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On the eve of Twilight Sparkles wedding, Princess Celestia has some things to get off her chest. So she pens one last letter to her faithful student.

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Comments ( 52 )

Honestly, I was not expecting that ending. That was a sweet story and I loved it a lot. Keep up the amazing work, mate! :raritywink:

Oh, that last line...

I have to say, I'm not a fan of those pairings, but you wrote this quite well, save for a few minor errors. Nice work.

Honestly, I was hoping it would be a stallion, not Princess Luna. I liked it, even though I dislike gayness.

Okay. Short, sweet, and poignant. I love Twiliuna and Twilestia is second for me as well. In fact, this split me up so hard I had to use happiness bunny. Fantastic story. Fave.

This is what went through my head.

*Reading* Sorry about you not telling Twi how you feel sooner

*Reads last line* What the!!?? She's marrying your sister? Harsh.

I am a fan of TwiLuna though.

That ending.... Didn't see that coming.... :moustache:

I am honestly surprised that people didn't see it coming... I tried my hardest to keep it vague enough that it could have been anypony... I just found it doubly tragic, the idea that she was marrying Tia's sister... imagine holding that kind of info to yourself for a few millenia... (or century, depending on your opinion of ascended alicorn lifespans)

By all means, let me know where the errors are, that kind of constructive criticism is always welcome. And I am glad you enjoyed it, despite not being a fan of said pairings.

If you'd prefer a stallion, I could always write a gender swap version of this, swap out Celestia for Solero, Lucian and Dawn for Luna and Twilight... then there will be LOTS of stallions. :rainbowlaugh: (in all seriousness though, glad you enjoyed it, even if we disagree over the "gayness")

3210662 I just didn't see Luna coming... That was... A very good ending... I just... don't know how else to describe it... It was bloody Brilliant!!! :eeyup::moustache::trollestia::unsuresweetie:

I've got some other editing to do, but since yours is a fairly short one-shot, if you want to send the original document to me over e-mail or something I can do that. PM me if you're interested and I can give you my info.

Sequel? Sister fight!

Hahaha, yeah I don't really see any room for a sequel to this one, really. It was kind of a one shot I just had to get out of my brain.


It's... beautiful and sad... Very sad. I desire a sequel, not for a fight between sisters. No, for Celestia telling the truth to them and feeling a little better.

I think the reason why I can't see a sequel to this is that I honestly see Celestia as more the kind of pony who would suffer in silence. She ruled alone for a millenia before Luna returned. She loved her sister, and lost her for a thousand years. Why would she risk another how-ever-many years of potential loneliness for the sake of something that would never be able to be acted upon.

To me, Celestia is a very tragic figure, thus the reason I wrote this. Or because I am such a lachrymose person. Any sequel to this, if written by me, would end tragically: best case, somepony falls into a depression invoked madness; worst case, well, somepony would, errr, leave.

What it would not lead to is a ménage à trois, despite the propensity of that 'solution' on this site :raritywink:


There is moments to tree-ways and this isn't one of them, indeed with you in that.
And touché in the rest of your argument, my friend, touché. Before anypony dies (yeah, I see the insinuation in the "Eeeer... leave :fluttercry: ) is better keep this like that. But, anyway, poor Celestia, good. I still didn't know how I resist the tears.

You win a follower, sir :moustache:

Suffer in silence for a mortal pony's lifetime, sure. But dealing, or in Celestia's case ignoring the situation for eternity would cause some serious negative side effects in my opinion. Everyone has a breaking point, where's hers? Nice story as is but I think a sequel would complement it nicely.

Not bad. Quite rough, several mistakes in grammar and a few parts that could have been changed a bit, but I liked it.

And that last line. Brilliant.

I read this several hours ago, and just couldn't get thought out of my mind.

While i think it could feasibly be continued... it does end perfectly where it should to be a one-shot and remain somewhat upbeat, compared to if it was continued, at least.

If this story was ever to be continued, it wouldn't end well for at least one pony involved, most likely two or all three. Like you said, 3213367, "What it would not lead to is a ménage à trois."

I really enjoyed this! This was an emotional but short piece of work. I know you don't plan on a sequel but it'd still be interesting to see one.

Fav and like. :pinkiehappy: that last line hit me like a freight train.

3213828>>3213408>>3213828 I kind of realised I came off as bashing ménage à trois fics, but quite the contrary is true. I just find they work better as comedy than something like this. (See Six Brides for Two Sisters, while incomplete, freaking hilarious!)

The main reason I am not doing a sequel to this is that I have another fic planned that will explore some aspects that I have mentioned here, to make a sequel for this would pretty much be rehashing the same material I have planned for the next fic.

I'm never thought you were bashing them in the first place. There are stories for those, like the one you mentioned, that it works! This particular story, to me, isn't one of them. I saw your comment and merely agreed with it.

On a slightly related note, mind sending me a link to the story once you post it?

Wow...Celestia's beloved student ends with her sister...Someone give the Princess a hug, because she needs it!

Harsh feels to the gut man, very harsh.
Liked the story though - If as your authors note says you wouldn't mind someone doing - I were to try to write a sequel I am sorry to say I would probably end up with the over-cliche Menagé-a-Trois solution, simply because I can't stand angst in a romance. but that's just me.

