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Enjoy-er of comedy, liker of Human X Pony (and Human X Anthro), and lover of the most heinous of all fetishes: mutual enjoyment of consent sex!

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Before I decide whether to read this or not, can you disclose if this "sexual fantasy" has anything to do with fetishes? And if so, which ones. Better safe than sorry, you understand.

This story is hot as hell. I love the characterization of Celestia sexually experimenting with her boyfriend and having a warm, equal relationship. Most clopfics with Celestia portray her as Molestia at worst or as a VERY experienced mare in sexual matters at best. This, on the other hand, show Celstia wanting to try something new with somebody she trusts, so it's a refreshing change. Good job on the stories.
P.S: I love the other clopfics of Celestia, so don't take my comments as insulting to the other artists.

This, is actually decent, and show a nice cliffhanger. We don't see often a roleplay a student and teacher format. Good job.

Are you a mmmmhhhhhh bitch mmmmhhh who like bananas?

A fair question.

Sexual fantasy/role-play is when two consent adult act out a particular fetish 'scenario' that would otherwise be questionable or just plain wrong if it happened in real life. Sometimes this takes place as a 'rape-play', where one person attempts to run away and struggle against their partner who is attempting to 'rape' them. It's obvious not actual rape since the two have consented to the act and even setup a safe word that if said, the other partner stops the entire thing. The two simply enjoy the fake sensation of danger/excitement from acting out ones fetish.

In this case it's the role-play of the Student/Teacher. And teacher 'blackmail's the student into doing sexual favors for him 'against her will'. Of course it's all fake, and all it takes is for either person to say the safe word if things go too far for them. If the idea of the fake they are acting this out, or the idea of an aggressive male forcing a female to do sexual favors (even though its consent and she's into it) isn't your thing, you may want to give this a pass.

Yes, I could have simply made some sort of alternate universe where Celestia is a student and a human teacher takes advantage of her without the role-play element to it, but then I couldn't have the same ending. There's nothing wrong with actual rape fics for those who are into that kind of stuff, but I wanted to make a fic with a human helping out the princess of the sun with her little dark dream of pretending to be a student who gets hit on by her teacher. :trollestia:

Good show I must say. I kinda was hoping for Luna to walk into the mess and ruin the moment for them. But overall it was a real good read. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

This was quite enjoyable, I must say. The entire setup was quite exciting, and he way it played out was even better. I'm honestly hoping for more stories with this couple specifically, as they explore other roleplay scenarios, maybe some suggested by the male too?

5062553 Ruin? As in not join in/support the role play in some way?:rainbowhuh:

will there be a second chapter?

He can be the cheerleader!

Dear Twifan.

Me : Huh, well this dosn't seem so bad, id anything, this is sorta cute I suppose. Wait hold on a tick...what's in the bag then...Oh...oh boy here we go.

Well this was...a decent read. I'm not usually one for oneshots but I have to say, this one was worth my time.

Sincerely Yours, The Cake Devil.

dude this was epic.

sequel please. :fluttershysad:

I’ll do anything

Why is "anything" yellow? I know it's to punctuate, but why yellow? Why not make it bold?
This is going to bug me for the rest of the story.
Back to reading!:twilightsmile:

Fairly well done. A couple tense-shifts in the beginning and definitely needs a second pass through an editor. There's also a double-space between the sex scene and the build-up that I'm not sure is trying to be a transition or just an extra space.:unsuresweetie: Should have it sent by a pair of eyes that won't clop to this, so that they actually catch the errors instead of enjoying the words.:eeyup:

It's a possibility for the future. I do feel the need to add more stories of long time couples trying to spice up their love life again (the Cakes need more love I feel), but for now I've got that list of stories I want to complete first and then complete Harsh Lift for those who are waiting.

I think Ragefree is suggesting Luna stumble into the school wondering why there are so many magical wards around it and all the windows covered up to find her sister dressed up like a schoolfilly with all that has happened and be horrified. Because her sister is dressed up like a schoolfilly. What kind of sicko does that to her?

As Celestia pointed out at the end, not many ponies like the idea of role-play. Especially of the one dealing with dressing up and pretending to be a 'child/young adult'. Celestia may not have shared her exotic dream/wish with Luna, and possible may have been hurt previously for sharing it with someone else she felt close who took it the wrong way. But she took a chance with her human and in the end it paid off for her.

I did quite a bit of bold through the story already that I wanted to make that particular word stood out. The reason I wanted the word to stand out comes from the line before she said it, and what follows after she said it. I thought of yellow = gold and make it the 'golden word', but perhaps I should have made the entire word rainbow colored instead... :unsuresweetie:

So…an entire planet REYECT the idea of role play and think its weird? Ok…I just wonder…if they are all against it…how they know about it?

