• Published 28th Jul 2013
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My Little Decepticon - Astral Sketch

A Decepticon soldier awakens in a strange new world.

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Time to move

Spincap, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Spike had left Sweet Apple Acres and were on foot/hoof as they followed the small bird. It turned out that they were not very far from Fluttershy's cottage and had now just entered the Everfree Forest. Because of how small they were the four mares and baby dragon had no problem walking through the woods. Spincap on the other hand was starting to have trouble getting around the trees which were beginning to get closer together as they went farther in. Before long they had reached their destination as they exited the forest and into a large clearing.

"There it is," said Fluttershy as she pointed towards a large cave.

Another cave? Spincap thought.

The cave entrance was indeed big enough for Spincap and as the five of them then went inside they discovered how big it truly was.

"Wow! this cave is huge!" said Spike.

"It's almost as big as the one where we found your space craft," said Twilight.

"It's defiantly big enough," said an impressed Spincap.

"And it ain't too far from Ponyville either," said Applejack.

Fluttershy was just finishing talking to the little bird when she turned towards her friends.

"Apparently this cave used to belong to an Ursa Major but you don't have to worry, it moved out a long time ago," said Fluttershy.

"But how are you going to get your ship all the way down here if its buried under the mountain?" asked Applejack.

"It's impossible," said Twilight.

"I don't think I need the whole ship," said Spincap, "I just need to get the stores on Energon along with some other equipment down here."

"That's a good idea, that will save you a lot of time and effort," said Twilight.

Spincap had originally planned to stay with the escape pod so that he could keep his existence hidden from the natives and only take occasional trips to the town for observation. But now that most of the town had become aware of his existence that plan had become pointless. Then after some time examining the size of the cave all five of them then went back outside.

"Well then I guess I should head back to my ship for those supplies." said Spincap.

"Wait, let us help you," said Twilight.

"Thanks but I think I can handle it myself," said Spincap.

"But with our help you'll be finished a lot sooner," explained Twilight.

"Look no offence but your all pretty small I don't think you'll be much help," said the Cybertronian.

"Listen here buddy, as our new friend were going to help you and that's that," said Applejack.

"We're... friends?" he asked.

"Of course we are," Applejack answered as if it was the obvious answered.

He was surprised at how fast these natives had warmed up to him and had now considered him their friend. Just by looking at these three mares Spincap knew they were not going to quit and so he gave in.

"Alright," said Spincap.

Before they went any farther into the forest they all went back to Sweet Apple Acres. Twilight and Fluttershy then left the farm to get the rest of their friends before they left for Spincap's ship. While waiting for the others to arrive Spincap was helping Applejack prepare a large cart that the Apple family uses to transport their barrels of cider for the trip. Meanwhile Spike was sitting at the front of the cart asking Spincap some questions of his own.

"So Spincap, what do you think of our world?" asked Spike.

"Well for an organic world, it's not bad," Spincap answered.

"So you're really from a mechanical world huh? no trees or apples?" asked Applejack.

"Nope just metal and circuitry," said Spincap.

"Well an't that something, a entire mechanical world filled with transforming living machines, who knew?" said Applejack.

After a few minutes Twilight and Fluttershy finally returned and with them were Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

"Alright then let's get journey started!" cheered Pinkie Pie.

Now that they were all present and the cart ready the six mares and the Cybertronian were ready to go. But just before they were started they heard a voice call out to them.

"Hay Applejack wait up!"

All seven of them turned around to see who it was that was calling them and it turned out to be Apple Bloom. She was running towards them and with her were Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. All three of them were wearing their red capes and had a look of excitement on their faces.

"What are you three doing here? Aren't you suppose to be at school?" said Applejack.

"Don't tell me the three of you skipped school?" asked Rarity.

"We didn't Rarity, school ended early today," said Sweetie Belle.

"So we came back here to see Mr. Spincap and that's when Granny Smith told us that all of you are gonna to help him move his stuff to his new home. So we're here to help out," said Apple Bloom.

"Oh no Apple Bloom Its too dangerous," said Applejack.

"That's right Sweetie Belle, the Everfree forest is no place for a filly," said Rarity.

"Ah man," said Scootaloo.

