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Loop D'Loop is a changeling who has tried her best to integrate into the small town of Liveryburg. She has friends, a job, and she's happy. Now more changelings are attacking the town, and she's going to have to find a way to save everyone without revealing that she's the same as the monsters they're afraid of.

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Sequel? (Sorry is I spelt it wrong :twilightblush:)

Yea its good story, sequel would be delightful.
Drop that story in few groups that for sure will give you more attention
Queen Chrysalis changeling swarm
changelings need love too
Or maybe
changelings are awesome
queen chrysalis feeding grounds

Best is to throw it to all of them ;)

This was a good read

Fun story. I liked it. :twilightsmile:

Sequel to this, where loop's secret comes out, how she was mare-do-well, and how she is a changeling.

Do it.

This is criminally under-rated. Loved it!

you seriously need to make more chapters to this

Halfway through, I forgot that Loop was supposed to be a girl. So when it got to the part where she's putting her disguise together and it said she had a dress...I was like...What? :derpyderp1: Then i was like OH! :facehoof:

That was a good story though

This is a very, very cool concept, and a pretty sweet origin story. It could really use some work in building an atmosphere, though. In the absence of any senses or vivid descriptions, the action scenes especially were little more than a list of steps that weren't as exciting as they could've been. In spite of that, I do believe Loop D'Loop just became one of my new favorite OC's. The Batman Beyond reference was pretty fun, too.

“How did you know I like to read those?” She asked, confused. Whoops. I think I was the only one who knew about Jet's embarrassing habit of reading soppy tragedies and crying while eating large volumes of chocolate. Instead of answering I pointed to the other ponies.

"I...didn't. I was making a quip."


Great story :pinkiehappy:

Something jumped out of the bushes behind Jetstream. “Look out!” I pointed, and the unicorn turned, face to face with a changeling.

I think you meant 'pegasus'

This was pretty brilliant! Great story. :)

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