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What do you get when you mix three insane reviewers, a magical land designed for little girls, and a plot convenience so unoriginal and dumb that it makes Rob Liefeld's work look good? You get The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, and Angry Joe Power Hour of course!

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First off, Love the idea! I never watched Joe or Linkara too much, but NC has been with me through my childhood! :pinkiehappy:

But I do have to say that some things in your writing were off. There were simple mistakes made that should have been easy to find if you had pre-read your own story, especially since it's only like 1100 words long. Like putting "threw" when it should be "through" as repeating a clause in the same sentence. Also, too many unnecessary page breaks.

I did love the characters interactions and I thought they played well together. Good on that.

I do very much enjoy the concept and can't wait to see more! In fact, if you would let me, I would like to become a pre-reader for this story, to help you out with those errors I saw. I hope you take me up on the offer. :twilightsmile:

Thumbs up and favorited.

No spoony?:applecry:
But still might read it if NC is in it...:trixieshiftright:

I'm reading because it has Linkara in it, yes I like Linkara more then NC.


No Todd in the Shadows either. We need a music reviewer here, stat!

I wonder how Twilight will react to the Magic Gun. Especially if she learns its origin story.

I'm sorry sir but your genius is showing.


And finally someone has initiated the idea of Nostalgia Critic into an MLP fanfic. Never watched the others, but I must say that this should prove for an amusing and interesting story.

Man... I've been meaning to write this crossover for ages and here you go and beat me to it. Good on you sir!

Of course, you realize this means you have to finish it...

Seriously, give up and I'll hunt you down and gut you like a fish. Also, I recommend you take Pickle up on his offer.

While you portrayed the NC spot-on; Linkara seemed a little off to me, but I guess that's all up to personal preference. Even so, you made me laugh. I love all these guys and to see them paired up with ponies is like taking peanut butter and chocolate to make a resse cup. Nice job.

Must track...too hilarious not too....:pinkiecrazy:

Honestly I'm wondering which one of these guys will react (in a bad way) to this world in the least. Currently my money is on Linkara, somehow I think he could stand FIM alot more then the Critic or Joe...but let us see :rainbowwild:.

582155 Yeah that is all great and...Hail Hitler! [Shoots gun every direction.]

582329 .....:raritydespair: Nooooooooooooooooooooo! :raritycry: my precious bullets!

OMG!!!!! Nostalgia critic, Linkara, and angry Joe in an mlp fanfic?.... Ok 3 of my favorite reviewer on channel awesome.... are in this..... Ok this is in my watch later, favorites, and email updates. I cannot wait for the rest of this.

Just started reading the Angry Joe intro, and there's already a math-based error.
Best 100:150? Best of 150 is decided at 76, not 100.

Quick formula: Best of X = (X / 2) + 1 of X

Just finished reading, you have now been watched... crazy idea: get the three of them to help you write their characters. NC seems to be a bigger dick than usual.

It's good, it's good, but you know what it's missing? The glory that is THE SPOONY ONE!

582148 Hooray for the promotion! Thanks, but he hasn't replied yet.
582329 But they were going to kill the innocent dinosaurs! :fluttercry:

582063 Where? Don't look at me!
582458 Thanks for that!
582155 Pinkie, you're not the smartest!
Sweetie Belle, you're not an artist!

Anyone who's had a bad fanfic published

584462 It could be your turn!
It's a show!
It was meant for little girls?

Friendship is Magic, Rainbow Dash kicks ass
They has magic jewlery, Rainbow of Light Attack
This. show. is great.

584480 Someone should definitely sing this!

Well, the only half-decent equipment I have is a 3DS, but if I can still do that. As long as I don't try and match pitches to the real Linkara song it'll work. I know the rhythm by heart from watching so much of his awesome. *gets to it* I won't try the extended version, though you guys can still build into it.

should I use the end I wrote in #29, or the one you wrote in #28? cause mine is in the rhythm of the real thing

584495 Vincent did release a karaoke version. It's right here, just in case you need it.
If you can record it, send me a link!

Karaoke helps very much

Never mind, I'll just hassle something together.

584525 I can't change that one, or are you talking about the comment that says "MLP!
It's a show!
It was meant for little girls?"

Viewed by guys, why are they watching it?
Nightmare Moon, Discord, don't forget Chrysalis.
This. Show. Is. Great.
Do you mean like this or do you mean a different comment to be changed?

Forget it, I made it work with small changes in notepad. Now all I need is practice to make myself stop fading into the real song. xD

I have the vocs recorded now. I'd rather someone else mix them into the track though since all I have is an instrumental to the LONG version and we rewrote the standard.

I'll send the file with the vocs to any volunteer once they offer.

591453 Let's hope we get that volunteer soon!

This allblack video has my singing.
Lyrics used:
Welcome to My Little Pony, where Friendship is Magic
The mane six are gonna teach you all, how to avoid havoc
Pinkie, you're not the smartest!
Sweetie Belle, you're not an artist!
Anyone who's had a bad fanfic published
It could be your turn!
It is a show!
It's meant for little girls?
Friendship is Magic, and Rainbow Dash kicks ass
Spells, Changlings, Princesses and ducks
This. show. is great.

602412 That's pretty good singing! Much better then I can sing!

Honestly, I sound better live than through a mic. I just don't have any mics of quality I guess. *goes to Best Buy*

yo, amazing job for the first chapter. Joe, Lincara, and NC all are the leaders of their review category. AJ is a master at reviewing games. NC for movies. And Linkara for tearing Crappy comics to pieces. I look forward to seeing more. Keep goin and stay golden^^

605067 The next chapter should be uploaded either today or tomorrow.

Hey everypony, your fix of reviewers is back! After reading, check out this blog post! I'm certain you won't regret it! Also, feel free to tell me if there's any mistakes, or just something that can be fixed later on or in this chapter! I don't bite... most of the time. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, this sounds like an interesting story to review. I shall do so when it is finished. For now, I shall continue tracking.

A .mov reference. Well-played sir.

I was expecting a Twilight reference, but "Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle" was so much better!

I'm so faving this!

good story. now I have one thing to ask you arcadelords......SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE?!

I have one complaint. You really need to figure out the difference between 'then' and 'than'. I have seen that mistake a few times in this chapter and the previous one. 'Then' is when you are talking about a sequence of events 'first this happened then that happened' and 'than' is when you are comparing things 'this is bigger than that'. You also use 'than' in phrases like 'other than'. Get it? The more you know. Other than that I really like the story so far. I want to see some more because then I will be able to judge it better. It is great so far, so keep doing what you are doing and watch out for the mistake I mentioned previously.

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