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The final battle for Cybertron was fierce as the Nemesis attacked the last Autobot ship in an attempt to finally wipe out their enemies. But there were no victors as both ships were pulled into the unstable space-bridge taking them to unknown space. Although they would end up in a new world, one Decepticon soldier separated from the rest will find himself somewhere completely different. How will he adapt in this strange and colorful world? Who will he befriend? and what will his destiny be?

(This story is mostly based off the games War and Fall of Cybertron, but I will use other sources if I need to. Also I want to thank Shadow Bolt for making the cover for me.)

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I don't understand all the downvotes. There's nothing in the story that would cause it. Sure there are a few small slip-ups, but no more than one woould expect from any other story. Do those people hate Transformers or crossover stories? Do they simply hate you as a person? Or are they just trolls who get a kick out of downvoting stories?

If this soldier abandons my cause, i will hunt him down and melt him into scrap! Megatron out.

2952015 I don't get it either I welcome criticisms that's how we all improve. But if they don't say why then I guess their just being haters. Anyways that's not going to stop me I'm still going to keep going.

I knew you'd be here at some point

My only problems with this chapter are:
*Ahem* The 'Cons are too kind and I miss comma's all over the place.:applejackunsure:

WHY DO WE KEEP MEETING IN TRANSFORMER RELATED PLACES?!!! :flutterrage: Rarity is still best pony :raritywink:

Because we are both Transformer fanatics.

It seems that if it's a Transformers related story, it instantly gets downvoted.
A lot of fans seem to dislike the crossover between these two particular franchises.
Even some of JDPrime22's stories get downvoted pretty harshly without anyone reading them. And JDPrime22 is considered one of the best writers here on fimfiction.net
My old story gained instant hate because it was Transformers Related.
There's a supposed "Fandom War" Between the two series.
Rumors are that it was sparked when TF Prime won the daytime emmy awards over MLP, and Bronies didn't take kindly to it. Another is that apparently TF Fans were EXTREMELY upset with Rainbow Dash winning the Death Battle with Starscream, not because he lost, but because it was completely one sided in her favor, and that the people at Screwattack were very biased.
That, and the fact that allegedly Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime doesn't understand, or doesn't like Bronies.
Seen in this video:

I'm just grasping at straws here....

2952909 Da heck? If it weren't for the live action movie series, Hasbro wouldn't have even re-booted MLP!!!!

The bronies should be GLAD Transformers exist!

Really? Damn, thats really put me off writing my one then :unsuresweetie:
I might just upload it on fanfiction.net instead.

Yeah, even the story "Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic" written by author, thelastprime012, which has been pretty critically acclaimed and praised highly in the TF crossover group, had his story instantly rejected from Equestria Daily because it was Transformers related. People also downvoted and trolled his story without even reading it.

Well if that's the case I'll probably just upload it to fanfiction.net then tell you guys

I like this story so far I love how you show that not all deceptions are evil but at the end with road way is sad :applecry:

Well, I later found out that the guy who runs Equestia Daily is very biased against anything TF related from multiple people.
TFCrossoverFan is another author who had his story rejected because it was a Transformers Crossover.

thanks and yeah it was really hard for me to write that scene:fluttershysad: especially when playing the song:fluttercry:

2952909 well, the thing is, why bronies hate everything else that is not related to MLP? For example, when the Hub post something not related to MLP in their site, the bronies complain that isn't related to MLP, what is freaking insane, and also shows them as crying little bitches. This is also weird because looks that transfans have more tolerence to ponies than bronies to transformers, for example,
in the BOTCON 2013, they selled a exclusive micro-series with pinkie pie and optimus prime in the cover, but why launch a MLP comic in a transformers convention? Because a lot of bronies are also transfans, and they are first transfans(the cover made so much success that it turned to a t-shirt). There also forums of transbronies, a strange name, but conventional to fans of the both series, and the TF wiki has a lot of shout outs to FIM.
It looks too like the bronies don't undestand that if isn't for the Transformers revival due the success of the movies and the recent media like TFP and Fall of Cybertron, none of us, I repeat, NONE OF US, would be here having this discussion, because if wasn't for it, MLP Friendship is Magic would never be existed, and we would still mocking the MLP franchise as one of the dumbest franchises ever

Damn, if that's the case I'm surprised they even let us have a group on here

2952031 Megatron it is I shockwave

I relived the pain of Dumbledore's death when I clicked that link. :fluttercry:
And Roadway's death was depressing. :pinkiesad2:
So now I'm DOUBLY depressed. :raritycry:

This will be interesting.

Needs more furmanisms.

This is going to be good.
Also, FIRST!! :rainbowlaugh:

A hate love war going with the like and dislike their i don't hate its just yeah.

Oooooohh. CONTACT!

This is not liiking good.

Please fix.

3182132 Fixed it, thanks for letting me know:derpyderp1:

Well, that escalated quickly.

Celestia dammit Pinkie.

Cybertronians have ACHOHOL?! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, I liked the chapter.
I wonder when Megatron is going to show up in Equestria and try to take it over.:trollestia:

3504474 if Megatron dies ima making pinkie pie rule the planet with me

3569759 And if you die too, then what?

3570530 please fish. I have chest minions the size of alicons

2952852 *shoots pinkie in the face* learn your place

:pinkiegasp::twilightoops: DAT END

Well, my good sir this story just WOW. No, more than wow. That was awesome, you my friend absolutely a genius. Also, you deserve a favor and a follow from me. And now, just celebrate this glorious moment. I mean the new chapter, and this clever cliffhanger in the end. :twilightsmile: reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/underwear-dance.gif

Glad you liked it :twilightblush: and the gif was Hilarius:rainbowlaugh:


i hope you make the next chapter soonjavascript:smilie(':twilightsmile:');

Uh shouldn't Fluttershy run and hind when she sees something large and intimidating?

Finally, this incredible story alive.
Celestia had a dream eh? Not bad. And again, i love how you described the royal first contact. Not much, not too chaotic.
And the most important thing. Spike finally get a job. YEEAAAAA. Oh man, how many fanfic I read when Spike just stayed in the library all alone or a few pets with him.
Gorgeous just gorgeous. You deserve a pat on the back good sir.
I can't wait for the next chapter.

Oh, and sorry for my English. Unfortunately this is not my native language, but i try my best as always.

The guy who calls himself pumpkin

4027781 In retrospect yes but I thought this way would be funnier.

Well you pones are fcked its either me or Megatron.

4028510 I've met people who speak English as their first language who are far worse at it than you.

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