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Everyday We Shufflin


Spike,Rainbow Dash, Pinkie pie and Fluttershy are out in the everfree forest to hoax a video. They soon recognize that they aren't alone in the Forest. Something is watching then. Something..... Deadly.

Just saying, this was the very first actual fanfiction I've ever made, so expect it to suck.

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Comments ( 88 )

Love it! :pinkiehappy:
but could you put some more details? besides that I love it!

1428682 i'll try. what type of details?

Dude, I freakin' LOVED this show! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I Agree more details :pinkiehappy: but still awesome
And yay you didn't kill off RD or Pinkie :rainbowdetermined2:

1433383 why would I kill off best pony? Or pinkie pie. And I just did this to pass the time I didn't try to put much effort into it. But y'know what? I'm ging to take a drink of punch every time someone tells me to put more effort into it. Why punch? Because I'm 12 and I shouldn't underage drink. To that and drinking is just plain wrong for a christian :scootangel: like me. Are you even still reading this? I'm not that intresting a person. I once watched gras grow. To Tuesday.

1437373 I think I once watched paint dry :ajbemused:
Rainbow Is BEST pony no doubt about that.
Ummm I like punch it's good :pinkiehappy: your quiet interesting
I can't think of anything else I'm just gonna zone out for a few minutes

1437745 oh btw i was using my tablet and it misspelled some of those things (most of them involving the word "to").

1438749 trying to get on BF3 but EA is down :twilightangry2:

love it like the tv show sotp on dude or girl what ever

1488999 ya, it was good, it was like the tv show

1488999 Oh I almost forgot I have a story called fort zomponys let me know what you think of it.

1489055 maybe why people dislike it becasue the show was going all 80s like on it but that what make the show funny or awsome

1489927 i mean come on it's just a show to make fun of

1489998 true day my friend... true dat.

Lost tapes was only made to tell people what if these creatures exist? 1 thing is for sure SOME OF THEM ARE REAL. The Hellhounds episode though. THAT ONE SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME. But still very good piece of work.

3044895 Bigfoot and the Yeti are real!

3045711 Exactly. And do you know who I am?

3045724 Then you shall die *throws knife at head*

3045727 *grabs my trusty gun and shoots the knife causing it to explode* Nice try

3045730 pfft. I'm THE Ultra nationalist leader Vladimir Makarov. Responsible for thousands of deaths in Moscow's Airport Massacre. So You shall die. *takes out machine gun and shoots the entire mag*

3045743 And I hunt shark for a living. So I am clearly better. *dodges*

3045744 I have Fluttershy as a hostage! Make one move and she dies.

3045756 Well, I've cost thousands of ponies their lives before sooo.

3045764 Okay then *shoots Fluttershy* alright... hm.... I know i stole the launch codes from the Russian president. I CAN NUKE YOU.

3045773 And you're just about to get stabbed.

3045776 lightning speed movements bro I can dodge your attacks.

3045786 Not my attacks *you get stabbed in the back*

3045790 О БОЖЕ Я HIT! Ты сын-* умирает *

3045801 Huh. I would've expected him to live longer.

3045811 LOL I didn't die bro I only die from being hanged! BY CAPTAIN PRICE! HA HA!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I have five fingers,
The middle one is for you!

3045821 .... I'm sick O dis shit *walks away8

3045897 alright then well if you seriously don't care how come you care enough to reply?

3045922 *stares* *starts walking away*

thank god I'm not the only one who thought of making this crossover

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