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The Crusaders are discussing their next crusade when their fellow classmate, Rumble, asks them for some help. Apparently, his older brother, Thunderlane, has been acting really strangely: going out without saying where to, coming home late, and the strange smell of apples coming off of him whenever he does... And it turns out, Apple Bloom has been noticing some strange things going on with Applejack, who has been doing the same thing!

But, when following the two ponies, they're surprised to find out they're... Dating?!

Gift to my wonderful follower, Azure_Shadow, for his birthday! I hope you like it!

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This is the greatest birthday present I've gotten all day! Thanks a bunch Hamrony! It means a lot!!:yay: Also, Thunderjack is a really good sounding ship isn't it? That's why it's my OTP!!! I'd be all for another story too.:rainbowkiss:

On a different note, I finished writing my Sombra and Tirek one shot!! Hopefully it'll be out by the end of the day!!

This is going to be featured.

"Uh..." Apple Bloom put her hooves to her temples as she screwed her eyes shut in concentration. "It's Sapphire Shores and she's here to make ya a back-up dancer for her upcoming tour!"

Scootaloo hurriedly dashed to the door and swung it open. "Hey, Sapphire-- Huh, Rumble? What are you doing here?"

Ha! :rainbowlaugh:

Great story. I can not wait for more!

Ever thought of continuing this story ?

And everyone gets a ship except Applebloom.:applecry:
Thunderjack, HO!:ajsmug:

That's another story to be done, dear commenter.

4587549 Yes......yes.....YES!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Adorable and I hope to see more!


AWESOME! I can't wait for more!

See, it's this kind of thing that makes me want to have my birthday online. Then again, no one cares enough to give me presents, so the point is really moot.

Very nice story. I dunno how to describe why I think it's nice, but I do.

Have you started on person finding Pinkie?

Kind of fell apart at the end there. Everyone got ADD and went into another story line. Wasn't too convinced on why they kept it secret either. Oh no Big Mac will laugh, on no my coworkers will talk. :facehoof: Applebloom was mad for like no real reason.

Peeing in the flower vase was the best part, and I will give an upvote for that.

this story is good. Plus minecraft is mentioned, and I like stories that mention things that I like.

I like to imagine that all of this takes place in the same universe as the SombraPie fics. :pinkiegasp: We can call it.......THE UNIVERSE OF HARMONY! :twilightsheepish:

There need to be more Thunderjack stories

4588539 Yes, there must be much more.:pinkiecrazy:

"Now we play the waiting game."

Waiting game sucks, let's play 'Hungry Hungry Hippos'. :twistnerd:

Great fic, friend. Lots of d'aww, pitch perfect dialogue, and enough little ship teases that it makes my heart melt. :ajsmug:

AJ and Thunderlane? Don't think I've seen that paring before.

What'd I tell you.
Featured. :)

I've only heard 2 stories so far that's applejackxthunderlane and I do like the ship lol more stories like that! :D like maybe you can do one on how they met :ajsmug:

4589310 it's been done only a few times, but each fic is perfect!!:rainbowkiss:

I was not a particularly big ThunderJack fan, but I must say, I love this pairing in this story - I am definitely going to look for more fics regardign this pairing, and I really liked this one :D I can see how it made it's way to the feature box.

Aww, this was really cute. The dialogue was great, and you've really got me liking all these ships. :twilightsmile:

Thunderjack is now best ship!!!

Edit: second to fluttercord

We'll get around faster if we're bother flapping our wings.

if we're both flapping...

Small typo, a little disjointed in bringing up the plot advancement, especially near the end, when everything became separate storylines and other things irrelevant to the fic came up.:unsuresweetie:

I don't really get why Apple Bloom and Rumble get so upset about it, like, almost as if their siblings were somehow breaking their hearts. I don't feel like they were really justified in their anger, but aside from that, it's...something.:applejackunsure:
~Dash The Stampede

Cute. *adds to reading list*

Aw. I liked that.

Both the original story and the sequel in the featured box at the same time?

Isn't there, like, a law against that?

I didn't really feel any romance reading this, there was a little bit between Rumble and Scootaloo, so that was alright. I will read the next one tonight, big fan of RumbleLoo.
I don't think you needed the Romance Tag, but it was nice.

Thumbs up! :heart:

I've never been so angry with Applejack.

Applejack, I am disappoint. :ajsleepy:

Scootaloo, YOU GO GIRL! :scootangel:

This story was pretty sweet. And cool.

As to Sweetie, I can only say:

Wow, I'm legit surprised I haven't read this till now! Nice ButtonBelle, legit Rumbloo, and some really nice ThunderJack! I will now read the follow up.

good story

stay classy:moustache:

"But I don't wanna do anything..." Scootaloo whined as she rolled onto her side, "But I also don't wanna not do anything..."

I know exactly how she feels.

Well, that was... interesting. I feel like there should be a lot more to it, though. Once this story was all said and done, I only came away with one thought: it was about a ship I'd never seen before. Yeah... that's about it.

Came here because of your other story and Rumbloo has been growing on me lately for some reason. Not a bad fic but it doesn't seem as polished as some of your other stuff. I do like that the kids seem pretty genuine in their childishness. Hmm... perhaps not the best way to put it as that has negative connotations. I mean that they have a certain imaginative naivete that seems genuine and I liked that. It didn't have the kinds of moments I expect from a shipfic though. Basically we as the audience are double voyeurs, we're just watching the CMC as they watch a ship so I guess the layer of separation there sort of pushes me out of the story.

4591247 Slice of life doesn't have to be overly unified, after all aren't most people's day-to-day lives a series of comings and goings and odds and ends? Yet I agree that this seems to have been going in a few different directions at once without really wrapping up anything. I feel like I stepped into the middle chapter of a longer work but I don't have the context to really get the impact of this fully.

4587395 That is one of the greatest ship names ever... I still haven't seen a fic of it I really like but that is a darn good name. Since it was made as a a gift to you the most important thing would be that you and the author like it. ... THUNDERJACK ... Huh... You know a name that good has got to have some good comics or something lying around somewhere. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for giving me a new ship to think about.

Well, well, well, Thunderlane and Applejack....and I like it!

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