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Skrive Flip

I am a writer hailing from Denmark, Scandineighvia (*Giggles* Neigh *Giggle*). I hope to both have some fun and make something that you all want to read! Best wishes to you all! Pony On!

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Rising from the Coffin · 9:13am Aug 18th, 2018

And so, as the horn bellows, we all return to Idasletten, for the final struggle.

Far more operatic than the reality of it!

Hello to those of you who read this. It has been far too long. So I am here to clear up some small factoids, like for example "Where did those Chapters come from?" - "Are there More comming?" - "Did you DIE!?" Etc.

To answer them in no particular order:

I have basically for the last 3 years been dealing with my Anxiety. Professional help doing its best, and having retracted myself to the kind of work I can deal with. Thankfully my country is very helpful towards individuals such as myself, so I dont find myself needing generally.
Those of you who are struggling with the same knows that it takes time, and its more than infuriating while you are mid process, because time seems to be stretching on forever. And especially when you compare it to a calendar.

In short I have actually been working on Changeling Teacher, Crystal Castle, and at least a dozen other projects over the timelapse in which i have been in radio silence, but anxiety and perfectionism have basically crippled my ability to properly work on these projects. At least to a degree with which I myself am happy with. Which has been my biggest issue. I could probably have released these chapters sometime two years ago, but I never felt like they were right. I kept opening the documents, telling myself that something was wrong, and it needed changing, but I could never find it. Also, I was just missing that one line of dialogue tieing two scenes together. It was quite literally just 1 line for the Changeling Teacher chapter, and yet I was stuck on that for far too long than any sane human should be.

Now however, I will be needing to release these. Not just because I want this burden off of my shoulder, but also becasue I would rather make a clear and cut say that this was as much as I made before the mental powercut. And I felt like it would not be fair if i completely deleted the stories, or even just canceled them when I technically did have something in the vault left.
This is mainly for myself that I release these. I want to work on it still, but If I do not force myself to just do this, I will sit here forever.

So to sum up in shorter terms:
The chapters have been sitting on my "desk" for a very long time, and I for my own health need them to be just mentally done.
There will more than likely not be anymore comming, as I still have a lot of issues to deal with.
I did not quite die, although I am attempting a rebirth.

I hope everyone of you who decide to take the little reads I have again, Enjoy them. I cannot say what my activity will be. My brain is incredibly sporadic, and will occasionally just pester me to do something until I almost finish it, and then stop.

So if all goes well, more things comes in the future. But I am not exactly an optimist.

Sincerest best wishes to Everyone!
- Skrive Flip

Comments ( 6 )

cool. happy to see you back.


Glad to see you back. Good luck!

Thank you for trying. I liked this chapter. Any contribution to our brony culture is appreciated, especially such an interesting one. Good luck in the future.

Best of luck to you, and thanks for all the horse words.

Health comes first, so get better.

Good to see you back. Good to hear you've kept writing as well, even if we never see it I'm always glad to hear about authors continuing to write.

Hey, don't worry about perfection. The flaws are what make it endearing and believable in the first place!

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