“Oh yes, yes I am. We still get around to, show off, so to say.” He said lightheartedly. “Now gentlemen, I would absolutely love to stay and talk, but I am actually running short on time. I simply wanted to poke my head in when I noticed the two of you.”

“Aww, Thats too bad.” Frowned Canvas, but made sure to quickly go in and sneak another hug. “We need to meet up more, it's been too long.”

“Indeed it has!” Fancy Pants agreed, returning the hug. “I will have to try and sneak in another commission off of you whenever I can!”

The sound of metal squeaking loudly caught both their attention as Blane leaned forwards on the counter.

“Would you like a bouquet along?” The gryphon asked with barely contained excitement. “I mean, you'd be my first customer in Canterlot!”

Fancy´s smile faltered just slightly. “Why I would be delighted Blane, but there is such a selection that I would barely know where to start.” Confessed the unicorn, giving the selection of bouquets a worried glance.

“No problem!” Insisted Blane, picking out a bouquet with multi colored carnations intermixed with irises and wrapped it up in an easy to carry paper wrap. “I think this one would be perfect for you! I call it ‘Elite’.”

Pleasantly surprised, Fancy´s smile returned to its former glory. “Oh, that is quite wonderful. I do so love irises. How much would I owe you?”

“That one´s on the house, big FP.” Blane snapped his claw and pointed straight at the unicorn. “Keep being cool.”

“Why thank you Blane. I really am sorry i can't stay, but I do have to go.” He said, picking the bouquet up in his magic and turned towards Canvas. “We´ll see about that commission, yes? I know where to find you?”

“Same place as always.” The artist assured with a bright smile.

“Brilliant. I will be seeing the two of you around then!” He said, his magic picking out one of the iris flowers out of the bouquet and popped it into the unicorns mouth. He let out a pleased sound and then waved at the two. “Have a great day!” He announced as he left the shop.

Canvas had one of the biggest grins on his face as he watched Fancy leave.

“That was great Blane! Your first Canterlot customer and it was Fancy Pants! That has got to get some good PR!... Blane?”

The stallion turned back to see his brother in law completely frozen in place, his beak opening and closing like a dying fish. He looked as if he had just seen a ghost on a unicycle.

“Helloou? Blane?” Canvas waved a hoof in front of his face. “Blaane. Come on Blane, you didn't freeze up as long when you found your brother and I in bed. Come on Blane!”

Finally as Canvas´s hooves clopped together in front of Blane´s face, the gryphon seemed to snap back to reality. And snapped his claws back on the counter.

“He just ate it!” Shrieked Blane.

“Excuse me?” Canvas stared at Blane in confusion.

“Fancy Pants! He just ate part of the bouquet!” Blane exclaimed with the same tone of voice one would use if you had witnessed somepony kicking a puppy.

Canvas was merely confused. “Y-yeeeess?”

“Canvas! He just ate part of the bouquet!!” Blane repeated, gesticulating wildly in the direction of the door, hoping to get the message across.

“Y-Yes he did Blane!” Canvas stared in confusion upon his brother in law.

“Why´d he eat part of the bouquet!?!?”

“Because he was hungry?”

“Ponies eat flowers!?!?” Blane retracted away from Canvas with an appalled expression on his face.

“Yes, Ponies eat flowers.” Canvas stated as a matter of factly.

“I just thought that was some rumor! Some shit that Blaze was trying to haze me with!! Why didn't you tell me that ponies eat flowers!?!?” The gryphon reached over to shield one of the closest bouquets from his brother in law.

“Well I thought it was rather obvious that ponies eat flowers!” Canvas said defensively, barely able to comprehend he had to defend his diet to a flesh eating gryphon.

“I didn't make these to be eaten!!” Blane whined loudly, taking the shielded bouquet and cradled it like one would a child. “They are meticulously combined for their colour, their floral meaning, each of them is a little story or a little wish from giver to receiver! Why would you eat that!?!?”

Canvas was a little shocked to see Blane so upset at the revelation that ponies would more than likely eat his work. Blane´s passion for his profession was admirable however, and Canvas could see how that perhaps would be a little, troubling for him.

