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Part One of the Red Hoof Trilogy

It's been five long years since Snow Storm lost her brother, Frost Storm, to a street gang. Five years since she packed up and left Manehattan, searching for meaning or possible closure.

And now, she's back.

Thanks to an idea from Applejack, and years of rigorous training, she's returned to Manehatten as the Mare do Well. Now she'll have to draw the line between revenge and justice.

Co-Author: Artimae
Co-Author: Post Script
Coverart courtesy of the amazingly talented: Starryfish

Cape and Cowl Trope page

Chapters (8)
Comments ( 35 )

This is amazing. Definitely faving this! :rainbowkiss:

Oh, and I took the liberty of creating a TV Tropes page. :derpytongue2: It's very sparse, however. :twilightsheepish:

4910699 Thank you so much for doing this. When Arti and I began the project, I joked about how someday we might have a series with enough to it to warrant a TvTropes page, but it felt like a long term goal, at least for me. Oh, and I meant what I said about this being a series, too- we're already well into the planning stages of the next fic. I hope you enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Artimae deleted Aug 26th, 2014

You're welcome!

And I sure will! This is, honestly, the first "Mare Do Well is actually somepony and not just a ruse" story I've read, but this one definitely sets the bar high for any other ones I decide to read.

This may or may not be touchy, but have you guys thought about submitting this to EqD? It has impeccable grammar and fantastic world building; the only thing that could possibly hold it back is any biases the prereaders may have (and those, of course, you can't help).

I still have to sign up...

You guys have any particular chat?

Comment posted by Artimae deleted Aug 26th, 2014

It does default; I was just double-checking to see if you had your own IRC chat group within #fimfiction.

4911029 Oh god no, being an op in #fimfiction is enough chatrooms for me.

4910903 Might toss it EqD's way once the rest of the chapters are uploaded. Can't hurt to try.

Also Chat button at the right of the top bar. It should default to #fimfiction, under the IRCHighway. But yeah you'll need to register.

4910699 Much appreciated! Hop on in to the IRC if you ever wanna chat it up.

(Edit: Author comments edited into one to keep self-comments to a minimum)



4923677 It's incredible the things you miss when you stare at a pile of words for too long. Grazie.

De nada (I don't know Italian for "you're welcome").

4926279 Sometime today, though exactly when I'm not sure yet.

4924451 It's "Prego!" apparently.


Also, why'd you post three chapters at once?

4927192 I got tired of doing it once a day lol

Edit: It's been done for awhile, actually. Wrote the whole thing before even announcing its existence.

So I learned phulaké, the Greek word that Fulake comes from, is present in English... as anaphylactic shock. Etymology! @_@

Grammar is in tip-top shape.
Characters are uniquely introduced.
Dialogue seems rather expository between two guards with something of a brotherly relationship, but it serves its purpose of introducing plot elements well enough.

And would you know it, this crime-fighter fiction starts out slow and subtle, giving away nothing away of the deeper underworld or themes! That alone is gold.

There is something unusual about this story, having read the first two chapters...

While it is undoubtedly a superhero-vengeance tale, it decides to go further than that. What is remarkable is how much attention is given to breathing life into this version of Manehattan. The city's law enforcement, its day life, its night life, and all other manners are written with detail! The pacing is not all that bad either; I enjoy the different approach you are taking, author.

This genuinely feels like a new start for a complex character in a grand world.

I approve of these unscheduled street-level orange fights. Have a like and a ribbon:

This was one of those stories that I thought, this is gonna be good.
I was right.

This is quite good, and deserves much more praise than it's gotten. Good job.

“Well then, we better put on a good show just incase they show up again tomorrow! You don’t want to let your audience down, do you kid?”

A subtle smashing of the fourth wall, perhaps?

The synopsis makes it sound like it needs a dark tag. Why doesn't it have one?

Awesome beginning! I love the concept of Mare-Do-Well being a separate hero for equestria! ^^ Good job!

Comment posted by The Portal Passer deleted Sep 20th, 2016

i'm guessing that red hoof is like the red john of this story

If the main OCs in this trilogy were voiced, what would they sound like?

You know, I never really thought about that.

Bravo, you have hooked, line and sinker.

Really Prim?

Author Interviewer

I like this old lady. She's not your standard "too naive to realize she's helping a monster" kind of character. She knows he's dangerous, she just gets to see another side of him.

Author Interviewer

Dammit. That little shit!

Could someone please tell me who Red John is?

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