"Come on Applejack, we can help we might be able to finally earn our cutie marks, " pleaded Apple Bloom.

"Apple Bloom have I always told you?" asked Applejack sternly.

"We're not allowed to go into the Everfree Forest unless we have an adult with us," she answered, "and all seven of you are adults and besides look at how big Mr. Spincap is, what's gonna mess with us with him around?"

"She's got you there," said Rainbow Dash.

*sigh* "fine, as long as the three of you stay close to us," said Applejack.


Now that they were ready Spincap, the Main Six, Spike and the crusaders went on their way to the pod to retrieve the equipment that the Cybertronian needed. As always the Everfree Forest was dark even during the day and it seemed to get darker as they went farther. Fortunately the lights from Spincap's body lit the way making it easier for the others to see where they were going. Being the two most athletic of the group Rainbow Dash and Applejack pulled the cart behind them, which Spike and the three fillies were riding.

"What kind of cutie mark do y'ah think we'll get for this?" said Apple Bloom.

"Since we're helping Spincap out I bet it'll have something to do with space since he's an alien and all," said Scootaloo.

"But we're just moving thing out, wouldn't our cutie marks be something involving furniture? " said Sweetie Belle.

As the crusaders continued to talk amongst themselves Twilight picked up the her pace so she could be closer to Spincap.

"Sorry about this, Those three fillies can be a handful sometimes they're just so eager to earn their cutie marks," said Twilight.

"Yeah I was just about to ask, what is cutie mark anyways?" he asked.

"WHAT? you don't know what a cutie mark?" asked Scootaloo who was able to hear what the Cybertronian said.

"No I don't, but it seems pretty important," Spincap answered.

"Well you see it the mark that's on our flanks see," said Twilight.

Spincap stop to look at where Twilight was pointing to and saw an image of one big star surrounded by five smaller stars. He then looked at the others and except for the three fillies on the cart he saw that they all had a emblem on their flanks.

"Are those supposed to be the factions you all belong to?" he asked.

"Factions? No cutie marks are the symbol of our talent and who we are as individuals. You see when a pony finally discovers who they are and where their place in the world is, then their cutie mark appears," Twilight explained.

"So you all have the freedom to find your place in the world for yourselves?" Spincap asked.

"Of course we do, that kind of thing can't be decided for us," said Twilight.

"Wow, I wish it was like that on Cybertron," said Spincap.

"What do y'ah mean," asked Apple Bloom.

Spincap was silent for a moment, then he decided since he already let it slip he might as well tell them.

"Back on my planet Cybertron there was a caste system ,we didn't have a choice on what we wanted to be," said Spincap.

"So you couldn't find your destiny for yourself?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"We couldn't find our purpose like you can because from the moment we came into existence our place was decided for us and that was it. It didn't matter if we like our roles or not, we couldn't do anything about it," Spincap explained.

"That sounds like me before I got my cutie mark," said Pinkie Pie who was blowing her nose on a tissue, "back when I lived at my family's rock farm I never felt truly happy harvesting rocks. It wasn't till I got my cutie mark and found my true calling when I finally felt complete."

"What was your role back on Cybertron?" asked Fluttershy.

Spincap thought back about his life before the war, before he became a Decepticon.

"I was a factory worker back in Kaon, the city I lived pretty much my whole life in. I mostly did maintenance, fixing machinery, cleaning up messes ... and bodies." said Spincap.

"BODIES?!" they all said.

"Yeah our safety wasn't really a priory, every now and then there would be an industrial accident, bots would get crushed, fried, or melted then I would have to drag off what's left of them out for recycling," Spincap explained.

"That's awful, no wonder you left your world," said Rarity.

"Uh yeah that's why," Spincap lied, "I don't really want to talk about it right now and besides I think we're close the where the pod is."

"We completely understand," said Twilight.

"Wait I just one more question," said Scootaloo, "You said you don't know what a cutie mark is, so what is that mark on your shoulders and chest then?"

Spincap realized that she was referring to the Decepticons symbols that were on his body.

"What this? Spincap replied.

"You said something about factions earlier did you belong to one?" asked Twilight.

"So it's a club thing, like the Cutie Mark Crusaders logo right?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Yeah that's it, a club," he answered.

"It looks menacing," said Sweetie Belle.

