• Published 28th Jul 2013
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My Little Decepticon - Astral Sketch

A Decepticon soldier awakens in a strange new world.

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Where am I?

The satellite had just made its way out of the ancient tunnel and for the first time it was out in the sunlight. Its primary mission was to search this strange world for any signs of sentient life. Its secondary mission is to search for any advanced technology that may be a more suitable alt-mode for the Cybertronian inside the pod, so that it may better hide among the inhabitants of this world. Seeing only trees the satellite flew up to the sky to find any signs of civilization.

Now that Twilight and Rainbow Dash had finished their mission they were heading towards the ground. Then from the corner of her eye, Twilight saw something moving up.

"What is that?" said Twilight.

The satellite flew right passed the two mares scaring them causing Rainbow Dash to almost drop Twilight.

"Whoa, what in Equestria is that!?" yelled Rainbow Dash.

The satellite suddenly stopped and turned back to examine the two natives that were in the air.

"It's coming back!" said Twilight.

The satellite stopped and was about a meter away from the two ponies.

"What is that?" said Rainbow Dash.

"I don't know, I think it may be some kind of machine," said Twilight with curiosity.

"Well, what does it want with us?" asked Rainbow.

The Satellite just hovered there, then it flashed a bright light at the two mares.

"WHAT IS IT DOING!?" yelled Rainbow Dash.

"I don't know?" said Twilight.

After scanning the two life forms and after analyzing their speech pattern it confirmed that they were indeed sentient. Although they were organic, the satellite now knew what to search for. Using this new information from the bio-scan the satellite preformed a wide grid scan for any similar life forms. The satellite then detected multiple readings of similar life forms, it determined that it must be a town of some kind and it was not too far away from its current position. With this new information the satellite turned away from the two mares and went straight for the town.

"HEY! Where's it going in such a hurry?" said Rainbow Dash.

"It looks like it's heading straight for Ponyville!" said Twilight.

"Should we go after it?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I think we should, we don't know what it might do once it gets to town. But we should definitely keep our distance for now," said Twilight.

Still holding on to Twilight, Rainbow Dash then proceeded to follow the flying machine. Detecting that it was being followed the satellite boosted its speed to evade the two mares.

"Wow! That thing can move fast" said Rainbow Dash.

"We can't lose it Rainbow!" said Twilight.

"You got it!" said Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash increased her speed and after a few seconds they had caught up with the machine. The satellite picked up that it was still being followed and after a moment to process it changed its tactics. It quickly turned around to face its pursuers and then flashed a blight light into Rainbow Dash's eyes.

"AH! MY EYES!" yelled the pegasus.

Veering out of control Rainbow Dash was heading straight for the trees,


"I CAN'T SEE!!" yelled Rainbow.

The two crashed and with a loud thud the tree shook as leafs fell to the ground. Up in the branches laid both Twilight and Rainbow Dash. Although bruised and dazed Twilight was otherwise alright, Rainbow Dash on the other hand laid unconscious on the other branch. With the threat neutralized, the satellite continued on with its exploration mission. Within minutes the satellite was over Ponyville observing the inhabitants and their technology. After a few minutes the satellite was unable to detect a suitable alt-mode and with its energon supply running low it sent the information it gathered to the pod and then proceeded back.

Back inside the pod the monitor had just received the data from the satellite and after a moment of processing it determined to skip the search for an alt-mode and processed to next stage, repair. From the monitor a small devise raised up and began scanning the anterior of the craft.

"REPAIR, REPAIR," said the monitor.

It detected only a single occupant, then the device shot a bright yellow beam at the Cybertronian. Because the damage to the Cybertronian's body was minor it only took a few minutes before the repairs were completed. From the blackness there was static then the Cybertronian's optics were fully online.

"Wha... What happened?" said Spincap as he sat up.

He raised his hand and placed it on the top of his head, he tried to think of the last thing he could remember. Then in a flash he remembered the final battle above Cybertron's orbit and how both the Nemesis and the Ark were pulled into the Space Bridge as it became unstable. Then he remembered how he struck his head from something crashing against the pod before everything went black. He was brought back to the present when he heard the satellite return. It flew passed him and then reattached itself to the monitor. Spincap quickly got up and approached the monitor, he knew that the satellite would had uploaded whatever data he would need.

"O.K. I must have landed somewhere for that satellite to have been launched" said Spincap as he began typing on a keyboard.

"Planet unknown? Great," he said, "huh, here's some data on this world's inhabitants."

He played the clip and from the monitor screen Spincap could see images of the life-forms.

"Hmm their organic, quadrupeds and... wow there small" said Spincap; "and it looks like there's a town nearby. O.k. let's see what's their technological level... scrap there a tier 6 civilization."

Spincap then saw an image of two of the natives looking right at the satellite. One of them was blue and had a multicolored mane and it appeared to be carrying the other which was purple.

"Huh, looks like they come in different forms, one with wings and one with a horn?" said Spincap.

Spincap decided to stop for now so he check on what supplies he had available, especially the energon supply.

Looks like I got enough to last me a while, that's good at least. But that's not going to last forever what am I going to do when I run out?... Wait I know he thought.

Spincap accessed the pod's transmitter and typed in the secret code that would allow him to access the Decepticon communication channel. He had learned this code from his training just in case a soldier was ever stranded in enemy territory. Then when he was done sending a message he logged off and walked away from the monitor.

"Alright message sent, hopefully a rescue party will come for me before I run out of energon. I gotta say this equipment is pretty user friendly, well I guess I should go out and do some exploring." Spincap said to himself.

As soon as he exited from the pod he was surprised to see that he was inside a cave.

How... how long have I been here!? he thought.

He saw a large tunnel, most likely it was the path that the pod created when it crash landed so long ago. Using the lights from his body to light the way, Spincap continued on following the dark tunnel. When he saw light at the end of the tunnel he knew that he had found the exit. Once Spincap was outside he saw the blue skies and from a distance were many trees.

"Wow... I guess I better get started," He said to himself.

Author's Note:

I had to re-watch "More Than Meets the Eye" for this chapter and the previous one. Also I don't know if I need to mention it but right now the story is set before season 3 but it will catch up to it. Thanks for reading and as always comments are welcomed.