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(This post reserved by the Ariamaki Council for Ariamakiness.)

AWWWW SHIT NIGGA!! :moustache:

Oh god. :rainbowlaugh:

I guess I should learn to expect the unexpected. Because I didn't expect this at all.

The first chapter ends on a cliffhanger?!


Oh, shit, son. Carcino has a new clopfic. Where could Discord be taking this? Futa? Genderswap? Age spells?

Pretty much everything I could want in a clopfic. Except I would REALLY like some SpikeBloom, please?

Just be a lesbian, AB, you'll get used to it, trust me.

Edit: I should probably read the fic before making humor of it :rainbowlaugh:


Jake the Army Guy pays attention to me what

what is this sorcery


Tis the ancient and arcane science of Smart Writing, Fleshed-out Characters, and Hawt Clop.:ajsmug:

Also, Discord in the mix brings up so many possibilities. I really can't wait to see where you take this.

Alright!  It's here!:pinkiehappy:


I appreciate the attention of such a prolific identity in the community.

I'm certain you'll enjoy this one.





Garg straight ponies glargh... :twilightangry2:

*foams at mouth*

I... I am intrigued and terrified by what could be contained within this story in equal measure.

Oh well, I'll add it to favourites and try and work up the courage in a few hours or so... :twilightoops:

Mmmkay, so, based on the cover-art, Discord's gonna make Apple Bloom into quite a stud like this was some kind of anime.

Overall, I'm quite interested. Your writing style is excellent and engaging (aside from the Lavender Unicorn Syndrome), and you've earned my trust as a writer in the past.

So yeah, although the apparent lack of lesbians is saddening (can't go wrong with ScootaBelle, just sayin' :ajsmug:), I'm gonna sit back and enjoy this ride.

I don't normally read clop/implied clop, but when I do, it actually has a story to go with it...

I still skip the actual clop scenes, though, cause I'ma weirdo prude like dat.

>>3506882  Yes that statement fits your Avatar perfectly!

loving this so far, keep up the good work

*chokes in a way that sounds suspiciously like an aborted giggle*

Is this for real? Is that cover picture for real? Only one way to find out...

Although I'll wait until it gets more than a chapter I suppose, all the more fun! (And to be honest, it's easier to read finished stories.)

River... could it be the Gigantic Dragon Serpent of gayness?

And then a wild Discord appeared :pinkiecrazy:





He was perfect.

And – to every filly’s immense disappointment – he was also gay.


Ha! Irony! :rainbowlaugh:

apple blooms kinda a cunt

this sounds like a really bad Idea... but I'm definately going to read it. :moustache:

Just wondering? how does a story get this good in less than a day!?

Why do I want to read this and why don't I want to stop?

>>3508065 He might be gay. Scootaloo might become a colt. Then you'd get some Rumbloo. <3

Judging from Spike's face on the cover, I'm really hoping he's the moral center of this story that bitches everyone down.

Thank you. Being in heat (human or mare) really IS torment, even when it's enjoyable to try and sate.

It's torment when you're in her position that is...no one around to help, and an insatiable drive. Oy vey... :ajsleepy:


Cuz lord knows there's a serious shortage of lesbian fics in this fandom...



My good man, one day, a lesbian vampire shall bite you, and you will understand :ajsmug:


Nevar! Straight to the core! Now, excuse me why I go read some m/m clop... :pinkiecrazy:


Wouldn't THAT be a hell of a thing.


Average FimFic Reader: EWW, M/M? How faggy are you? INSTANT DOWNVOTE! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read yet another gimmicky futanari fic starring Twilight.


I believe it's a futa DASH fic currently swimming through the feature box, actually. =P


I actually think it would be good for population control. Imagine if women only ovulated 2-3 times a year. Also, because we are (slightly) more evolved than dogs, it wouldn't be some all-consuming lust that turns women into whores and men into rapists. Merely, like, an annoying urge for 2 weeks or so.


It'd be tubular! Talk about bodacious babe city!

>>3508449 Human females go through a cycle just like other mammals...four weeks in total. You probably know 2 of the weeks, pms and the lovely after-effects. The week after that tends to be a week where a good portion of girls are in the mood because their body is aware it's fertile. The week after that just kinda ties this week with pms.

Because humans are nomadic, seasons are sporadic, and all that nonsense...it's not as cut-and-dry anymore, and a lot of people don't track the symptoms or take too many drugs/take birth control, and it doesn't ever plague them.


Hey, futa is great! Same lovely ladies, same candy-vag, but with the added bonus of a nice cock and balls! Fun for everyone! :pinkiecrazy:


Balls tend to be optional in most futa things, let's not kid ourselves.


Hmm... I... I had no idea. Wow, you learn something new every day! :ajsmug:

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