• Published 28th Jul 2013
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My Little Decepticon - Astral Sketch

A Decepticon soldier awakens in a strange new world.

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In the Forest

As soon as Rainbow Dash regained consciousness she and Twilight were able to get down from the tree and continue their way back home. After over an hour of walking the two had finally arrived at Ponyville.

"FINALLY! we're home," said Rainbow Dash.

"Are you sure your o.k.?" asked Twilight, "you hit that tree pretty hard, maybe we should stop by the hospital."

"I already told you I'm fine" said an annoyed Rainbow, "besides we need to find that thing that blinded me, I got a score to settle with it. Also you still got a twig in your mane."

Twilight took a moment to find the twig and pulled it out before continuing their conversation.

"Odds are that thing already came and left, all we can do is ask if anypony has seen it or not" said Twilight.

"Well, any idea where to start" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Where else? Let's see if any... where is eveypony?" said Twilight.

The street was empty, Twilight and Rainbow Dash were the only two outside. The two mares started walking around looking for any residents or shop keepers. It wasn't until they reached the town hall when they found that most of the residents had gathered. Many were talking at the same time as the mayor attempted to address the crowd.

"Everypony please there is no need to be alarmed" said Mayor Mare through a megaphone.

"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE UFO!?" yelled one of the citizens.

"WHAT IF IT COMES BACK!?" said another along with sounds of agreement from the crowd.

"WHAT IF WE'RE BEING INVADED!" cried another.

"Now calm down please" said the mayor, "we don't know if it was indeed a UFO for all we know it may have been a... a weather balloon."


Twilight and Rainbow Dash stayed at the back of the crowd listening until they hear a voice call out to them.

"Twilight, Rainbow Dash you finally came back!"

The two turned towards the one called them and found that it was Applejack and with her was Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

"Applejack, Pinkie, your here to?" asked Twilight.

"Don't you be changing the subject, now answer me what were you thinking going to ah live volcano without the rest of us? What if something happen to you?" said Applejack.

"I'm sorry I made you all worry, it's just every time something happens I'm always pulling all of you into it. I just wanted to fix a problem without putting all of you in danger" said Twilight.

"Yeah and I was there to make sure she was fine, see no smoke it's all done," said Rainbow Dash.

*sigh* "Alright then as long as everything worked out, well except for everpony make'n a fuss over some flying do'hicky" said Applejack.

"Did you see it Applejack?" said Twilight.

"Heck no I was busy with the apple stand" answered Applejack.

"How about you Pinkie Pie?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Hmm... did it look like a metal ball with a single lens, have two flat grid like wings and a antenna?" said Pinkie.

"YES!" said both Twilight and Rainbow Dash excitedly.

"Nope never heard of it (squee)" said Pinkie Pie with a smile.

Both mare face hoofed at the pink mare's response.

"Wait the two of you saw it for real?" asked Applejack.

"Yeah we ran in to it back at the volcano but it got away from us" said Rainbow Dash.

"What, it got away from you?" asked Applejack.

"Twilight slowed me down ok" said Rainbow defensively.

Twilight just rolled her eyes at Rainbow's excuse.

"Well from what I hear it was here for a few minutes watching us all and then just like that it flew away" said Applejack.

"Strange, what did it want and where'd it come from? ...wait the volcano that's where Rainbow Dash and I first saw it. Maybe that's where it came from and maybe that's where it went. If we go back we might be able to find it and study it" Twilight said as her voice got more excited.

"And when you say we you mean?" said Applejack.

"Yes I mean the four of us" answered Twilight with a smile.

Spincap had never been on an organic world before, he had spent his entire existence on Cybertron. Seeing these strange structures coming out of the ground made him remember a bot he once met who claimed he was an explorer who had visited many worlds before the war and if he remembered correctly he said that these things around him now were called trees. As he continued to walk around he started to noticed that these 'trees' had gotten taller and before he knew it they towered over him. The environment around him was getting darker and mistier as he walked farther into the forest.

This place is kinda starting to get a little spooky he thought.

Then suddenly the was some rustling in a nearby bushes.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" said Spincap as he turned towards the sound.

From the bushes ran out a ferret and as soon as it saw the metal titan it stopped in its tracks. Behind it four Timberwolves that had been chasing the ferret also appeared. They too stopped when they saw the Cybertronian standing before them. With a group of animals just looking at him, Spincap did not know what to do he had never seen creatures like these before.

Ok the satellite didn't have anything on these life-forms he thought.

Not knowing what else to do he then decided to approach them but as he stepped forward the loud boom from his foot hitting the ground scared the ferret and Timberwolves away.

"That was weird," Spincap said to himself.

Shrugging it off he decided to keep exploring the area. After about an hour later he was wondering if he should head back to the cave. That was until he saw a clearing and within the mist there appeared to be a large structure at the center. As he got closer he could see that the structure was made of stone, it did not look natural something must have built it.