“Now Blane, calm down. No need to be so upset. Just because you didn't make it with the express purpose of having it be eaten, isn't it just as good? I mean, i'm certain your bouquet´s will still sell?” The stallion offered as a possible solution.

Blane gave Canvas a small accusatory glare. “If ponies bought your paintings for the purpose of toilet paper, would you still just sell them?”

That stung. A deep intake of breath through clenched teeth was enough to tell Blane that he had struck the artist right in the pride.

“Touché…” Conceded Canvas, taking a protective grip around his sketchbook.

An awkward silence followed that stalemate, as Blane was looking around his shop, seeing his dozens of creations and fearing for them all being devoured by a horde of rabid ponies, and Canvas awkwardly trying to think of something to help ease Blane´s worries.

“Hey, don't panic Blane, maybe Fancy was just hungry at the time!” Canvas tried, reaching out to place a hoof on Blane's shoulder. The large gryphon flinched the bouquet in his arms away, glaring at Canvas like a caged tiger.

The stallion bit his lower lip and tried again.

“Maybe it was just a one time thing. I am certain there are tons of ponies in Canterlot who wants your bouquet´s for their purpose. I mean, edible decoration is all the rage nowadays!” Canvas offered with a sympathetic smile.

The pony´s smile strained to stay, as Blane eyed him suspiciously, almost as if expecting him to leap at his work at any moment. But after about a minute of stalemate, the gryphon finally seemed to relax a little.

“Are you sure?” Blane asked cautiously.

Canvas nodded in reply. “Absolutely. Trust me! Before this day is over, somepony will come by and be moved to tears by your arrangements!” He insisted, taking a side glance over at the basket from earlier in the day, sitting in the middle of the display island.

“I don't know…” Hesitated Blane, gazing over to the same basket forlornly. “I just… I… I put so much effort into them… I don't want to see any of them get eaten.”

Sympathetic, but not wanting his brother in law to panic on his very first business day, Canvas walked over to the counter and grasped one of Blane´s claws firmly.

“Listen Blane. I am going to be here for the next one and a half hour still. And I promise I will help you with trying to convince your customers, alright? Just try not to let it get to you. They still want your flowers. Even if it is to eat, you saw how happy Fancy looked when you gave him that bouquet, yea?”

Reluctantly, Blane nodded. “Yea… he did look real happy.”

“And i'm sure that Fleur is gonna be happy as well. Heck, if that bouquet is even half as tasty as it looks, i'm fairly certain you just scored Fancy some bonus points.” Canvas winked at the large gryphon.

A small smile returned to Blane´s beak. “I guess. Heh… I mean… I hear that mares love flowers.”

“Exactly!” Canvas nodded eagerly. “Now, just try to think of that with the next customers. If they in the end are happy, and you get paid, then you have made it halfway already.”

“What’s the other half?” Blane tilted his head.

“You being happy with it.”

Blane mulled on it for a bit. If he did sell his flowers at the prices he set, then he would make a profit. And… if they were happy. Who was he to complain… right?

“Okay, yes! I´ll try. Alright! Bring it on!” Blane said, slamming a claw against his chest in a tribal fashion. “I'm ready for the ravaging horde!”

“They might not be ravaging!” Canvas tried to offer. “Maybe Fancy was the only one that was hungry for flowers today!”

A sudden ringing of the door chime announced the presence of more customers. A pair of mares, upper middle class.
One immediately turned to the other.

“I told you Gearie, I could smell this divine eatery from all the way down the streets. Let's indulge ourselves a bit, shall we?~”

Canvas immediately winced and slowly craned his head back to look at Blane. He could see the dagger stab straight into the poor gryphons heart and do a good twist for good measure. But he soldiered on, straining his smile as he spread his wings in a welcoming fashion.

“Welcome to Blane’s Bouquet Boutique… What can I get you?”

The two mares bought a bouquet each and almost immediately tore into it once they were outside. Blane managed to survive the initial heartbreak in time for the next customers, who repeated the same pattern.

