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That is to say, good story.

A nice story, finding comfort with each other in the endless loneliness.

Quite nice how you can seamlessly blend good story with clop. You've made me rethink both Celespike and mustard.

Indeed Mustard Is Best Pony:moustache:

Well that was hot. Even if it took, Eight thousand, Four hundred Seventy Two years!:twilightoops:
A Princess and a Dragon story fits Spike perfectly!:trollestia:

Hmm... Maybe that should be a folder in one or more of Spike's groups!:moustache::twilightsmile::trollestia:

P.S. Get that Romance tag in there!

That was good and hot as hell. The right amount of feels and clop

8472 years of abstinence for Spike, or at least a few years. Oh my :twilightsheepish:


Almost nine thousands of years waiting to fuck a godess? Worth....


Mustard, you magnificent, tangy, yellow plastic covered bastard, that right there was as golden as you are!
Great story have a mustache :moustache:

GREAT SUCCESS!:moustache::heart::trollestia:

More, I demand more.

Great story! I firmly believe in "Celestia is the Mommy of Spike" but that doesn't mean I wont enjoy a good SpikeLestia fic, and damn, this is an awesome one.

Lovely story, filled with detains that seem to chip away at the soul, I feel like I want to cry, but I also feel as if I lack the ability to. The thought of just waiting, waiting for something to happen, it fills me with dread. This feels like the perfect representation of immortality. I could understand and feel the weakness of Celestia's heart. I could feel the depression of the ever-eternal ruler, standing loyally by her nation's side clinging onto that non-existent hope with Spike. The ever-nagging curiosity of what happened to Candance, Luna, and Twilight, whilst holding the knowledge that they will never find out.

This story is so sad; it sparks sympathy in it's readers. I want to say that it hurts so good, but even the vague contradictory statement like that is not enough to describe the conflict in my heart.

I just hope it doesn't take 8472 years for the author to decide to continue this heartfelt relationship that spawns in a world of darkness and emptiness.

Never before have I cried from three eyes at the same time.

Bravo my good fellow. Bravo:twilightsmile::moustache::moustache:

I read this "Equestria lays wasted" and I fell off my bed with LOLS! :rainbowlaugh:

Ya know besides the fact that this was a clopfic, I could not help but cry at the parts in which Equestria was left in a state of decay. I could in my mind picture the two of them ( in either human or regular forms ) standing at the balcony wearing their old and tarnished yet well-kept uniforms looking onto the world that remains.

ok, now i want one with luna and twilight on the other side of the mirror. what did THEY get up to?

Damn. I wonder if they can repopulate the world with Alicorn Dragon Hybrids. Adam and Eve for a new world/age.

This is a masterpiece! Completely tops all my romantic clop story's.. Wish I could write such art as you. 10/10.

And then she woke up. Spike never understood why it only ever seemed to be around him that Celestia blushed. Twilight never understood why Luna had brought her and Cadance to see that dream. That day forward however, Twilight spent all of her free time teaching Spike everything she could think of. Spike found himself called to the Crystal Empire often, he didn't mind as he liked seeing Shining armor and Cadance, but he couldn't help but feel like he was being prepared for something.


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