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Only a week has passed since Princess Luna has returned and she feels she is ready to handle the Dreamscape once more. Unfortunately for the Princess of the Night, she wanders into one dream too many and ends up having to play therapist for an uncouth unicorn named Lyra Heartstrings.

[Sex tag is for one scene]

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So, Luna uses Eagle Vision to find nightmares in the dreamscape. I approve. Good story. :pinkiehappy:

This was truly grand

But... Why? Why would Luna, who craved adoration of her subjects above all else including her life, be so strictly opposed to sexual fantasies about her?

A valid question. Primarily it's because she feels violated. Yes, Luna wants her subjects adoration/acceptance/love, but she doesn't want to be an object of sexual lust. That isn't real love. So when she finds that's how somepony views her, it makes her uncomfortable.

A nice piece. Good relations with Luna and Celestia, and nice relationship progress with Lyra and Bon Bon. A pleasant read.

Just watch the "Your"-s and "You're"-s. You got a number of them backwards, especially towards the end.

That was pretty good.

Story was very cool, i loved Luna's methods of managing the dreamscape. And Lyra is always a hoot :rainbowlaugh:

Have a like, fave, follow & :moustache:

Vinyl's shenanigans however... NOT cool. Bad Vinyl! :twilightangry2:

She had just re-created Canterlot from memory. If everything was exactly as she had instructed the Dreamscape, every orb should be floating in the bedroom of the pony experiencing the dream.

... that's actually very useful.

And a colossal invasion of privacy, really, especially if she can connect dreams to owners. I mean, sure - she can walk into a dream and see who the owner is, but maybe she doesn't know them all personally, yeah? Still, being able to map a dreamer to a physical location? That's bad.

And, like I said, useful at the same time. If there's an emergency, she can actually use that information to physically help.

I suppose it's all down to trust, isn't it...

The pony was a filly named Firelock.

Okay, now that I'd probably have a huge problem with, considering my views on privacy. I know she tries to help, and probably succeeds most of the time, but... I don't know. An issue of trust. There's nopony to check up on what she does, she's the final authority.

Then again, I wouldn't really much like the general state of political affairs in Equestria, either...

Oh this needs a short sequel. I want to see Lyra trip over her own words! I demand it! ;D

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