"Yeah it's kinda creepy," said Spike.

"Really? I always thought it looked cool," said Spincap.

"Excuse me but shouldn't we get moving?" said Rainbow Dash.

"Your right we better get going," said Spincap.

They continued their way through the forest and after a while they finally made it to the cave where the pod was located. being careful they all entered the cave and walked through the tunnel and eventually they arrived at the pod's location. It was dark and the only lights inside were coming from Spincap but then Twilight cast an illumination spell that brought light througout the whole chamber.

"Whoa!" said Spike and the three fillies.

"So that's the space ship? This is so cool!" said Spike.

"It's enormous," said Rarity.

"Well let's get started," said Spincap.

Spincap walked up to the pod and when he reached the haul of the ship he opened the hatch. The others slowly walked closer and stopped when they saw Spincap enter the ship. Twilight was the first to approach the pod and was then followed by Rainbow Dash. Because the hatch was so high Twilight had to teleport herself so she could get inside the alien craft. Spincap was rummaging around the pod grabbing anything that was not attached to the pod's structure. Already he had a small crate in his hands with a portable scanner, transmission receiver, some tools and a buffer that he had found inside. As he was about to exit the pod to check on everyone outside he was then startled by a flash of light which Twilight suddenly appeared inside.

"... YOU CAN TELEPORT TOO?" said a shocked Spincap.

"I'm sorry, did I startle you?" said Twilight apologetically.

"N-No just try giving me a heads up next time o.k." he replied.

I wonder what else they can do with magic he thought.

Twilight was amazed as she took a look around the interior of the pod and saw how advanced it looked. That was when Rainbow Dash flew inside and she too was stunned when she saw how big the space inside was compared to them.

"This is so cool!" said Rainbow Dash.

"I know it's amazing," said Twilight, "is there anything we can do to help?"

"I got most of what I need in here," answered Spincap pointing to the box he was holding, "all that's left are the Energon cubes over there."

The two mares looked towards the direction he had pointed and saw several large cubes stacked in a pile. With a closer look they saw that some of the containers had a strange multicolored liquid inside. The rest of the containers stored the Energon in its crystal form ready for conversion.

"So this is that Energon stuff you mentioned right?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah, we just need to move this stuff out," answered Spincap.

One by one each of the ponies entered the alien craft and after some brief ooh's and aah's they got to work. Spincap carried some of the containers outside himself and placed them in the cart Applejack brought. Pinkie Pie who out of nowhere was wearing an orange vest and was carrying two light up cones and was using them to direct Twilight and Rarity, who were both using their magic to levitate several cubes out of the pod. With the help of everyone there they eventually got all of the containers out of the pod and were now heading back towards the cave exit. Unfortunately the cart wasn't big enough to carry all the containers so Spincap had to carry some of the Energon out of the cave himself. Deciding that it would be easier to transport Spincap transformed into his vehicle mode.

"Woah! Cool!" said Pinkie and the three fillies.

All together they help put the containers inside of Spincap and because the cart was too heavy for Applejack and Rainbow Dash to go all the way back to town, they used the rope they brought with them to tie the cart onto Spincap. With Twilight and Pinkie Pie in the front seat of the vehicle and the rest of them on the cart, they were ready to go back to town.

"Everyone ready?" said Spincap.

"We're good to go!" answered Applejack.

"Alright," Spincap replied.

With the cart secured behind him Spincap drove into the forest being careful not to go too fast. It was early in the evening when they got back to the new cave that was closer to Ponyville. As soon as Twilight and Pinkie got out and with them the containers of Energon, Spincap was able to change back into his robot mode. Now that all of the containers were inside the new location they were finally done for the day.

"Woo, what a day," said Rainbow Dash.

"I know and I need to take Spike home, he's already asleep," said Twilight as she carried Spike on her back.

"Apple Bloom, time the go home," said Applejack.

"You too Sweetie Belle," said Rarity.

As the three fillies walked towards the others they noticed that they had their heads down.

"Now what's got you three down?" asked Applejack.

"We did all that work and we still didn't get our cutie marks," said Apple Bloom.

"Don't you worry you'll get your cutie marks eventually, now say good bye to Spincap we need to get you home," said Applejack.

