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Somepony was right, it was absolutely relevant to my interests ^^
Masterfully done my friend, its time to dream and clop......okay...cancel the last^^

Oh god... you actually released it... Fav'd and liked... pony hell here I come...

I reserve this space for my further discussion of how goddamn awesome this fic is.

Sounds interesting. I'll have to give this a read later on :moustache:

You sir, are a bucking genius writer and oh soooooooo dirty. :rainbowwild:

So much gusta. I am deeply pleased. More possibly? Maybe not. You ended it so that I onlu wanted more for the clip itself, not unfinished storylone and closure. Excellent writing.

Incredibly relevant to my interests.

743403 I concur. :ajsmug: You Sir, are a goddamned epic writer with an equally brilliant imagination. :twilightsmile:

This was... actually not relevant to my interests. :P But it was pretty funny, anyways, lol. Namely Twilight freaking out about the whole thing.

Oh my stars and suns, that was. So. Awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Is it wrong of me to want a sequel? Oh well, who cares, I want one anyway. MOAR!!!:flutterrage:

I laghed so hard at this, my bird started to stare at me like I was insane... i feel like she's judging me...

16000 words >.> god dam here have a :moustache:

Just by looking at the description, I can already tell that after I'm done reading I'm gonna need a Catholic priest and a psychologist.

:moustache: 42 likes right out of the gate... I am conflicted about reading this.

744561 All you got to do is mention Sleepless' name. It's kinda that easy.

And while it may seem unrelated, I also learned that sex, too, should not be a barrier, in love OR in friendship. It took a spontaneous sexual experience with these friends to teach me the first lesson, and after it happened I feared deep in my heart that it would come at the cost of hurting our friendship irreparably. But my fears were unfounded.

That's like... the worst lesson ever. It's not even true. But, this is a clop, so logic doesn't belong here.

I got about halfway in before I threw in the towel. You have officially raped my mind. But hey, not my cup of tea. :pinkiesick:

To person who wrote this:
Fabulous. Just fabulous. Fantastic story. Please keep charging towards fanfic stardom!:ajsmug:

y'know what. I won't read this. I can do without it.

that lesson....:facehoof:

I'm out...:moustache:

744620 That alone can't be it, especially considering that Sleepless' name probably drives away some people, and will cause others to divebomb anything it's attached to. This was at the top of the new fics on the front page, coming in with 30+ likes. Could it be that it accumulated them over the time it wasn't public yet?

Anyway, this doesn't quite live up to its inspiration, but then very few things do, if any. But it's well-written, and the characters are believable, at least up until the actual clop begins (we're talking MLP, the characters will always seem a tad off when involved in activities like that; even LFW only managed to avoid that pitfall by aging the characters several decades). Thumbs-up, fave, and keep at it. :pinkiehappy:


That alone can't be it, especially considering that Sleepless' name probably drives away some people, and will cause others to divebomb anything it's attached to.

Wait, that happens? Huh, never knew that.

Anyway, this doesn't quite live up to its inspiration, but then very few things do, if any. But it's well-written, and the characters are believable, at least up until the actual clop begins.

Yeah, I'll give it that.

744788 Every popular author attracts these kinds of people, though looking over the ratings for Sleepless' stories again, I'm kind of surprised how few downvotes he gets, considering that his material isn't exactly made to avoid controversy. Is this a positive reflection on this fandom, or just a sign of apathy?

I cannot favorite this hard enough. This is clearly an oversight and FiMfiction needs to have another rating system overhaul to correct this.

744835 I just think people avoid those kinds of fics in the first place and don't check the mature tab on. Only the people who are looking for that kind of thing would be interested in something like this in the first place, and most people here don't care for it at all (not that I blame them; I'm considering turning off my mature tab); that's all. A lot of people don't know, and if they did, a lot of the clops would be in the red because they would be analyzed and judged properly like every other kind of fanfic on this site.

Wow, this was amazing. I was planing on releasing a Sparity clop myself tonight but after reading this I refuse to take even one reader away. I can wait till tomorrow, that's how good this is. It was funny, it was hot, and it was fucking kinky. If this doesn't get featured someones getting beat with a baseball bat. Long live the Sparity, and long live the 3 way Sparity clop with Twilight!

Holy ungodly fuck that was RETARDEDLY INCREDIBLE.
That was -the- most entertaining "adult" story I've read in about a month. I literally could -not- stop laughing. Very well done!

