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Everyone knows Pinkie Pie throws the best parties. The volume goes up, the drinks go down, and everypony enjoys themselves as they let the fun take over. Even Rarity let's her grace and etiquette slide for a time to party with her friends! But after a few too many the night before, she awakes to find a suitor shares her bed. This guest, however, is far more important than even she had expected.

Another short fic. This was more of a crack pairing at the time of writing! A bit saucy, so read with caution!

By the way, the date this was written was before Season 2 had even truly started. You may have to revert to get into that pre-canon-Luna mindset. XD

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First comment...
all I have to say is this is the birth of a new pairing... or this is at least the first time I have seen it.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

And a triple-pairing - TwiLunaShy.

I loved this one.

356646 the pairing isnt new from the episode were rarity kissed the celestias leg like a maniac it became alot more popular although not many art made it to big sites like eqd

Excellent. Just excellent. Haven't seen this pairing before, and I don't know why not!

"Luna went home with Twilight last night. And so did Fluttershy"

I went all "D'awwwwww" during this entire fic.

It did get a bit repetitive at the end of some paragraphs, thats just criticism.
It was very well written with few grammar and spelling errors. And could it be? Someone finally made a Celestia x Rarity!:pinkiehappy:
All of my happy!

awsome, also...
i whant moar of this like what will happend to all of them the next day or the future.
i just hate it when stories end up like this leaving unawnserd questions.

nicely written. hmm Celestity? Raritia? Rarelestia?

Great story and:
"Luna went home with Twilght last night. And so did Fluttershy."


I just realized how appropriate Bill & Ted's band name is for this fandom.


Wyld Stallyns Rule

Also, on an almost completely unrelated note, I just now decided that any Applejack/Rainbow Dash/Pinkie Pie threesome ships will be called "Rainbow Apple Pie" at least until a better name is found.

357082 I'd say Rarlestia sounds like the best fit.

Very nice! Also love the pairing :pinkiehappy:

Really funny story! I wonder if you could do a second chapter.....hmmmm... based around 'Luna went home with Twilght last night. And so did Fluttershy' ?

357090 INDEED.:eeyup: Also, the author probably watched this.

You must do one for luna,fluttershy and twi's reaction to last night

Pahaah! Nice, I liked the ending, and the subtle movement from funny and 'OHJEEZWHATVEIDONE" to serious to funny again, with cute and sexy thrown in all throughout! And while I think this works great as a oneshot, I would not be opposed to a little isnight as to Fluttershy/Twilight/Luna's experience the next morning, as well xD

Very good, I hope to read a sequel.
Maybe a lunch date for the Mane Six later the same morning where all of them are shocked and embarrassed by what happened the night before. Especially if you had some of there bed- partners show up with them. :trollestia:

Marked as a favorite, just like the level of humor and embarrassment, without getting too graphic.:yay:

Am I the only one who wants to hear more about Twilight and Vinyl? :pinkiehappy:

"She had bedded the royal Princess of Equestria!"
Yes. YES. YEEEEEES :raritystarry:
"Luna went home with Twilght last night. And so did Fluttershy."

no fucking way I GOTTA READ THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

"Luna went home with Twilight last night. And so did Fluttershy."
I can't stop laughing :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

HOLY SHIT THAT WAS FUNNY AS HELL MAN YOU GOTTA WRITE A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::yay::trollestia::moustache::twilightsmile::raritystarry::ajsmug::scootangel::unsuresweetie::heart::derpytongue2:

You NEED to do additional chapters with the rest of our plucky protagonists trying to recover from their unusual activities the night before!

Any ship is possible with enough alcohol!

My mind is telling me NOOO!
To you. :trollestia: :raritywink:

Im liking these ships!!

Brace yourselves..
..the clopfics are coming

And I will welcome them


It's... beautiful

I demand continuation! :twilightsmile::yay::trollestia::raritywink::nolunaemoticon?!:

357074 Check his DeviantART. Cosmic has drawn several images of bits from this story. Dubs it the "Evidence" series.

357337 Actually, this was posted sometime in September of 2011, several months before that.

357385 This was written a long time ago, and he isn't doing any sequels.

Superbly done!

We (politely) demand more. :trollestia: :raritydespair:

(on a more serious note, love this so much, please do more?!?:twilightblush:)

Wow, usually shipping isn't my thing, but this is amazing! :rainbowdetermined2:


I don't really have any unanswered questions. :eeyup:

Insane as heck. Continue this and Luna will be happy. :raritywink:

358480.That means the video might based on this!:pinkiegasp:

Excellent this is definitely a new pair, and an interesting one :duck::trollestia:

Well, damn. I've not been able to really find a good match for the royal great bitch! I am in another world of lustful intentions! I can finally be popular with this! Then, I'll get the squirrels to eat the buttons I am farming in my oven!

Please god, tell me there's a side story being written for whats is currently happening at twilights. :pinkiehappy:

More! Have another chapter with what happened that day!

Really good first chapter, i hope to see more :raritywink:

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