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Vinyl knew she loved him from the time she was very small...

And she knew it was wrong.
They had grown up together.
He was like a brother to her.

But she still loved him,
And it wasn't supposed to be that way...

But that didn't make it hurt any less.

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This...is...beautiful :,(

That was... curious.


It's probably obvious/easy to look up, but clarification?

Needs the "Sad" tag. :pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

It's official. I think Sassaflash is stupid:derpytongue2:

That was the first fic i have read where Vinyl isn't in love with Octavia.
Good originality!:pinkiehappy:

It is a foolish being who falls in love for in all of its terrible beauty it blinds us to the things we would otherwise see and when it is ripped away our eyes are beholden to the monster we have so idiotically given ourselves over to. Love hurts, love kills, it forces us to perform insane and vile acts in its name and in the end it is all for naught for it be a work of man, a fleeting concept derived by the mind of the most oxymoronic species for the earth to have had the displeasure of being walked upon by to describe what is in actuality a biological drive to continue the bloodline. The fact that you have managed to capture this in such few words as this piece astounds me, you have my respect.

Smashing Face against Mirror.
Vinyl:“Oh… right. Yea, that.”.
isn't like that hurts?
butt the story is still good

I never thought I could cry to these kinds of stories. Now I know I can.

What is the definition of 'heartbreak'?

Oh, never-mind, this story defines it perfectly.

4721276 Have you never cut yourself and wondered later "how did that happen"?
I imagine it's something like that.

Love, one hell of a drug. Apparently the only thing that comes close to it is Cocaine.

.....wow........you managed to give a 2,223 word definition of unrequited love :rainbowderp:

Wow. This is just... I love it. This story deserves a lot more praise than it's getting.

Vinyl invited Neon + Sassaflash out, even though she knew it wouldn't be healthy for her...
The irony. In a smaller way, I read this, even though I knew it wouldn't be healthy for me. :pinkiesad2:

Is it weird to have a tear or two stroll down your face while reading this?:fluttercry: :rainbowderp:

Such a sad story. :fluttercry:

I haven't personally tried it, but my frend hav. If falling in love drugged (In this case, with Cocaine) it should give you the best feeling in the world.:heart:
Well.. my love life suck :pinkiesad2: so I'll just stick to Cocaine:pinkiehappy:

4728272 :rainbowlaugh: you've got the right idea.

This poor, poor girl. No first hand experience but who doesn't have some old crushes who have gone and gotten married? I do hope Vinyl doesn't start something with Octy just because she's lonely, that won't end well for anyone.

Well damn. Consumed by invidia. :fluttershysad:

4725436 well i did it so i think its normal

4728272 The feels will envelop you!

Well I can finally say I semi-fully understand something! Although in this case I don't believe it's a good thing.... While it is the cruelest most unsatiable man-made disaster known to this earth and maybe universe. It sure as fuck feels good, almost like heroin or crack. (As previously mentioned)

I wonder, if love is akin to a drug should the human race be charged with distribution and possession?


Ow... my heart.

I'm not supposed to be in this much emotional anguish. :fluttershbad:

Good on ya, mate.

I think the tea being her preferred self pity drink, seems like her honestly. Very well thought out. I got the feels too lol. But I noticed maybe two small grammar errors, perhaps recheck it.

This was easy to read, I actually wanted to read it, unlike some of the other stories I have been trying to check out recently lol.

Holy s***. I have never been so captivated by a Vinyl fic and damn. You did an amazing job.

Damn... Done in by a graphics card company...

Probably one of the best short fics I've ever read. The pacing manages to be fantastic, taking you from a young Vinyl, whose heartstrings are just starting to be tugged, to present day Vinyl, who, as we find out, feels just as strong - if not stronger - for Neon as she did when she first fell in love. While the story could have very easily been dragged out (I personally think that Sassaflash should have been given a bit more character, and Vinyl's career should have been talked about), it still gives just the right amount of information at the right pace to keep you focused throughout the whole fic. I also like how the ending is left up for interpretation. You don't really know what happens next, only that Vinyl didn't get what she so desperately wanted. However, the main conflict is resolved, albeit very sadly (Vinyl ends up smashing a mirror when she realizes she'll never have him), so the main plot is concluded. To summarize, this fiction takes you on a short trip through the turmoil that is Vinyl's obsession with Neon Lights, and the effect it has on her when it ends in woe.

I give this story a strong recommendation. It is definitely worth it, especially because of it's big impact and short read time.

The one, and possibly only problem with being a tech-head. You often don't realize you've been injured until later (Cites scars from crossing 110V house-current across hand, wire-cutters nipping the tip of fingers, enough wire bits in fingertips to short-circuit a battery, row of scars across hand from who-knows-what, currently bleeding knuckle from who-knows-what, etc...)

At least Vinyl's gonna have a wicked scar to brag about (though obviously she can't use the mirror story. Knife fight maybe?)

4738954 well that is " nvidia "
Though you could say she fell apart do to an aftermarket exhaust company :rainbowlaugh:


What is this "Invidia" ?

In Latin, invidia is the sense of envy or jealousy, a "looking upon" associated with the evil eye, from invidere, "to look against, to look at in a hostile manner."[1] Invidia ("Envy") is one of the Seven Deadly Sins in Christian belief.

Invidia is also the Roman name for the ancient Greek goddess, Nemesis.


4744255 Thank you for that

Sweet Celestia! That was beautiful!

>copies quote<

W-well damn... Ow. Invidia... I just don't know what to say... Good, definitely:
Oh, and I'm sorry... There were 222 likes, and I just had to like it. :applecry:

make a squall now i all most cryied the quote is wrong love never dies only waits to be reignited

Make a new chapter ware vinal starts moving on and falls in love with tavi and after that neon start loving vinal more than his wife and he starts getting out of order and then it's vary apparent the tavi and vinal love each other and neon goes thou what vinal went thou

This hurts and makes me feel bad and dammit have an upvote.

5280876 ITS VINYL not vinal VINYL

Should have tagged it sad.made me cry.

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