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I am a writer hailing from Denmark, Scandineighvia (*Giggles* Neigh *Giggle*). I hope to both have some fun and make something that you all want to read! Best wishes to you all! Pony On!

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Episode 100 and Life · 8:46am Jun 14th, 2015

Well! Episode 100 certainly put a spanner in the works of Changeling teacher! :rainbowlaugh:
I do not wish to spoil it for any who may not have watched it yet, but for those of you who have:
That thing in the back on the pew, certainly contradicts one of my main premises of CT.

Oh well. I guess I will have to consider it Alternative universe then... I will not quite yet put in the tag, but if its needed i will! :twilightblush:
Dont get me wong, I ADORE Episode 100. I am still gushing.

Now! I know a lot of you have been waiting for a long time, and I have been hitting myself over the head for ages as well. I really want to bring you all something good, and CT´s sudden popularity took me completely off guard. So when it came to a follow up chapter, I wanted it to be perfect, though in the strive for perfection, one always searches in vain. The gods are not with me!

Sweet Allfather of wisdom, where are you?? :raritydespair:


On a more serious note, lots of things have just constantly fallen over my head to slow down CT´s second chapter, including my studies at Uni, which made me feel like I had to rewrite the chapter with each lecture...
But no more shall I be worried!
I am neck deep back in the exam period, and I will not have myself buried in projects which I have failed to do!
I will finish CT Chapter 2! VERY SOON!

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I'd just assume this episode takes place after your story

Remember, there is nothing a writer cannot contrive to make things fit in with canon. 3148625 makes a good argument.

Actually it seems Cranky had quite a few adventures before coming to Ponyville. The Changeling was probably an ally, a friend, or even a old nemesis who got an invite. Just because Celestia and Twilight don't know much about Changelings doesn't mean others have had no contact. They just haven't talked about it. For all we know Chrysallis has a weekly Tea in Las Pegasus with a exclusive Golf Club and the Pony's who attend consider it 'There little secret'.

And ask not for Odin's attention. You just might get it! Tyr is a much more forgiving god. He just wants honorable combat!

But the allfather must know the answer! :raritydespair:

Anyhows, thanks for those ideas, its good to get a bit of brainfeed and know that all is not lost :pinkiesmile:

You won't have to put the AU tag, anyway. Your story was published before this episode, so there's no need. Besides, AU is meant for significant changes. For instance, if you had a story where Spike tagged along with the Mane 6 to face Nightmare Moon for whatever reason, that's still not AU. If you have the Mane 6 fail, and Spike defeats her, that's AU

Another reader in agreement!

Try looking at the story from our end - readers who don't get the option to stress and fuss over the story's creation, and thus find it easier to pass off non-canon inconsistencies.

I don't think you should change the story. It's popular for a reason - people like it! A lone wedding attendee from episode 100 isn't the spanner you imagine it to be.

Idea!! Indeed, make your story occur pre-episode 100.... and big hint to who the lone changeling in the pews is!!
There we go! Spanner removed and you've got yourself another possible ending whereby some 'ling decided to stick around?

Dunno, it's your story mate - remember?
Just write what you feel works best.

But seriously, don't stress it. I'm glad your story updated because I really like it.

I am very glad to hear that :pinkiehappy:

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