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I am a writer hailing from Denmark, Scandineighvia (*Giggles* Neigh *Giggle*). I hope to both have some fun and make something that you all want to read! Best wishes to you all! Pony On!


Rising from the Coffin · 9:13am Aug 18th, 2018

And so, as the horn bellows, we all return to Idasletten, for the final struggle.

Far more operatic than the reality of it!

Hello to those of you who read this. It has been far too long. So I am here to clear up some small factoids, like for example "Where did those Chapters come from?" - "Are there More comming?" - "Did you DIE!?" Etc.

To answer them in no particular order:

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Personal Update · 11:04am Mar 29th, 2016

Hello everyone, This is Skrive Flip.

I am writing this after a way too long radio silence because I finally think I might be able to give this update.

A lot has happened in the time since I last updated either Changeling Teacher or Crystal Castle.

Had some personal revalations, some good which included relationships (and the ending of them).
And then there is the bad one.

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Welp, Here we go. · 8:52pm Jun 14th, 2015

I dont think Chapter 2 is going to get any better. And if I keep keeping it in stasis, then it´ll stay there from here to Ragnarok.

Well, I best head off to thank a few folk for helping me with this.

And my friends who helped with idea talks.

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Episode 100 and Life · 8:46am Jun 14th, 2015

Well! Episode 100 certainly put a spanner in the works of Changeling teacher! :rainbowlaugh:
I do not wish to spoil it for any who may not have watched it yet, but for those of you who have:
That thing in the back on the pew, certainly contradicts one of my main premises of CT.

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Google Docs and Fimfiction · 12:24pm May 11th, 2015

How, the Fuck, does entire paragraphs disappear in the transition between the two?

And even more why, how the hell have i not noticed these paragraphs being gone, untill now?

I am sorry to say there is going to be some... delays... a lot of them...

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Crystal Castle got updated, Still working on Changeling teacher · 9:28am Apr 22nd, 2015

Simple update here! Crystal Castle got its next chapter, and my focus will now majorly shift to Changeling teacher, though I have a lot of work on it already. I just have a lot of issues I need to iron out.

Though I do often feel like, at the end of the day:

Sooo, yea, bear with me!

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Back on the grindstone · 8:46am Mar 23rd, 2015

Right then! The worst exams are over and I have been back into the game for a bit, so progress have been made on both Crystal Castle and Changeling Teacher.
So thats progress!

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Changeling Teacher Featured · 1:40pm Feb 20th, 2015

By all of the Gods of Asgård... I had no idea this would reach... That level...
I know it is not much compared to many much better stories on Fimfiction, but I am still stunned.
Its mind-blowing for me.

However, i have also seen the storm of comments.

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Updates Comming Now · 10:50am Feb 19th, 2015

Okay then, I think I need to do a bit of explaination.

The latest Chapter of Crystal Castle is a bit shorter than usual, because I am getting into a period of extra assignments, and If i were to wait until after my assignments, then I would not be updating the story until sometime far into march, and I really don't want to push this forever.

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An Update from Me · 9:34am Feb 4th, 2015

Well then, Time sure has passed quickly in the month of January. Exams came, and took away both time and Spirit, finding me now In February, with more time, but the second Semester starting, and I really haven't gotten any where near enough on Crystal Castle to satisfyingly upload a chapter.

I have somehow though, been able to create the first chapter of an entirely new Story, That I really don't want to post, mid production of Crystal Castle.

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