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Five years. Five years have passed since Cheerilee chose to quit as a teacher. She had thought that life was behind her, but finds herself drawn back in, compelled to help her former students through their teenage years.

She will discover more about both them and herself then she thought possible.

Carrying more emotional baggage than her students, she will find that the journey to self-forgiveness, while not an easy one, is not one that can be ignored.

(Thanks to BluRoseFriendship for the temporary cover image.)

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Huh... seems interesting, even if SOL usually isn't my thing.

Thumbs up and Read Later List for you! :moustache:

Okay, I gotta say... this sounds absolutely awesome.

This is awesome, can't wait for more :rainbowkiss:

Rarity had probably already locked herself in her ‘workroom’, and wouldn’t be coming out until lunch. And even then, she would only be out long enough to grab some food before disappearing again. What a sister.

Um. Crap. I do the same thing as Rarity, lock myself in my room and work on thing only coming out for food, and have a younger sister who is very quick to react harshly to situations to get attention. Should I be worried? :rainbowderp:

I dunno, maybe? I based Sweetie Belle's actions off of my own when I was growing up in order to make it as 'human' as possible (pastel ponies aside), so it definitely could happen.

Take her out to a movie sometime.:pinkiehappy:

Truly Cheerilee is best Droopy. :heart:

3111573 The fact that it's based off of real life events makes it all the more likely. :fluttershysad: If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go ask her if she wants to play any games with me of her choosing.

EDIT: Yeah, she said no. That's a first.

3114530 Not all that surprised, to be honest. When it was me, a sudden sporadic piece of interest from my parents when I wasn't asking for it was usually rebuffed. Kids have crazy strange emotions. I found that setting these things up in advance usually worked better. Like going out for a run around the block once a week or something.

But, even with that, I only stopped when I took a good long hard look at myself in the mirror and realized I didn't like what I saw. :fluttershysad: It'll be up to your sister. Just be there for her and make sure she knows it. :raritywink:

3117793 I was a kid just a few years ago, and I already forgot how their minds :ajsleepy: Haha, thanks for the advice, dude. :pinkiehappy:
It also looks like I spammed your comments, sorry about that :twilightblush:

3111503 Probably.
Might want to play BBFF before things get out of hoof.

"My greatest achievement is keeping my garden free of weeds."

Well I see what you did there :raritywink:

So when is there gonna be an update? Id be a shame for a story like this to remain incomplete.

3307144 It's on the to-do list. Touch of Chaos is my main priority, but chapter six is about a quarter done. Give me a week.


Cool beans.
Ive also wanted to read up on a touch of chaos when i had the time, keep up the great story telling.

About time you made an update on this; been waiting impatiently for weeks for a new update.
...Still, keep it up!

ive been waiting for at least a month for an update :pinkiesick::pinkiesick::flutterrage::twilightangry2::moustache::moustache:

This is an incredible story. I gotta say this is one hell of a story and I can't wait to see how she handles Apple Bloom's problems and others. That last chapter was a doozy as well. Overall I just simply adore this story for all its worth. I look forward to more updates!

So many students, so many inner conflicts. Would be sweet to get a chapter that deals with her confronting the rich girl in the end like that famous Onizuka anime. Cheerilee is such a Yangumi like in the live action school drama.

I'm starting to wonder if Cheerilee had either a miscarriage or chose an abortion. I wonder what sort of murder she committed to stop her from being able to just give herself to Big Mac despite clearly having such strong emotions for him still. Poor Derpy and her now induced Alzheimer's, seems she may have been struck in the face or someplace around the back of the neck, who knows how it happened, but the thought of her forgetting Dinky altogether is pretty sad indeed.

Found this when trawling character tabs (Cheerilee, by rating, if you're interested) for good fics. I do hope this isn't in a permanent incomplete state, because it is a really engaging piece with a novel premise.

If everypony knows Sweetie is a shoplifter, why isn't she thrown in jail?

She would go to juvenile court, not jail.

Jesus Christ that's a scary image for some reason

Well, ONE down and and like fifty to go......

This entire story reminds me of an old movie that I greatly enjoyed watching in my High School days...

Stand and Deliver! ... i want to watch that movie again. Excuse me while I dredge it up.

Apple Bloom really looked up to that mare, hope things start working out for her. Going to be all kinds of awkward learning how to make any new friends that aren't tied to the sort of interests of cutie marks she used to have with her old friends. Poor thing.

