• Published 28th Jul 2013
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My Little Decepticon - Astral Sketch

A Decepticon soldier awakens in a strange new world.

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Wake Up Call

Fluttershy had just finished laying out food for all the animals in her care when she noticed that they haven't come out to eat. This is so strange, where could they all be? she thought, then from nowhere she felt the ground shake beneath her hooves. With a squeak she fell to the ground and covered her eyes. It wasn't until the ground stopped shaking when she open her eyes to look around the area. Fluttershy then saw a trail of black smoke coming from outside of Ponyville.

"Oh no, not another dragon," said Fluttershy trembling in fear.

Meanwhile in town Applejack had left the apple stand in Big Mac's care and was galloping as fast as she could to Golden Oaks Library. She knew there was trouble as soon as she saw the smoke after the earthquake and she also knew that Twilight would be the one with the solution. As she ran she suddenly saw something pink from the corner of her eye.

"Hey Applejack, why are you in such a rush?" asked Pinkie Pie.

The pink mare was running backwards and now she was moving at the same speed as Applejack.

"Pinkie, did you not feel that earthquake or see the smoke just now?!" said Applejack.

"Wait there was an earthquake?" said Pinkie Pie, "so that wasn't just me then?, huh, I thought I sensed a doozy coming."

"What? how could... never mind, we gotta find Twilight, whatever's going down she'll know what to do," said Applejack.

The two mares continued to galloping and when they reached the library they saw that both Rarity and Fluttershy had just arrived.

"Ah'm a guess'n you two felt it too right?" asked Applejack.

"Dear, you have no idea what kind of mess my shop is in" said Rarity with a sigh.

"Wow and you just left it like that?" asked Applejack.

"Well Applejack, I would think the fate of Ponyville take first priority than a... messy...shop" said Rarity as she struggled to say the last two words.

"Glad we agree on something then and speak'n of the fate of Ponyville" said Applejack.

Applejack tried to open the door to library and discovered that it was locked.

"What the? Why is this dang door locked? The library should be open now," said Applejack.

"Maybe she's still asleep" said Fluttershy softly.

"That can't be it's not like Twilight to sleep in at all" said Rarity.

"That's right Twilight usually opens the library really, really early" said Pinkie Pie.




"HELLO? TWI YOU IN THERE!?" yelled Applejack.

After a moment's pause the door could be heard unlocking and when it opened the four mares saw that it was a sleepy Spike who had opened the door.

"Seriously do you know what time it is?" said Spike rubbing his eyes.

"Please tell me you didn't sleep through that earthquake?" asked Applejack.

"Huh... what earthquake?" asked Spike.

Applejack face hoofed he sleeps through an earthquake and yet me knocking the door is what wakes him up she thought.

"Anyway Spike, is Twilight here?!" said Applejack.

"Uh no," said Spike.

"No?" said the four mares in unison.

"Please Spike you have to tell us where Twilight is it's really important" said Rarity.

As soon as Rarity spoke Spike became fully awake and his eyes became fixed solely on the white mare.

"OH right! Twilight, yeah she went out to fix some volcano nearby" said Spike.

"VOLCANO!" again the four said unison.

"Yeah she left a while ago with Rainbow Dash," said Spike.

"Wait Rainbow Dash is with her too?" said Applejack.

"She said things would faster if she came along, hold on I think she left a note somewhere," said Spike.

The four mares finally entered the library as the baby dragon went to find the note.

"FOUND IT!" yelled Spike.

He then walked towards the mares with a piece paper in his hand.

"Here you go Rarity," he said holding up the note in a knightly manner.

"Thank you Spike," said Rarity.

"Sure Rarity, anything for you," he said with a goofy grin.

The four mares huddled together to read the note that Twilight had left for them.

If you are reading this then you probably know by now that Ponyville is in danger. According to Princess Celestia one of the nearby mountains is due to erupt any day now. Fortunately the Princess sent me instructions to make a potion that will keep the volcano from erupting. Since this isn't a high level volcano the potion should work fine and since I already finished the potion last night I figured I can handle this one myself. So please don't worry about me I'll be fine, I'm also bringing Rainbow Dash along with me. I figure with her help we'll get done and back a lot sooner.

Wish us luck

-Twilight Sparkle

There was a momentary silences when the four mares finished reading the letter.

"That's it?" asked Applejack, "A'h can't believe they just went off without the rest of us?"

"We all read it Applejack" said Rarity, "apparently Twilight and Rainbow Dash can handle it just fine. Now if you'll excuse me I have a shop that desperately need fixing."