Must be some kind of castle he thought.

judging from the wear of the stones the castle was ancient and portions of the walls looked severely damaged. the whole ceiling was gone it was obvious that whatever occupied this place had left a long time ago, so he decided to leaned over the missing roof to take a look inside. Inside was a large open space, there were several pillars that no longer served a purpose and were covered in vines. There was something at the end of the room that looked like an alter. It too was made of stone and at the top was a stone sphere and around it were five empty pedestal. It looked similar to one of those models of the solar system back on Cybertron. The difference however was that the other spheres or planets were missing. After a few minutes of looking around the ancient ruins Spincap decided to move on, he saw a dirt road and decided to follow it. As he was walking he thought he heard a soft cooing sound that was close by, he quickly turned towards the source but he saw nothing. Then he heard it again but it was coming from behind him. Spincap turned again to find the source of the sound but again he saw nothing but more trees.

"Ok what's going on here?" he said to himself.

Then for the third time he heard the same cooing but it was right next to him. He turned his head to the right and saw nothing but when he heard it again looked downward. Spincap had found the source of the cooing, it was a tiny creature it had wings and tiny legs, It's round head appeared to be its body and it had big eyes. After seeing the little creature Spincap was filled to his spark with pure terror.

"AAAAHHHHGGGGG! SCRAPLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed.

Spincap flailed his arms as he tried to swat the creature away from himself. But in doings so he tripped and fell on the ground with a loud thud that cause the ground to shake. When he looked up he saw the creature flying towards him.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" he yelled.

Spincap got up as quickly as he could and transformed into his vehicle mode and with a loud screech of his tires he zoomed out the area.


Not caring where he was going and filled with terror Spincap drove as fast as he could along the dirt road and before he knew it he had driven off a cliff. To avoid falling to his death he activated his boosters which rocketed him to the opposite side of the gorge. He landed hard against the ground causing him to bounce, after hitting the break he was able to come to a complete stop and then transformed. He looked around to see if the scrapplet had followed him and was relieved to know that it was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh thank Primus," he said in relief.

Spincap then walked over towards the ledge of the gorge he had just jump.

"Wow I can't believe I just jumped this thing" He said to himself.

He looked around his surroundings and knew he was lost, Spincap then pulled out the data pad he had brought with him from the pod. After looking to see how far he was from the cave Spincap realized that he was not that far away from the nearby town.

I guess I can go take a look as long none of the inhabitants don't see me, also I need to find another way back to the cave he thought.

Deciding that it would be faster Spincap transformed back into his vehicle mode and continued towards the town. After crossing a river and several minutes of driving later he began to see light which meant that he was close to the edge of the forest. Before going any further he stopped and transformed into his robot mode and then proceeded to walk slowly and carefully towards the edge. He stopped behind a couple of trees, the bushes were high enough to give him some cover that is if he ducked. He grabbed hold of one of the trees as he crouched down to avoid being seen. With his optics Spincap zoomed in to get a better look. however Instead of seeing a town he saw a small hill that looked like it had windows, it stood next to a small stream and there seemed to be tiny boxes hanging from the trees that were next to it. There also appeared to be a large group of different life-forms that for some reason had gathered at this location.

I must of taken a wrong turn, all I see is that small structure and those don't look like the right life-forms either he thought.

Despite the second earthquake, Fluttershy knew that everything was going to be fine when she saw that the mountain had stopped giving off smoke. It took all morning but she was finally able to get the animals in her care to come out of hiding. The timing couldn't be better because it was now lunch time and now that the animals were out Fluttershy was preparing to feed them.

"There you go, you all must be very hungry since everyone of you skipped breakfast," said Fluttershy as she finished feeding the last of them.

Then suddenly she heard a loud snap, it was as if a tree just broke apart followed by a loud boom that caused her to bounce off the ground. Again the animals ran off into hiding as they did before, Fluttershy looked towards the direction of the loud noise. Laying on the ground was the broken tree but next to it was something she had ever seen before. Its color was a combination of purple and grey and it was massive and it also appeared to be made of metal. Fluttershy didn't know what to do, should she approach it? or should she go and find help? Then she heard a moan and the sound of machinery as the thing started to move. Using what looked like massive arms, it lifted itself up a bit allowing Fluttershy to see its head. Its face was just a red triangular visor and there was only silence as the two just looked at each other.

Author's Note:

This was a tricky chapter, I had to rewrite half of it also ever since I found out the origins of the squee sound from the show, I just had to put it in. If anyone would like a better idea on what Spincap looks like I posted a colored drawing I made on the group's (Transformers Crossovers) forum called "MLD OC Art" check it out if you haven't. Anyways thanks for reading and comments are welcomed.