Also is interest how he kind of wish he was the want to be discipline and end up being the one imparting the punishment in the end, usually one would think is the other way around.

But it was a nice chapter and a very touching seeing him trying his best to be a good lover to her. Something tell me their role play will involve Celestia wanting to be spank more often, if her statement when he use his palm is any indication…makes sense consider her position.

Now I kind of wonder what ideas the human will had, I imagine he will think in something where he is dominated again if he enjoy it that much…or maybe try something more risky and tell Celestia he want to try something but is scare of telling her,

Ps: Do you still had no idea how to continue 'why the sun goddess need sunscreen? I really wish to know how the human will get her back

“You know, we still have this school to ourselves for a little while. Want to try it again by heading to the locker room showers? We could do a bit of role play of ‘the naive cheerleader showering and the horny student spying.’”

I like the sound of this.

Love anthro stories so I'll definitely be reading this.:eeyup:

My profile pic and steam name decides otherwise :raritywink:

I would so go for that last RP, I would be the spy.:ajsmug::twilightblush::raritywink:

I want anon to be the cheerleader. This must be the true way.

Of course you do, because It has Celestia in it.... and it has celestia getting [THINK OF THE CHILDERN].... and it's a human [THINK OF THE CHILDERN] Celestia

Well...I know where this errection came from. This story was so sexy and well written that it totally deserves a sequel.

You looked to see Celestia’s magical multicolored tail wrap itself around your waste.

I believe this should be corrected.

To answer the first part, the ponies aren't against role-play as a whole itself, but when it gets into the sexual stuff they feel incredibly uncomfortable. Ponies think that what other ponies pretend to be is what they wish the could be. As such, when doing a role-play of say a boss and his secretary, other ponies think that the boss stallion wants to rape/have an affair with his secretary in real life, and/or the mare wants to be a secretary so that she can have an affair/be taken advantage of by her boss.

As such, when Celestia asks a stallion to do this role-play, most stallions screamed "I don't want to be a pedophile!" and rush out the door, forever questioning Celestia's taste in a partner. There are some people in real life that take a persons fantasy far too seriously.

As for the 'why the sun goddess need sunscreen', I have the an idea for the mature version of the sequel but still working on the details to make the Teen version feel just right. It can't just be any old prank after all.

Heh, you just caught it the moment before I saved the changes to the story. :pinkiecrazy: Sorry about that.

Oh that answer my question and peeks my curiosity, thank you I can't wait for when is ready.

And I hope this might had possible sequels at some point

5065514 maybe there is a sequel because of the ending

Just read description I was like oh god and oh yes at the same time

M0AR CHAPTERS :pinkiecrazy: I WANT M00000000ARRRR!!! :flutterrage:

That was pretty damn good. You've improved since Harsh Lift.

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blue and white.... of course it's blue and white. i mean, it isn't as if there are any colors to choose from right? no, but seriously what the hell is up with schoolgirls and that particular coloration. there's some reason for that, i know it, but i just don't know what.
btw that isn't a critic on your story, just something i noticed and i always wondered about.

Anyways great story and ponies really are weird. oh well it's their loss^^

It's great to see another good Anthro writer out here, especially in the featured list. (Anthro doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should.:twilightsheepish:) Congrats on the feature and good job on the story. Keep up the good work.

It's good to know I'm actually getting better at this, as I can't really tell from the writing end. Hopefully that will mean that when I get back to finishing Harsh Lift I'll be able to make chapters worthy of the 700+ votes it has gotten.


It's great to see another good Anthro writer out here, especially in the featured list. (Anthro doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should.

*stares in disbelief*

Are you BLIND? Every single day there's 2nd person/anthro clop in the feature box. Or in the new stories list. Or in the updated list. Or the popular box. It has nothing but attention.

Oh, *wait*. It's you. :P Never mind, carry on.


I'm really only on sparingly, despite my last blog post my motivation is dying very quickly. And what do you mean "oh wait, its you. carry on"?


Because you're an an anthro author. And since you're on deployment often, you probably don't spend as much time on this crazy site as I do. I probably see a lot more anthro scroll past.


Yes, you are getting better. That's very good. Don't stop writing!

Guess who's got four hooves and made the Top 10 stories on the home page? It's you.

Good story mate.
Even got a few chuckles out of me, not something I do often. :twilightsmile:


Very nice indeed!

~Skeeter The Lurker

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5062337 Wooo! Rape play!

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