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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.


Celestia's personal assistant, Pinwheel, wishes she could find a way to get the Princess to relax at the end of a stressful day. She's even found the perfect pony to help. Help Celestia, that is. Because it doesn't seem to help Pinwheel at all.

Third-place winner of the /fic/ write-off "Beneath the Mask."

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Thanks to Themaskedferret for giving me feedback on the previous draft.

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Comments ( 38 )

You drew me in with an interesting premise, and hooked me once I began reading. I enjoyed the characterization and dialogue quite a lot in this story, as the interaction between the characters was natural and brilliant. Excellent work! :twilightsmile:

As for the title, correct me if I'm wrong, but the double meaning is that a court musician is a composer or musician in the service of royalty, such as a princess. The other meaning, I assume, has to do with how the word court can mean becoming romantically involved with someone, hence the romantic elements in the story. At least that's what I think the double meaning is, so I apologize if I'm way off. Either way, I loved reading this.

5502242 Yes, that's the double meaning. At one point, Pinwheel thought Celestia was courting the musician.

5502253 Yeah, I liked that scene a lot when I read it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us. I'm curious as to what kinds of stories you'll write next. :twilightsmile:

Man, for some reason I thought this was the OTHER court musician story, where Lyra murders Luna. I think that already was posted, though.

Still, yay! I remember reading this story a while ago on the write-off site, going to see what you did with it. :twilightsmile:

I didn't catch the double meaning until the author's note. Well played :twilightsmile:



If the weird old quote:

That compares writing about music to dancing about architecture is true, well, then, I've gotta say that you dance divinely. :twilightsmile:


...I swear when I saw the name Pinwheel I thought about the one from Dark Souls...

Pascoite, I'll keep this simple: this was truly beautiful.

As a student of music and adorer of romance, this was not only interesting but also a lovely portrayal of how Celestia thinks and acts and takes care of her little, mortal ponies. As I said to another friend of mine elsewhere, the Celestia you've shown here is the one that lives in my head.

Thank you, and may you find the love you need, especially if it's right under your nose :trollestia;

Light and laughter,


Thank you, and may you find the love you need, especially if it's right under your nose.

No need to hope. I've been married for over 15 years.

This is very well done! Sweet, romantic without being sappy. And a good lesson too!

In fact, probably the only issue is:

“Or me,” Octavia added hastily, even more color draining from her face. “Oh! Y-you must have thought—Pinwheel, I have a coltfriend. I wasn’t trying to…”

Ohhh, now you'll have to deal with the legion of Vinyl-Octavia shippers beating down your door. :rainbowlaugh:

Good to know, and congratulations!

Of course, sometimes even in such wonderful situations we become accustomed to how good we have it. Not that you need it, but I can't help but throw the occasional reminder out.

Life is good. May it ever be so.

Light and laughter,

Comment posted by Kobitsu deleted Jan 14th, 2015

A good read and one I will likely come back to read again. Celestia was written very well, and I really can sympathize with Pinwheel; makes it even more satisfying that she gets a happy ending, with the stallion who was loyal and loved her. Now with him I can hope to empathize one day... Regardless, even Octavia was a great addition to this story. Thank you for writing it! Not to say Octavia is a bad pony! I adore her!

I reviewed this story. You can find my review of this story here.

This was a pretty good story, I am rather fond of how you managed to string it all together, and, well my Oma came from the Netherlands, so I kinda want to know, was that based on a real song at all?

Also, I might use witherlands in a story later... I mean, it's pretty brilliant.

Dunno why, but I first read "court mortician" when I saw the title. What a morbid mindset I have...

very well written. excellent . Kudos.

5507357 Both of those are real songs and were very popular around the 1500s.

The only thing I could think of was the curse of being old, songs we hear in our youth are half remembered while those around us have never heard them. And then you hear a few bars and you freeze in recognition. It happens to me a lot, there are a lot of old songs only a few remember. A good story, and thank you for writing it.

This was tremendous
I too have music in glass and can play it (though the best and favorite is on my lyre)

You know what would have been a really funny surprise twist? If you had written this like a goosebumps story where the author never describes the character until the end, and then you find out the monster has been the protagonist the whole time. So, instead of Octavia being a pony, she's this Octavia instead:

It makes my heart ache. :(

Well, I finished this story and was significantly impressed.
I read stories in the order that they appear. I do not pay too much attention to who wrote it.
However, as mentioned above, I was impressed enough to look at the name of the author.
Well, no surprise for the quality. It's you, again.

Sweet story. I feel so sad, cause i feel like Celestia has to do.this to ponies way more often then she would like.:fluttercry:

Wow great story. Not exactly what I was expecting going in, but I loved it all the more for that. :pinkiehappy:

Impromptu? Arranged? When Celestia got into pun mode…

I don't get it. I love puns, but I didn't see any way those could've been puns.

5729422 An "impromptu" is a type of musical work. The best known composer of them is probably Chopin. "Arranging" is a process by which someone takes music and decides how to split it up into parts for the different musicians.

Another fabulous story. I'm actually surprised at hew well you made the jealousy plot work.

I think you did a great job with characterization, its elegant in its presentation and I had a really good idea of what the characters were doing, perhaps with the exception of Celestia who probably has the best poker face in equestria so it doesn't seem off but rather that shes being like a diplomat.

Still I think you communicated how Celestia really considers things and her interactions with pinwheel are a treat.

I'm curious as to what was going through her head throughout this piece.

She was probably just hoping Pinwheel's infatuation would run its course, and when it hadn't, then just letting her down easy.

Or perhaps it was a test to see how hard Pinwheel was willing to work for it. Another one that got away...

Actually, in the first draft of the story, it was left ambiguous as to who she asked out, though it was implied to be Celestia.

I really enjoy stories that go into the relationship between the Princesses and those that work for them, and this one is done so very well.

You know there's a 3000 word difference between the chapter and the download links, yeah?

The original draft was the lower word count. I wrote it for a contest and put it up here unpublished to check word count and formatting, then revised and published it later. FiMFic's stats are broken, and they don't update word count once the chapter is published. knighty knows about it, but fixing it isn't a priority.

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