Canvas could practically feel the misery radiating off of Blane as each of his beloved creations was being sold and promptly either eaten, or doomed to a future of potential dinner. The stallion did his best to try and focus the customers towards some of the more colourful arrangements, referring how perhaps it could be used in the living room, but to no avail.

Four customers turned to eight, eight turned to twelve, and soon, twenty customers had passed, and most of the display window had been sold out, as well as a couple of shelves. One especially excitable pony had decided to buy out an entire shelf so that he could bring it along for an office picnic.

Money was raking in, and Canvas could calculate that the operation costs were more than covered three fold.

But that did not ease the pain he felt when he looked upon his brother-in-law.

Blane looked defeated. His face was resting in his claws, almost making small dents in the countertop due to his size. He was not crying, but Canvas suspected that he was holding at least a few tears back.

As the last customer left, Canvas finally grit his teeth.

“I’m… im sorry Blane-”

“It’s alright…” The griffon groaned weakly. “It’s… it’s my fault anyhows… I could just have asked Blaze if he was bullshitting me.”

Seeing the great gryphon so despondent was heartbreaking. Canvas tried to think of something, anything to say or do, but nothing came to him. And worse was, a cursory glance at the clock now haunted him. 14:59.

“Listen, Blane. I have to go now to pick up Troy, but we are gonna come straight back here. Alright?” Canvas said, trying his best to emphasize the swiftness of his return.

“Alright. I´ll just… work on the wreath…” Mumbled Blane, leaning over to see the still unfinished project lying on the side of the counter.

Canvas hesitated. It was terrible, but Troy would not know where the shop was if he did not come to pick him up.

“I´ll be real quick okay?” Canvas said, picking up his artbag and throwing it over his back. “Don´t you go anywhere!” He insisted, even while halfway out the door. Seeing a weak, but definite nod, Canvas took off down the streets.

Leaving Blane alone with his thoughts.

A whimpering sigh escaped the large gryphon as he was left with his solitude.

Blane was probably right now the most successful startup in Canterlot within the first hours of his business, and he hated it. He had earned triple the amount he had earned in Griffonstone in half the time, and he hated it. He realized he could use a tenth of the time and probably a hundredth of the effort, and the ponies of Canterlot probably wouldn't care. And he hated it.

All this hate just kept seeping into him, leaving him a wallowing mess of pity and anger. And worst part was, it felt impotent.
Despite how much he wanted to lash out or flip tables or roar at the fact that his attempts to make floral art had instead turned him into a glorified fast food shop, he just couldn't. It wasn't their fault.

And anger with nowhere to go, just tended to stew.

This left Blane´s normally delicate touch when it came to his creations rather lacking. It was not long before one of the wreath sticks snapped under his effort, making only his anger bubble further. After another three frustrated breaks and replacements, Blane was left with a mostly finished wreath crown.

The circlet was rounded with multi colored alstroemerias.

“The symbol of wealth… prosperity.” He mumbled, turning the circlet and looking onto the centerpiece, a large amaryllis flower (also known as the belladonna lilly). “Value beyond beauty.” He added with a forlorn look. “No matter how rich you are. No matter how beautiful you are. Value lies in you.” He mumbled, remembering exactly the meaning he had in mind when he imagined this wreath.

“I guess you´ll just be… Symbol of delicious.” He sighed and placed it back down besides himself before dropping his face onto the counter.

The sound of the massive head slamming into the metal plate was so loud it almost drowned out the sound of the door chime, but not enough to mask the surprised gasp which followed it.

Lifting his head back up, Blane saw another customer in his store, a scrawny, grayish earth pony with a shoulder long dark-blonde mane and a cutie mark depicting a comedia dell’arte mask.

The stallion blinked in confusion and backed up several steps.

“U-Uhm… I… I’m sorry, did I come at a bad time? T-The sign said it was open?” He asked, giving a nervous glance back at the door.

“No no, its fine…” Groaned Blane as he rubbed his head for a second. He looked back up, meeting the stallion´s blue gaze. “Welcome to Blane´s Bouquet Boutique, can I take your order?” He asked, the words almost dying in his beak as the sentence felt more like that of a fast food employee rather than a florist.