As soon as Rarity finished speaking she hurried out the door to return to her shop.

"Rarity wait! I can help you!" shouted Spike as he ran off after her.

"If it's ok, I really should go back home and check up on the animals," said Fluttershy.

"And I have another Ponyville is saved party to get ready for when Twilight and Rainbow Dash get back" said Pinkie Pie.

"Fine a'h guess we're not needed after all then" said Applejack.

The remaining three left the library and went their separate ways and as Applejack hurried back to the market to help Big Mac, she couldn't help but feel that there was something else was going to happen.

Twilight and Rainbow Dash had left early and after a while of traveling they had finally reached the base of the smoking mountain.

"Alright we made it," said Twilight.

"About time! you know we could have been done faster if you just let me take that potion and dump in myself," complained Rainbow Dash.

"How many time do I have to explain it to you?" replied Twilight, "This potion has to be done just right."

"Yeah right, I bet you just want to be the one that drops the potion in there so you can please the Princess," said Rainbow Dash with a smirk.

"WHAT!? that's... that's ridiculous, all that matters is the safety of Ponyville" said Twilight who was blushing.

"Oh yeah? Then why didn't we bring the others along to help?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Because this mission is an easy one and I didn't want to take eveypony out of their busy schedules," replied Twilight.

"Whatever, so what's next?" Asked Rainbow.

"Well it'll take hours to climb up this mountain and the top is beyond my ability to teleport, so I'm going to need you carry me and we'll fly to the top" answered Twilight.

"You got it," said Rainbow as she grabbed her friend.

"NOT TOO FAST!" said Twilight.

*sigh* "fine" said Rainbow.

With a flap of Rainbow Dash's wings the two were up in the air and after a few minutes they were at the top of the mountain.

*cough, cough* "Wow this is a lot of smoke," said Rainbow Dash as she placed Twilight down.

*cough, cough* "Well it is a volcano *cough*" said Twilight.

The two mares walked to the edge of the hole from where the smoked was coming from. The two could feel the heat radiating from below and when they looked down the pit they saw the red glow of the magma just waiting come out. Twilight used her magic to carefully removed a glass bottle from her saddle bag. The bottle had a round base, it's neck was a thin cylinder with a cork in the mouth and the liquid inside was a dark blue. According to Princess Celestia's instructions all Twilight had to do was pour down the liquid into the mouth of the volcano. The Liquid reacts to heat and as soon as it makes contact with the magma it would instantly start cooling down the volcano until it was no longer active. As Twilight calculated how long it would take for the potion to reach the bottom Rainbow Dash was beginning to get impatient.

"Would you just drop the potion already!" yelled Rainbow Dash.

"AAAHHH!" yelled Twilight breaking her out of her concentration causing her to drop the bottle.

The two watched as the bottle disappeared down the pit. Then Twilight turned her head to glare at Rainbow Dash.

"That didn't do anything, what a jip!" said Rainbow Dash.

Then suddenly the entire mountain began to shake again but this time it was more powerful than the one earlier.

At the base of the volcano the earthquake caused the mountain wall to break apart exposing an ancient tunnel that was buried long ago. At the very end of the tunnel was a cave that contained a massive metal object. Inside the object was a an monitor and as the earthquake ended the monitor screen began to flicker. Then after a few seconds the monitor and lights were fully activated. From the monitor station a small satellite was ejected and as it floated away the hatch of the pod automatically opened.

"EXPLORE... EXPLORE" said the satellite as it exited the pod.


After spending so much time cleaning, Rarity finally finished putting her store back to order. She had just sent Spike back to the library and was finally going to go back to work herself. Then out of nowhere another more powerful earthquake hit, scaring the white unicorn. After a few seconds of shaking the earthquake had stopped and when Rarity opened her eyes her jaw dropped and her eye began to twitch at the sight of the huge mess in her store.

The earthquake had ended and at the top of the mountain Twilight and Rainbow Dash had their forelegs wrapped around each other trembling in fear. All was clear the volcano was no longer emitting heat or smoke. Then as soon as Rainbow Dash realized that the volcano had stopped shaking she quickly pulled away from Twilight.

"Well... that was something," said an embarrassed Rainbow Dash.

"And it looks like it worked there's no heat, no smoke, the volcano is no longer active. YES! Ponyville is safe, wait till everypony hears the good news," cheered Twilight.

"Yeah well, we're also gonna tell them that I wasn't scared at all" said Rainbow Dash, "right?"

"Whatever you say Rainbow, lets go home" said Twilight with a smile.

Rainbow Dash then grabbed hold of Twilight as the two began to fly back down the mountain.

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