I personally feel however you have got the balance of the characters in this just right, and I love how you managed to write the build-up to the conclusion.

:pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile: / 5

Oh! that ending was PERFECT!

Cap'n, takin' fire! Broadside straight to the feels!
In all seriousness though, as a Twilestia lover this was sore. Poigniant, tragic, but sweet at the same time. Well done.

I felt this was a very troubling story... Celestia's dejection is never truely explored and I felt it was like have an ice cream cake with the icream melted away. The suspense was however, magnificent and they ending was like getting hit with a truck, unexpected and deliberate.
3/5 stars
well done...

I read this with Radiohead's Creep in the background. This is now faved and liked.

Oh god, now I can hear that song in my head too... very fitting, though somewhat funny if Celestia thought Twilight was an angel, and she were the creep.


How... How did you make it this far into a My Little Pony fanfiction site whilst being that insecure in your sexuality, or at least that accursedly ignorant?

I suppose if you can only be caught up in brilliant surprise twist endings like this one, goddamn that's one explanation.

There's a lot of them on the site, you'd be surprised.

That bit in italics was only for your benefit, Anonymoose, if it makes you feel better.

That ending had me so shocked. I was thinking Rainbow Dash or Applejack, hell I even thought Pinkie Pie! When I saw:

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, on such a joyous occasion, to witness the union of Princess Twilight Sparkle to Princess Luna…

I almost cried, honestly. Poor Celestia...

Great work.

:fluttercry: Poor Celestia, well written fic though. :raritycry:


Honestly thought it was Flash Sentry. Would've made sense.

why didn't you tell me this would make me cry like a little bitch

Because I feed on the unexpected tears of my readers... so salty, so good. :raritywink:

3556820 I smell a sadistic motherfucker.

Sorry, I'll go shower :raritywink:

3557017 Good, the stench of sadistic motherfuckery is terrible.


How is disliking something ignorance?
Offensive. Possibly. But how is it wrong to dislike something. I personally hate the F/F ships myself because they make it so obvious that the writer is male (especially Twilestia Celestia's practically Twi's mom that's disgusting).


AbsoluteAnonymous, massively massive name on the site a while back. Well, she's a hardcore Pinkie Dash shipper and, let's face it, if you didn't pick up what her gender is from the pronouns I'm using by now we have a problem. This is not an isolated incidence either, not by a long shot. Look at all the M/M ships that are written by straight dudes, for instance.

But it's wrong because a person's sexuality should not be treated as something that makes that person inferior to a 'normal' person. It's not a conscious choice that somebody makes to be actively hated by such a large portion of society. His wording of his view also left a lot to be desired.

I think the objection most people had was more the way it was said "I dislike the gayness" as opposed to something more along the lines of "I am not really interested in gay or lesbian fics." It was probably more about the presentation than the content.

And yes, I am male; but I don't know what that supposedly says about this fic, given that I also wrote this. I enjoy writing the entire gamut of sexuality and genders.

I personally chose these two because I find the idea of Luna/Twilight endearing, not "hot" because they both have somewhat goofy personalities. And I chose to write this from Celestia's perspective, as to me, I think I have stated before, I find Alicorns to be tragic figures. This doubled the tragedy, in my mind (Huzzah!)

What I find telling (and frankly, rather annoying) is that while I don't have to include trigger warnings on this one, to steer those more vocal about their dislike of M/M pairings I have to include a trigger warning, lest I suffer the downvotes and wrath of negative commenters whose only objection is "I hate teh gayz!"

Also, I believe the Celestia/Twilight mother/daughter relationship is more of a fanon interpretation, rather than actually shown in the TV Show.

Let's be honest if we did a statistical analysis of shippers it would easily break down that the great majority of M/M shippers are female and the writers of F/F are largely male. Its not 100 percent but it would be well above 2/3.

Twilight. Luna. :rainbowlaugh :HA! night joke. :raritywink:


Now are you some kind of "George R.R. Martin"? XD

This broke my heart a little bit, but it is a good story nonetheless.

I don't see why Twilight and Luna can't know. I think it could be something they could work through together.

An eternity alongside them, after so much...
My god. This is one of the most painful things I've ever read. Just the idea of it is soul-searing.
And eventually... well, either Celestia's affections will fade away, or she will snap under the strain. They might notice before then and take action--Celestia's a good actor, but eternity is a very long time to get to know a pony and for a pony to slip up her mask--but I can hardly imagine a way to resolve this happily that doesn't involve a menage-a-trois. And while in a lot of fanfics sudden threesomes are a normal thing, they tend to get rarer the more seriously the story takes itself, and thus can't be relied on as an answer that would actually happen in-story.

you know there's a threesome coming, don't you. sisters always share. they are all alicorns, don't ya know. it's like an exclusive club. im sure cadence gets her share with the sisters as well. I would feel creeped out, having a relationship with someone who was like a second mother to me. and what would happen if celestia had to send twilight out on a dangerous mission, as the element of magic? I wonder if twilight is still the element of magic, or does that element need a replacement? I feel for celestia, but luna needs a special friend like twilight,so much more than she (celestia) needs to make the relationship with twilight awkward, and tense. my personal favorite shippings are twiluna, and twixie. I don't care if its gay or not, the alicorns are a private club.

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