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The Heartstings are a musical family that can often be found traveling across Equestria. However, on a trip from Appleloosa to Canterlot gone wrong, Lyra and her parents are suddenly abducted by a Toydarian bounty hunter and explorer, and are sold off to a Coruscant slave trader and "exotic pet owner".

RC-1874 is a clone commando gone rogue. After a series of terrible losses in his life, he has been forced to go as low as a bounty hunter by the name of Slum to merely survive. He finds a well paying bounty for one Coruscant slave trader and "exotic pet owner", which he takes up. Credits are not his only reward though, as he finds himself in posession of an unknown creature that calls itself Lyra and claims to be from a place called Equestria.

And Slum makes it his duty to get Lyra back home.

Takes place a few years before the events of Victor Squad: New Frontier and before the beginning of MLP:FiM. No experience with Victor Squad: New Frontier is necessary.

Shoutouts to Legion222 and to RadarLakeKosh for proof reading and editing.
Shoutout to Feather Book for the awesome cover art.

If you're going to dislike, at least have the courtesy to explain why.

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I havent even read it, and I can tell that im gona like it.

OH MAN LEGO! I'M EXCITED! :pinkiehappy:

That escalated quickly.

Congrats on getting this out.

Write on,

please! To all who read this, it is ROGUE. not rouge unless you want to put it on your cheeks.

sorry to yell Legofan but this is the third or forth time this week I found the same word switch.

3244298 Apologies. Will fix.

3244723 I'd say that I did my job well, if that's the case.

Do continue.

just read the discription and I have a feeling its going to be really good :pinkiehappy:

Toydarians and Romulans... What do they have in common, you may ask? They are both stupid enough to abduct Lyra. cheezburger.com/7791371776

NEW STORY! YES! Anyway, I still haven't figured out what the heck the mechanical things are (I'm assuming it's some kind of droid)

3252301 They're IG-86 assassin droids.

3252886 Ahhh...I should've noticed lol

*pokes author with a stick*

3436987 I've got a lot of other projects going on at the moment, ranging from school to proof reading for others to my other stories, the first two of which I have been putting off for some time. As such, those are my priorities for the time being. I'll get back to this story, don't worry; it just might not be for a couple more weeks. Sorry.

Have a good one,

Chapter 2 at long last!

R.I.P. Mandy Heartstrings. :fluttercry:

And it's that Toydarian guy whose name escapes me! You know, the one from the Prequel Trilogy. The guy Ani works for.

Answers next chapter? I hope so!

Write on,


It's been too long since I watched the movies.

Write on,

3548464>>3548580 Yes, Watto is the name of Anakin's master.

Yay! An update!

3548726 Yup! I've cleared some time to finally resume working on this. I wouldn't expect this story to get updated as frequently as my others, but hopefully I'll manage to avoid a 2 month hiatus between each release.

So far so good Legofan! :D 37 likes and only 2 dislikes!

3551119 Yup! Best reception out of any of my stories thus far!

Thank you all for the support :twilightsmile:.

I'm feeling rather... Conflicted. I want to hate this guy for kidnapping Lyra and Les Paul, but he's being so... Not really nice, but that's the closest word I can think of, to them.

I'm getting this horrible, sinking feeling that it'll only get worse from here...

Good job, either way.

Write on,

well it is only logical that he treats the two more or less good. as said: damaged goods make fewer creds right?
Well that being said... I would've tried to get my exotic lifeforms a little bit more effective then using plain stupid droids.:facehoof:
Electroshocks are so much more effective.... and lego already knows of specific accesoires I would use to keep my stock in check roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/evil.png

Hah good work Legofriend fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/365/e/0/clapping_pony_icon___queen_chrysalis_by_taritoons-d5pshyl.gif

3911962 'Plain stupid droids' would be the regular B-1 and B-2 battle droids the Spes use; Tozzulo has his hands on IG-86 assassin droids, which are much more intelligent, albeit much more capable/willing of/to killing.

Also note that Tozzulo's job is just to sell his goods; the breaking comes later and by others.

3548726 I know that this is an old comment, but I'm gonna reply anyways.

I can't help but laugh at your profile pic; I can really see Lyra giving me that f-you for putting her through this story :rainbowlaugh:.

and there is the problem^^'
I like Droids more made for specific roles, like Astro or medi- ones:twilightsmile:
esp. in Star wars it is not a good thing to not delete the memory cores regulary...

beside, I heard esp. the IG-86 Series is full of design and priogramming flaws....(ok ask my GM and EVERY Droid just wants to kill...err, me:facehoof:)

Ok ok you have that point with breaking later. Given that it depends to who you sell the goods.(and because flying-T knows to whom it goes, ok no extra work^^)

I maybe should just sit back, shut up and enjoy the ride right?Ok.

3914915 Yeah, IG-86 droids still aren't great, but undeniably better than B-1's, B-2's, and heck, maybe even B-X's. They're a huge step down from the HK droids the preceded them, but hey, you've got to go through the IG-86's before you can get to the IG-88's, eh?

Which then begs the question as to why IG-88 is so popular.

Hmm I don't know why... maybe it is cheap enough^^
I still think all IG models use Win ME or Vista. and are programmed by blakists, beware if yxou ever have an thermal detonator in reach or worse, pocket nukes....:twilightoops:

It's... ALIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, though, glad to see this back, even if not a lot happened.

Write on,

HOLY SHIT YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!, Now time to read.

You are awesome. Nuff said.

4740702 It feels good to have brought this back. Now to do the same to VS:NF...

Still haven't figured out how its next chapter'll happen...

4742004 I've been alive for quite some time, buddy.

4742776 Aw, thanks :twilightblush:. You are too, 'nuff said.

Very good story so far. I can't wait to see where it goes from here

6793288 Thanks, I'm glad to hear that :twilightsmile:! I hope you'll continue to like it whenever the story continues...whenever that happens to be.

6797920 I can't wait for more! I love it when someone whips up a plot that I become engrossed within. Thank you for a good star wars crossover.

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