“Oh, Uhm… Yes.” The stallion walked forwards, looking around at the few pots, bouquets and baskets that was left in the room. “I, I was kind of looking for something specific.”

Blane lazily tapped his claws against the countertop, waiting for the inevitable taste selection. “What are you looking for?”

The stallion walked up to the counter, still looking around the shop.

“Do you… Do you have something… Something that you might give to… break the ice?”

“Like for a date?” Blane clarified.

“N-No… not really. More like… Relationship wise.” The customer explained, slightly sheepishly looking away.

Blane looked upon the pony in confusion. Judging from the buttmark, he was some sort of actor or something, so why was he being all bashful and nervous now when wanting to buy some snack.

“Could you be a bit more specific?” Urged Blane, still feeling quite slumped.

“Ahh, I wouldn't want to bother you with the details-”

“Naw its cool. I already have a pretty miserable day, whatever you can tell me won't make it any worse.” Blane stated rather bluntly.

There was a small pause as the stallion looked back at the massive gryphon as if eyeing him up for potential reactions, but then also seeming almost as equally defeated as the gryphon himself as she sighed and slumped on the desk.

“It’s… It’s my friend.” He started, placing both hooves on the sides of his face. “He… He works a lot, does his very best to take care of his daughter and everything. And I kind of have been helping him out with babysitting and all. But… I think I… I think that I…”

Blane lifted his head slightly more, sitting more upright as he was listening to the stallion.

“That you love him?” Blane offered, his voice as calm and non-intrusive as he could make it.

The stallion seemed to almost flinch the second the L word was mentioned, but it did not look angry or frustrated with Blane in any way.

“Y-Yes… I think… it's ridiculous. I can´t. I have so many things to do. I have so many other responsibilities, I don't have time for romance! I'm not the type to fall in love!” The stallion suddenly began on a nervous rambling. “I just, I have obligations, I can't just drop them! Also i'm an actor. How´d he ever believe me? He'd just think i was doing some bit. Maybe he´ll even begin thinking I pity him! What if I-”

The stallion was suddenly silenced as Blane reached out and snapped the pony´s muzzle together in a claw grasp. He did however smile sympathetically.

“Dude. Calm down. Breathe.” Said the Gryphon, mimicking the motion of taking a deep breath. The pony followed it and after a few breaths, Blane let go. “Better?”

“A bit…” The pony conceded.

“Good. Now, I get you, love is really weird. Trust me, my family's got more than enough experience on that front. But why are you here? You sound more like you need a love guru and not a florist.”

“I…” The pony hesitated, before letting out a defeated sigh. “I don't know. I just… I heard the expression ‘Say it with flowers’ somewhere, and I guess i just… wandered until i found what I thought…” His ears dropped, almost disappearing into the mane. “I guess I should just leave.”

Blane stared at the pony. For just a single moment, a little seed blossomed in his heart as he heard that. Someone. Somepony… had heard of the language of flowers.

He didn't allow the pony to turn more than 15 degrees before placing his large claw down on his shoulder.

“Now just wait a second there. Speaking in flowers, now that's something I think I can do for you.”

The pony looked back up at Blane, his ears lifting again as his face bloomed a glimmer of hope. “You can?”

“Sure thing. First off, what's your name?” Blane asked while he walked out past the counter, and over towards the display island.

“Uhm, I’m Smooth Talk.” The gray pony said with a weak smile.

“Nice to meet you Smooth Talk. Im Blane Clawston.” The gryphon introduced himself back as he picked up the basket he had made earlier that day. He brought it back to the counter, and began to fiddle a bit with the second row of flowers, the irises. He pushed some of them aside so that there was a little bit of extra space. In those spaces, he snuck in a pair of red chrysanthemums and in perfect opposition of them he made a pair of white petaled gardenias.

Smooth Talk watched with great interest as the large gryphon claws so effortlessly managed to move and shift the flowers without breaking off a single pedal.