Seems Cheerilee getting some of that gait back in her steps. Almost feels like she expects things to be easy now. :ajsmug:

lol Nice almost 1 Year anniversary chapter since its last update. It flowed well enough as if it's barely been a month I'd say. Nice return chapter. :twilightsmile:

5125722 Heh, looking at the latest story chapter and how kids (me being no exception) were once 'hot for teacher' I guess I can see why it COULD be scary, I think. xD

As long as they don't try getting cutie marks in Chalk Eraser Cleaners, though, I think we'll be safe.

5125847 the nostalgia. :raritystarry: I was a sucker for those kinds of movies even as a kid. I wonder if they have it for streaming anywhere. :heart:

5125544 There's not much of a difference considering where she'd end up. And with her repeat offenses, it'd be pretty a pretty harsh sentence if it was in our world. And recently they sent a 15 year old to maximum state prison. Difference is though he supplied guns to friends and broke into people's homes at night with 2-3 other friends and had plans supposedly for 3 other break-ins... Harsh, but that's what small crimes can lead to. He's facing 15 Years, while his buddies get like 180 days outside of pen state. Harsh.

5125337 Maybe Equestria acknowledges that simply locking away a problem and ignoring won't actually help to cure it unlike our own systems who only make petty crime like this into often hardening them up and creating more dangerous criminals in the future.
Though at times you could scare them straight, it usually just ends up making them worst and the 'lesson' they get in there often just leads to ruining their lives, with a mark they'll never be able to live down because something they did in their youth marked them as an undesirable to potential employers, and denied aid for better schooling or loans, and just treat them with mistrust for the rest of your lives.

Is it really any wonder then, why in our world, we have so many repeat offenders when all we do is turn our backs on those who could have potentially been saved had we reached out to them?

Equestria is just one of those idealistic realities if anything. And Sweetie's issue is actually quite common. I mean, Dash broke into a HOSPITAL and lead police and others on a wild chase around town before finally being stopped and was 'forgiven' after she learned her lesson about breaking and disturbing ill patients over a book. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, this got political. My bad. Just seemed like a nice question that deserved a possibly reasonable answer. xD

You know? I wonder who that ONE person is whose job it seems to be to give a story that ONE downvote. It's like that one person's job to seek out a story with no downvotes to ensure a story never goes by without one. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh well, more than a year without a single downvote is like a Academy Fimfiction Record or something! :rainbowkiss:

5125722 The CMC are terrifying engines of chaos and destruction. Here, they are shown excited. There is no greater portent of doom.

5125544 Right, right. Why can't they take her there? I know they love her, but it would teach her a lesson about shoplifting.

Cheerilee just claim Big Mac hers.

I honestly never intended this chapter to take as long as it did to come out. I remember starting it, reaching the part where Cheerilee first bumps into Apple Bloom, and then my mind just going blank. And that was last november. If I hadn't gotten a prod for it, it would have kept collecting dust for a long, long time.

In the end, I had to shorten this part just so I could get it out. It was supposed to be a lot harder for Cheerilee to find out what AB's problem was, including talking to the rest of the family a little more before finding out about Granny's heart attack in a private conversation, followed by a trip to the hospital to check records and compare the dates to AB's attendance record at school. But you know, that sounded really boring, and I couldn't think of a single bloody way to make it interesting.

At least I don't have to worry about that problem for the rest of the class. :scootangel:'s in particular is setting up to be pretty intense.

Cheeri's riding so close to the edge, it's almost a case of healer, heal thyself.

Do we already know what went wrong with Scootaloo?

5150411 As I recall, it's been established that a) she had a fight with the rest of the CMC that they never recovered from, b) ending up hospitalizing one of Cheerilee's replacements, c) drifted away from Dash, and d) still can't fly.

Also, she gets along poorly with Twilight, and Fluttershy seems to be the only one willing to accept her. Think that covers it.

For the next chapter: they come back and find Spike has devoured Dinky. :pinkiecrazy:


Oh my.

This is getting even more interesting.

I'm really glad I found this story.

Hmm. A student suicide? I could see it... and especially if it was because of some certain bullies she hadn't stopped....

Sweetie Belle? Shoplifting? WTB? Okay, I've got to read more of this. Screw math.

"The Police Chief wanted to nail her, and nail her hard." perv.

Wall flowers are awesome! The last time I tried to dance I ended up doing something that resembles Twilights style pretty well.

A student died? Who? The plot thickens.

can't have been Pip, we've had him mentioned. Ditto for Snips and Snails .

There is one problem I have. It's a great story, really, but...
Would Cheerilee really act in such a manner to the princess?

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