I'm assuming this is pretty good, from the comments.
Time to pull out the Vaseline.

I'll have to read this later.

744744 Read it. Seriously Mag, you read all of my stuff, trust me on this one, he's good.

Now you just need to explain how twilight and rarity both have kirin children and spike is the dad of both.

If you're considering turning it off, please do.
I can't read through the coments of a single good cloptic without you complaining how OOC the characters are.
Its clop.
Fapping material.
Nothing more. Good day, sir.

744965 I'm not saying it's bad. I'm saying I'm not going to read it. I don't really need to. I have obligations.

OK, while i was reading this my girlfriend came over, i went into the bathroom to do my business (Actual bathroom business) i came back, she was reading the fic. I am now single. It is OK though she was a bitch. :moustache:

Wow. Very wonderfully done. Now after reading this, I am a bit curious about Celestia's younger days.

Thanks everyone who's been reading! I'm amazed at all the comments I had to come home to after a long day of work, and responding to all of them would be a little daunting, but I thought I'd answer a few.


Thanks for the interest in a sequel, but I don't really plan on one. This train-wreck was big enough as it is.


That's okay, I kinda raped my own mind writing it. Thanks for giving it a fair look anyway.


I agree that first bit of the paragraph is kinda poorly worded, but that wasn't really the proper lesson. The real point of the second lesson is further down:

Different sorts of relationships work for different ponies, and for some of us, sometimes, sex doesn’t have to be strictly for romantic couples. Sometimes it’s okay to share intimacy with close friends, as long as everypony involved is okay with it. It may not be common, but like the first lesson taught me, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


You're right on the money. Ariamaki, who challenged me to write this and played sounding board for me throughout, has a strong following through his own Twilestia/Lunashy fic "Four of Two" and he liked it so much he kinda pimped it out the second it went live. Thanks for the honest critique, to even approach the level of the inspiration fic is praise enough for me!


Never be discouraged from bringing more Sparity into the world.

And to all of you leaving comments of praise, thanks so much for all your kind words and hilarious gifs, you made my night.

Thanks again for reading, all of you!

Ok I have to comment here before I even finish. You... You have done something special here. Not many adult fics (and I've read alot, so this is saying something) actually get this reaction out of me, but when Twi came upon them... I was covering my face in embarrassment/anticipation/whatever. I dunno, does that mean you nailed the characters and the writing is good enough that I'm immersed? MAYBE. Just thought you'd like to know, figured you authors get off on compliments or some shit.


OK I finished it. WOW. That was something. It made me all giddy for some reason. Well anyways, where I am it is way too late, so I'ma make like Twilight and-ZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZ

745649 Good. No sequel should be written. This oneshot was perfect. No unfinished story that makes me want to beat you for not finishing. Not one :pinkiecrazy:

But what we COULD do, is some sort of trilogy between Like Fine Wine, this, and the as-yet-unwritten third part.

745731 Fine Wine, need to read that one. But not tonight. My eyes are screwing with after 47 hours of finals and cramming. Sleep now, read later.

Sixteen thousand words of clop. Part of me just died a little. But now I am stronger, and I can be proud of that.

This is way more mature it should be rated x if you what I mean

One of the best I've ever read, great job!

This. Is. Gold.

I loved it. Please make more in the future!

Yep, I needed that boner. Gotta stop reading clop before work. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this.

745262 It being clop shouldn't be an excuse. A story should be judged like a story, regardless of what genre it is, simple as that.

It's really odd that Twilight would freak the fuck out over Rarity and Spike dating, especially since everything those two went through in the past. Twilight is acting like she did in Pinkie's episode, but she freaked out there because it made no sense, but Rarity and Spike's relationship does because they have known each other for years now, and them getting together makes sense. Yeah, Twilight might have been annoyed at first in the show over Spike thinking that it was a secret, but in this fic, her attitude is unwarranted.

Everything being solved by sex didn't really help this fic for me either, especially the lesson that sex isn't that big of a deal and isn't just for couples, and friends with benefits is okay and isn't shallow and makes for awkward situations and so on. The lesson at the end is bad, and it's kind of doomed to fail. It's like the complete opposite of what any person with sense would say. But, whatever.

It's kind of odd how whenever a clop actually get's analyzed, they say it's just a clop, but when someone say it's just clop, others say that it has a deeper story. Some of you people make no sense.

745649 Not discouraged mate just patient. Like I said it's going up today, I just wanted this to get as much attention as it could because it's really good. :raritywink:

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