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After a day on the farm, Rainbow Dash finds the opportunity to ask her long-time friend, Applejack, out on a date. The farmer, however, finds difficulty accepting the proposition, given her reserved social nature and unknown feelings on the matter. Given that the pegasus has been her friend for years, however, she accepts, deciding to see just what they can make of it. Can the two carry a relationship in the midst of personal worries? Can they find the courage to tell their friends?

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Oh, cool to see this here too.
You know, if you released the chapters slowly, this would have built up a massive following.

agreed ^
but i loved it nonetheless
another great AppleDash fic ive read :)

I love how people automatically thumbs this down because it's AppleDash.

But you know what? It's fucking GOOD AppleDash.

Probably my favorite AppleDash fic of all time.

I saw this on eqd. It is the best ship fic I've ever read.

One of the finest and sweetest ship fics I've read - and I've read a fair few. Still a favourite of mine.

Glad to see it up here as well as on dA.

Yay! Probably one of my favorite shipping stories ever. Glad to see this in more places. People need to read this stuff. It's good stuff.

:derpyderp2: You have distance when you meant to use distant.

Well done. I'm glad I took the time to read your work here and look forward to anything else you write.

Oranges aren't sour unless you have Pinkie Pie's diet, don't besmirch the name of my native fruit.

Not my style, though. XP I wrote it out a while ago, so might as well show what I've got! I think it will still get fans. ^^

Thumbs down? I only see one down vote. >.>

Compare to someone whose primary diet is probably apples, and I think they'd be a bit sour. I'm eating an orange now, however, so who knows. XD

And corrected! Thank you!


Granny smith's are about the same acidity as an orange.

Applejack seems to be moving a little bit fast imo...

I like where this is going. I should have found this earlier.


Pretty good. And I wouldn't call myself an AppleDash fan, so that's fairly high praise. :raritywink:

One small gripe, though, is that I think this moved a little too quickly. Applejack going from being uncertain and hesitant about the relationship to openly being in love with Dash in between chapters two and three felt kind of jarring and hard-to-believe. Another chapter in between those two detailing a more gradual progression of their feelings might've been a good idea, IMO. Just something to consider for future fics.

I loved it!!!!!!! No, seriously, this is one of the best fanfics ive read, and ive read a lot!

Ah, I remember this. Found it again because you posted "In Search of the Sun".
Tossing this in my faves. It's literally one of only 2 AppleDash fics and one of only 5 AppleDash shippings I can stomach.

511731 They tend to be the most susceptible to OoC-ness, for some reason. Glad you liked it! :pinkiesmile:

Ya' know, I feel that I should at least comment on this story, being the only fic that I recommend to people. I don't read a lot of stories on here, but this one sticks out. I read it from EQD a while back, and I gotta say that I loved it. Yes, AJ kind of just flew into love with RD a little too easily, but all in all it didn't exactly throw me. It was handled the right way, unlike the plethora of AppleDash fics that people toss around.

I don't say this in regards to my own work, but I'm ridiculously picky when it comes to ponyfiction, and this story is one of the only two that I like.

Good job guy. Ya' did a helluva job.

I just wanted to write and tell you, I downloaded this to my kindle and read it on the beach today. It was awesome! Thanks for a great beach read. :ajsmug:

i think Applejack is too quick and ready to say that she loves Rainbow Dash, but other than that, it's great. I just think that there should be more indicision on Applejack's part.:ajsmug:

"you silly filly"

Why does that sound so sensual?:rainbowhuh:

731384 It just does, right? :rainbowderp:

Best. Fanfic. Ever. I think this was my 10th read-through.

Just finished reading. I can honestly say that was one of the best ship-fics I've ever read. I'm struggling to think of any reasons that this hasn't got ten times the attention it has..
I'm a massive AppleDash fan and this might be my new favourite, if not joint-top ship-fic.
In relation to the story pacing, I'm taking it as AJ may not have always been aware of her feelings for Dash, but as they grew closer to each other she discovered them quickly. Sometimes I guess it's just easier with that person you know the best and are already close with.
Final point to why I love this fic so much is that I'm going through a scarily similar situation myself right now. The whole story, but mostly the ending fills me with a lot of hope for the whole scenario :twilightsmile:
Overall, the spelling, grammar and characterisation was tip-top and very involving, with nothing I can obviously point out as poor, wrong or any other negative words! Consider me excited to check out your other works as soon as I can.
Ok, ramble over. But seriously, keep this up! :rainbowkiss:

Rarity quickly walked over to the purple unicorn, whispering in her ear. After a few airy words, Twilight drew away, looking to the white unicorn with an even more puzzled expression. "What's a 'fillyfooler?'"

:ajbemused: Twily really needs to get out of her Library more. :twilightblush:

and then they f***ed :moustache:

Why do they always jump like its a bad thing to be a fillyfooler thats a little mean dont you think?:ajsleepy::heart::rainbowhuh:

It's an accurate portrayal of how most people would react to the prospect of being scrutinized by those around them, for things (unjustifiably) frowned upon by many societies.

While I like that Applejack is trying things out, the phrase "and it ain't because of what ya are" could be taken to mean that even if it turns out Applejack isn't into mares, that her not wanting to be with Rainbow Dash that way has nothing to do with the fact that she's a mare. But attraction should come into play. If she's not attracted to Rainbow Dash like that, then there can't really be anything beyond a close friendship. Unless the words "it won't be because of what you are" strictly mean the detail itself rather than the attraction itself. ...So yeah a little confused on that one.


Yeah I understand I just really don't no why "society" thinks that, but hay that's their opinion.:derpytongue2: no changing it. 'Sigh' yeah, so I just felt like pointing that out, that the reaction was so BIG!!!!!! Btw I LOVED YOUR BOOK! Keep up the great work. And don't mind me I'm just weird person going around posting random or not very random at all stuff.:pinkiehappy: thanks for explaining though.:twilightsmile:

How come I didn't find this earlier! :pinkiehappy:

Kiss on the muzzle was a bit to quick, specially for somepony who doesn't know how to feel :twilightsheepish:
Other than that, good going! :ajsmug:

Its good, but Applejack moved too fast. :rainbowhuh:

Lovely chapter and I love Twilight's reaction! :facehoof:

I felt it was too fast, too short. It was a great fic but sometimes it didn't feel right :twilightsheepish:
Good job! But it can be better! :raritywink:

"Dash found her body suddenly stiff, face burning with a blush so deep she could see its color reflected in AJ's eyes. Her wings had shot up into a flared pose."

Ha Wingboner. I truly love this story and i don't mind that AJ seems to quick i've seen relationships go quicker. I love this story and can't wait to see more :pinkiehappy:

Cute, a bit fast phased, and not relay any major conflict. :trixieshiftright:
Not that that is bad but i kinda expect to see. For example granny not be so open, and have a entire conflict about her eventually accepting this relationship. :ajsmug:
You can take what i say with out thinking about it. It was a good story just some flaws hear and there. Otter than that it was enjoyable and cute. :scootangel:
Good job 6/10 :eeyup:

Im so glad I found this. The fic I submitted for review yesterday has a scene pretty much exactly like this one:

"You wanna go on a date?"

AJ froze. Her mind repeated the sentence a couple dozen times. Had she just heard what she thought she did?

Dash tensed. "Uh, nothing. Don't worry about it."

Applejack knew by the pegasus' reaction that she had indeed heard her correctly. "Did you just ask me out? On a date? Like, a romantic date?" She tried not to look as confused as she was, but obviously failed.

Except mine ended up a bit different, but the initial exchange is almost identical. I guess great minds think alike ;)

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