“Alright, see here.” Blane started, pointing first to the outer ring of red and black tipped king porteas. “These symbolize change, courage, and transformation. Its to show you want things to change.” He then pointed on to the ring of purple irises. “These, while pretty, symbolize compliments, eloquence and the words you might want to say. Which is why these:” he pointed towards chrysanthemum and gardenias. “Are there. They symbolize love, this one specifically secret love.”

Smooth Talk was completely enraptured by the explanation, taking each definition to mental note and making sure to commit them to memory.

Blane then pointed to the centerpiece, the pink cluster of hydrangeas.

“Fair coloured hydrangeas like this one, means that you're heartfelt. That you genuinely want what you´re saying.” He said, now gesturing around and to the entire basket. “This arrangement. I call it ‘Progress’. You give this to your friend, to show them you want to try this, and hopefully progress beyond what you have.”

The stallion looked thoroughly impressed as the basket was pushed towards him on the shop counter.

“Give it. Even if it does not work as intended. Like you wanted it to… Maybe it'll bring them some joy. And hey, maybe it'll give you what you need to just say it out loud?” Blane offered with a warm smile towards the lovestruck customer.

“I… I don't know what to say. I didn't expect anything like this!” He said, gesturing towards the basket. “I expected maybe you'd try to pawn me a bouquet of roses or something.” Smooth Talk spoke in utter disbelief.

Blane shrugged. “Roses are overrated. Everybody does it.”

This earned a small laugh from the nervous stallion, which Blane allowed himself to share.

“I… thank you. I can't tell you how much this-” Smooth tried to say but was interrupted by Blane lifting a claw.

“Don't dude. It´s my pleasure.”

“Uhm, Alright… Uhh… How much do i owe you?”

The price was agreed upon and money was exchanged. Blane made sure to carefully wrap the entire basket in some see through wrapping paper and tie a small bow on the top to protect the flowers from wind and weather.

Smooth took the basket upon his back and gave a last sincere smile back at Blane.

“Thank you. Again. So very much.”

“You´re welcome. Good luck with your friend.” Replied Blane with a smile and a thumbs up.

With the creak of the door and the clanking of the chime, Smooth Talk left the shop and left Blane back with himself again.

Once again alone, but this time, the anger had subsided. It was not completely gone, he could still feel the pills of resentment within him, but giving a small glance back at the wreath he made, was enough to bring a small genuine smile back upon the gryphons lips.

“You know what.” He sighed. “Maybe Canvas is on to something.” He said, picking up the wreath and bringing it down on the top of his own head.

“On to what?”

With the clang of the chime once again, Blane looked back up to find the aqua stallion walking back inside, followed side by side by his husband, the light and dark gray gryphon that was Blane´s little brother Troy.

“Heyyy guys! So good to see you Troy!” Blane jumped over the counter and took Troy into a bone crushing hug, which almost immediately popped a few joints.

“GAaaaaaah! G-G-It's good to see you too Blane… please… breathe…” Troy squawked with what little oxygen was left for him.

“Hey Blane.” Canvas interjected, pulling forth a flat square box that had been resting on the pony´s back. “I'm sorry for leaving you high and dry like that. We bought doughnuts from Joe´s if you would like some?” He offered with big apologetic eyes.

Blane took a moment to look out the shop window. Smooth Talk was far gone, and there was no other customer in sight. The tension he held in his body, slowly subsided, as the warm feeling of family crept in to replace it. He smiled warmly and put Troy back on all fours. “Flip that sign over will you, Canvas? I´d much rather have doughnuts right now.”

Author's Note:

And here is my entry into the contest. It is a little rushed, as I was rather late until I decided to join in on it. I mainly cornered myself and just decided to grind my face against the keys untill something appeared, hoping it might give me some energy to some of my other works as well.
That remains to be seen.

Now, a message to Mr VClaw:
Thank you so very much for the good times of Brushed Away. You are incredibly talented, and your stories have brought a lotta joy to me as well as heartwarming comfort.
I hope you enjoyed this little rendition of Blane in Canterlot.
Pony On, good sir. Pony On.

- Skrive Flip.

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Woah this is really good. *tips hat*

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