• Published 28th Jul 2013
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My Little Decepticon - Astral Sketch

A Decepticon soldier awakens in a strange new world.

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Party On

Although the barn was packed it was dead silent as everyone inside looked at the Cybertronian in front of them. All his effort to keep from being seen had been for nothing as Spincap stood there frozen with no idea what to do. Pinkie Pie who was wearing a party hat and big grin turned back towards the crowd and raised her forelegs to the air.

"What's with everypony the guest of honor is here! Lets party!" cheered Pinkie as she blow a party horn.

Suddenly the music started playing again while the party guests started to mutter amongst themselves, unsure what to make of the giant alien.

"Pinkie Pie! What do y'ah think you're doing and what are all these ponies doing here?" said Applejack.

"Well duhhh, It's a welcoming party for Spincap and since this barn is the only place big enough for him to stay I had everypony come here" Pinkie replied.

"Wait does Granny Smith and Big Mac know your using the barn?" asked Applejack.

"Of course they know silly, they're right over there" Pinkie said as she pointed to their direction.

Just like the others both Big Mac and Granny Smith had their mouths open in shock when they saw the giant alien.

"They said it was O.k." said Pinkie. (squee)

"Pinkie we were trying to help Spincap not get noticed" said Twilight.

"Well then why did you bring him here?" Pinkie Pie asked.

Twilight face hoofed knowing that this conversation would go nowhere. Meanwhile Spincap was still standing before a crowd of ponies trying figure out what to do. Then suddenly he could hear a small voice call him.

"Hey mister down here!"

Spincap looked down and saw one of the ponies standing close to him, the pony was pegasus that had an orange coat and a purple mane she was also smaller than the others.

"Hi, I'm Scootaloo, what your name?" said the filly.

"...I'm Spincap," he said after getting down onto one knee to get a better look at her.

"Spincap huh, that's so cool I never seen anything like you and these are my friends Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom" she said pointing to two other fillies who were waving a couple steps away.

From what he could tell, her two friends were a unicorn and an earth pony. The unicorn was white and had a light purple mane and the other was yellow with a red mane and big red bow on her head. Then the two came closer to join their friend.

"Hi there," said Apple Bloom.

"Hello," said Sweetie Belle "Pinkie Pie says your an alien is that true?"

"Yeah, it's true" he replied.

"WOW!" said all three at once.

"Hey Spincap!" said Pinkie Pie who was holding a plate, "here I brought you some cake it's chocolate!"

Spincap remembered her mentioning this cake earlier when they first met. Now that she was presenting it to him, he stared at the colorful and spongy looking treat not sure what to make of it.

"What is this cake anyways?" he asked still looking at it, "what do I do with it?"

Soon after he said that the Pink mare started laughing and after a few seconds she answered him.

"What kind of question is that!?" she said, "You eat it of course!"

"Eat?" he asked, "wait, as in consume right? or refueling?"

"Sure why not, here just try some" said Pinkie.

"I can't" Spincap replied.

"W..what, why? is there something wrong with? do you not like chocolate?" said Pinkie with a sad tone.

"No" he said.

"Then what's wrong?" asked Pinkie.

"I don't have a mouth" he said bluntly.

Pinkie Pie suddenly gave a loud gasp at this realization.

"That terrible! how will you eat or taste any of the wonderful treats in the world? It must be awful not having a mouth, wait how are you able to speak then?" she asked.

"Well I do have a vocal unite," he answered.

"So you are a robot!" said Pinkie.

"No I'm cybernetic organism," Spincap answered.

"What's the diff-"

"Excuse me Spincap," interrupted Twilight, "I just what to say that I'm really sorry about this."

"Me to," Applejack added, "I know y'ah didn't want to get any attention to yourself and it was my idea to bring you here. To be honest I'm a little surprised they're all taking it so well."

"No one's panicking so I guess it turn out fine," said Spincap.

He looked around the barn and saw that the natives were slowly warming up to him. Eventually some of them came up to him to ask him questions, mostly they asked what his name was and what he thought of the party. Except for one aqua green unicorn who kept asking him about his appendages and if he's ever seen a creature called a hue mon? As the party went on through the night he even saw the five mares who brought him here were starting to loosen up and before long they were enjoying themselves. Spincap then saw Twilight doing something very strange, she was rocking her head back and forth with her tongue out while she waved a fore and hind leg in the air switching them every few seconds.

What is she doing? is she... dancing? wow I've seen out of control electrical cables that flailed with more grace than that he thought.

"Hey Spinny! don't just stand there come on bust a move!" cheered Pinkie Pie.

"That's alright I'm fine here," he replied.

"Aw come on! do it do it do it" said Pinkie as some of the others began to chant as well.

Realizing that they weren't going to stop pestering him about it he finally gave in.
"Alright, alright," said Spincap.

I only know one dance, here goes he thought.

As the music played Spincap's body was still, then he stiffly jerked his arms upwards than down all the while turning his wait left then right. The entirety of his dance routine was just him shifting his body and limbs in different angles.

"Hey you're pretty good!" said Twilight who was dancing next to him.

"Uh... thanks" Spincap replied.

The party lasted late into the night and eventually it came to an end as the last of the party guests left the barn to back to their homes. Now that the party was over the only ones that were left inside were the mane six and Spincap. Most of them were cleaning up the barn while Twilight and Pinkie Pie were with Spincap talking.


"It, it was something," Spincap answered.


"Pinkie please its really late now" said Twilight, "so Spincap I was really hoping you could answer some *yawn*... some questions."

"I think that can wait till tomorrow sugar cube, heck I think it's about time we all get some sleep," said Applejack.

"I guess you're right Applejack, Spincap is that alright with you?" said Twilight.

"Sure that's fine with me," he replied.

"Anyways I know it an't much but here's a spot with enough hay for you to sleep on, sorry we don't have a blanket big enough for you," said Applejack.

"This is plenty thanks" he said.

"well good night big guy, I gotta be up to buck apples in the morning," said Applejack.

One by one they each said good night to the Cybertronian, which he then said back to them. Then they each proceeded to leave the barn except for Fluttershy was the last inside with him.

"Are you sure you're going to be fine?" she asked.

"It's no recharge slab but it'll do," Spincap replied.

"You mean a bed right?" Fluttershy asked.

"If that's what you call them here then yeah," he said as he sat down on the bile of hay.

"Hey Fluttershy are you coming!?" yelled Rainbow Dash who was at the barn door with the others.

"Oh... coming" Fluttershy answered, "I guess I should go home now, I know it wasn't what you expected but I do hope you had a good time tonight, so good night."

With that she was gone, leaving Spincap the only one inside the barn. With the lights out he laid on his back onto the hay and then he went over everything that had happened to him today in his head.

This has to be the weirdest solar cycle of my life, I wake up in an alien world and then I end up in a party with them? he thought,If only they had Engex, but still it was kind of fun.

The more he thought about it the more he realized that he did have a lot of fun tonight. Possibly the most fun he's had in a long time despite the lack of any alcoholic beverages. Back on Cybertron there wasn't much to celebrate since the war started so long ago. Although there were victory parties, they were just among the Decepticon soldiers and being a maintenance bot then most of the time he was just there to clean up afterwards. Spincap just laid there thinking about what he was going to do next once the sun was up and then drifted off into sleep mode.

Author's Note:

If your wondering Engex is a basically Cybertronian alcohol. Here's link about it Engex anyways I hope you enjoyed it. Also I'm planning to do a different story just for Halloween so I will be a little slow on uploading chapters for this story. Thanks for reading and please comment.