• Published 12th May 2012
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The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, and Angry Joe Power Hour! - CluelessDetective

A crossover with Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, and Angry Joe. Not meant to be taken seriously

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In the darkness of a Minnesotan apartment laid a man who's fought both robots and entities. A man who can survive monstrosities and come back (mostly) unscathed. A man who wears a purdy hat, and bought a magic gun!

Ring... Ring.. Ring... Beep!

"Hello?" The man asked, fighting back a yawn as he held his cell phone.

"Are you awake Linkara?" The other man on the phone asked.

"Nostalgia Critic? Why the hell are you calling at three in the morning!?!" Linkara yelled.

"Good to see that you're awake," The Nostalgia Critic said. "The reason why I called you is simple: you know that field that's near that hotel where we do crossovers?"

"Yes; why?" Linkara asked.

"Well, I need both you and Joe to come over there around noon," The Nostalgia Critic said.

"How am I going to get there? That place is in Phoenix, Arizona!" Linkara argued, clearly not amused by the call at so early hours.

"You could either drive there or take a plane." Answered The Nostalgia Critic.

"Will you be paying for my ticket?"

"Fuck no! Use your own money, you leech!" The Nostalgia Critic replied.

"Fine. I'll see you around noon." Said Linkara and ended the call.


Meanwhile in a house somewhere in Austin, Texas....

"Get some Joe!" a voiced yelled filled with triumph.

"GOD DAMMIT JOE! How do you keep beating me at this?" Yelled the second voice.

"It's simple Joe: you just suck at Skullgirls." Answered Joe.

"Best seventy-six out of one-fifty?" The second voice known as Other Joe asked.

"You're on!" Yelled Joe as he grabbed his controller, but then something stopped him...

Ring... Ring... Ring... Beep!

"Hello?" asked Joe.

"What's up Joe!" The voice on the cell said.

"What's up Critic!" Joe answered.

"You know that hotel we usually go to?"

"Of course! Why?" Joe asked.

"I need you to go to that field near it by noon," The Nostalgia Critic answered.

"If I don't?"

"You'll be fired."

"Fine. I'll go to it." Answered Joe.


"Yea. What's wrong?"

"It's just that Linkara was bitching about how to get there." Explained the Critic.

"I know how to get there. I'll see you at noon," Joe answered before hanging up.

"WULD.... NAH KEST!" Joe shouted, allowing him to travel at lightning speeds towards the hotel, leaving Other Joe in the dust.

The Nostalgia Critic smiled as he adjusted his cap looking around the field. It was decorated with fresh, green grass and tall, young oak trees.

He looked over at his watch as it read 11:59. They had one more minute to get over here, or else....

A lightning fast object smacked into the Nostalgia Critic, causing him to fall to the ground, along with the unconscious object: Angry Joe.

"Joe?" he asked, kicking the knocked out mass of flesh in the ribs.

"Sweet Jesus!" Joe yelled as he sprang up holding his ribs as he looked over to his assailant. "Asshole."

"Good to see that you're up," replied the Critic.

"Am I early?" asked Joe, looking around seeing only him and the Critic.

"You're on time," answered The Nostalgia Critic, "Shall we wait for Linkara?"

"Why not," said Joe as both he and The Nostalgia Critic stood next to each other, checking their surroundings, waiting for their comic book reviewing friend.

"What time is it?" Asked Joe.

"12:30." replied The Nostalgia Critic.

"How about now?"




"Why the hell is it taking him so-" Joe began, only to be stopped as an object collided into him, causing the Critic to point and laugh.

The object got up and revealed itself to be: Linkara!

Linkara stood, having a face of accomplishment...... that is until a fist connected with his face sending him to the ground. Linkara got up, rubbing his chin as he yelled, "What the hell was that for!"

The Nostalgia Critic rubbed his knuckles as he retorted, "That's for being TWO fucking hours late!"

"I had to go through traffic, airline security, and I had to take a taxi over here!"

"Is that supposed to make me forgive you?"

"Kinda, yea!"

"Well it doesn't!" Yelled The Nostalgia Critic as he walked over to Joe, promptly kicking him in the ribs once more, allowing Joe to get up and scream in pain.

"AGAIN?!? WHAT THE FUCK CRITIC!" Joe yelled as he held his side in pain.

"Now that both of you are here and awake," The Nostalgia Critic began, "the reason why I called you both is because of that!" he said as he pointed a finger to an ominous looking hole in the ground.

"What's that?" Joe asked as he peered down into the hole.

"I think it might be a portal." Said Linkara.

"I'll have to go with Linkara on this one, because when I went here to help set up a convention, I saw two kids, and when a ball they were playing with went in this hole, they went in to get it and they didn't come back." Said The Nostalgia Critic.

"So you want to save the kids?" Asked Joe.

"Fuck no! I just want to see where it leads!" Answered The Nostalgia Critic.

"If you guys are right, where do you think it will lead to?" Pondered Joe.

"Maybe to some alternate dimension." Answered Linkara.

"Maybe to something like Sodor." Said The Nostalgia Critic.

"Should we go in it?"

"You first!" Yelled The Nostalgia Critic as he pushed Joe into the portal, accompanied by his screams of terror.

"Geronimo!" yelled The Nostalgia Critic as he pushed both him and Linkara down into the hole.

As they flew downward, the world around them disappeared as they flew in blue space. The body of space around them soon grew dotted stars around them as they drew closer to another hole. Once they went threw it, the blue space and stars were gone as Joe hit the soil of the hard ground.

Once The Nostalgia Critic and Linkara landed, Joe was knocked unconscious by the force. The Nostalgia Critic was able to stand a little while longer then Joe as he, too, fell to the ground, knocked out. Linkara seemed to be the only one to hold his ground for a minute as he surveyed his surroundings.

Everything looks too cartoony to be real... Linkara thought as he fell to the ground.

As his vision darkened, Linkara could've sworn he saw a purple equine approach him and his friends as he faded to black.

Authors Notes: Hope you enjoyed that prologue for my most insane idea ever! Don't worry, you'll see them interact with the ponies next chapter.

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