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This story is a sequel to Peace at Last?

Staghorn, Chrysalis's son, has successfully made peace with the ponies of Equestria and built an alliance.

However, Stag has done slightly more than that, as his mother is not only Queen of the Changelings, but Empress of Neighpon. the Equestrian Changeling castle is a family heirloom

So, what happens when Stag goes to tell the rest of the family?

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I'm looking forward, to seeing this continue...

4363394 Baku- creatures in Japanese myth said to eat dreams, now synonomous with tapir, though here, they're two different things

Kitsune- "fox", used here to describe Neighpon's diamond dog equivalent species

Bake-Neko- "ghost cat"- think the Felyne from monster hunter

Mejiro- "White Eye"

Tsuchigumo- a type of giant spider

Nīsan and Onēsan- Big Brother and Big Sister

Chīsaki- "Little One"

Kappa- a turtle-like aquatic troll

4363439 Big Sister, meaning Hope

4363464 Well, changelings are japanese, so i'm sorry

Using characters from Maternal Instincts? I find it interesting how some authors will borrow or share characters to expand the personalities of said characters. Even adding continuity to stories.

4365157 I still gave proper credit, and while this is not in the same continuity as Maternal Instinct, that fic was a huge inspiration:twilightsmile:

4365505 I saw you give credit to the original author, I just love when they expand stories in that manner. Increasing their characters & how cleverly they work it to fit a continuation with the original story.

I love it. That's all.

4378452 oh.

I'm going to have fun writing about Chisaki's pursuit of Spike, and how Spike... just really doesn't notice:rainbowlaugh:

4378456 One sided romance makes for REALLY good comedy :ajsmug:

4380229 yes.

then there's the romance between Hope and Red, but that's less comedy, more actual romance

4380516 So, favorite character so far?

Well that was............ SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPA!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


Or as we Americans would say, super!


4415329 this was your standard comedy chapter. plus fleshing out Hope's character.

4415333 yay. does this mean I've gotta save Twi from a pissed off ape? and Hope sees it?

4415362 No. It means you awkwardly asking Hope out on a date

YOU MANIAC!! YOU WROTE IT UP!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!! WELL DONE YOU TO HECK!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Moshi sensei wa, anata ga sore o shitte iru sainō aru?

4425799 Translation: You sir are a talent you know that?

4425847 thank you:twilightsmile:

Hope no one minds the sudden change from 'Everyone" to "Teen"

This is a fascinating look into your head cannon.......... Also when is Nyx gonna play a bigger role?!

And do you think Nyx should count as an OC since technically she IS Nightmare Moon? A heavily altered version of Nightmare Moon, but Nightmare Moon nonetheless

4466652 *Shrug* and no, she's not going to play a bigger role

4467340 Meh, I gave you Swedish-speaking reindeer and a Korean ape.

I imagine one of those pranks was Chryssie turns into Cadence, and both are laying seductively?

4466652 she IS an OC, that's why she counts as one.

Totally radical dude! I'm in a 90's mood :pinkiecrazy:

4496195 But Nyx stories tend to include the NMM character tag

Well, never got to follow this one:ajsleepy:
Then again i also enjoy a complete story.
Awesome work.
I will look forward to the sequel.
BTW i freaking loved the swedish reindeer:pinkiehappy:

Which language is this Ib'xian based on? Korean? Mongolian? Manchu? Perhaps one of the Siberian languages?

This concept of Equestria's world having its own versions of earth nations is fascinating.

And now we have Pony Gaelic! This is great!

Um...was Ib'xan based on Malay, Indonesian, or some other language from that archipelago? Other than Sumatra there are no apes in Asia, so that's probably where Xing Xing is from. But it didn't look like an Austronesian language.

4745291 Korean, but the Xing Xing is actually from Japanese/Chinese lore

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