"Bye Mr. Spincap," said each of the crusaders.

"See ya," he replied.

"Are you sure you don't need any help getting set up?" asked Fluttershy.

"No I'm fine," he answered.

"O.k." said the yellow pegasus.

"Bye, Spincap and don't worry we'll have your house warming party later!" said Pinkie Pie as she waved him good bye for the night.

"Ah... sure... why not," Spincap replied as he waved to all of them.

Now that all the ponies and the baby dragon were gone, Spincap went over to his inventory and grabbed a vial of Energon from one of the containers. After he injected the Energon into his intake port he then grabbed the portable transmission receiver and activated it. When he found that there were no replies to the message he sent, he set it down and began to think about his current situation. For now this cave was a better solution to where to stay for the time being at least until a rescue ship came to get him.

I hope my message went through so they can come and get me he thought, but what if it didn't? What if they just leave me here? No, I need to be positive there probably on their way now.

And that's when it hit him.

"SCRAP!!! if a rescue ship comes to get me there gonna ask how I got here in the first place. They'll think I deserted! They'll probably smelt me down! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?" Spincap panicked, "wait I need to calm down, either they don't get my signal and I'm stuck here, or they do get it but don't come or they do come and ether slag me here or back on Cybertron ... or maybe they won't terminate me and everything will be fine... right?."

It was almost dark when Twilight returned home to the library and as soon as she locked the door she went up the stairs to put Spike to bed. Then as soon as she tucked the baby dragon in Twilight went back down to go over all the notes she had taken from her interview with Spincap. It was after she was done organizing her notes when she pulled up a separate piece of paper and began writing.

"Dear Princess Celestia

I apologize for not writing to you sooner but, you're not going to believe what has happen in the last two days."

Back on Cybertron within the Decepticon fortress known as Darkmount, Shockwave was in his lab working on one of his most recent experiments. That was when one of his many technicians entered into the lab from the door behind him.

"Commander Shockwave, we have just received a distress signal from one of our soldiers," said the technician.

"And why are disturbing my valuable research with this information?" said Shockwave coldly without even turning around.

"My apologies sir, but it's about the origin of the signal, we thought you should look at it yourself, sir," said the technician.

Shockwave said nothing as he turned around to faced the technician with his single glowing eye and extended his hand to him. The technician placed the data pad in the hand of the head science officer and after a few seconds Shockwave spoke.

"Interesting," Shockwave said, "you are dismissed."

"Yes sir," saluted the technician as he left the lab.

Shockwave then heard a voice calling him from the intercom.

"Commander Shockwave we are receiving a live feed from Lord Megatron, he wishes to speak to you."

"Very well," Shockwave replied.

Within seconds a holographic image of the Decepticon leader's head and upper torso had appeared inside the lab. The hologram was huge and took up much of the space within the lab making Megatron look more imposing than normal.

"Shockwave I want to know what progress you have made on Cybertron," said Megatron.

"Of course my lord," relied Shockwave, "I report that although our forces have suffered heavy losses, we have however made significant progress in eliminating what remaining Autobots here on Cybertron."

"Good, and what is the current status of your most recent project?" asked Megatron.

"Given our current situation I have to report that it is progressing as expected my lord," answered Shockwave.

"Very well, Is there anything else you have to report?" said Megatron.

"Yes there is Lord Megatron," replied Shockwave, "It appears that we have received a distress signal from one of our soldiers however the origin of the signal does not match any known stellar system on record. I recommend that we send a space vessel to not only retrieve the soldier but to explore the system for scientific purposes."

"Denied!" shouted Megatron, "The only scientific purposes I care about is whatever will win me this war. I care not for whatever reason this soldier has for being there in the first place, leave him to whatever fate awaits him. I will not waste time or precious Energon on a single soldier do I make myself clear?"

"... Your reasoning is logical my lord," Shockwave replied.

"Good," said Megatron as his image suddenly disappeared leaving the scientist alone inside the lab.

Shockwave was still holding the data pad in his hand and as he looked at it again he could not help but wonder.

"These coordinates... where have I seen them before?"

Author's Note:

I'm Back! sorry for the long wait had a lot of stuff going on, I even wrote another holiday special Sunset Shimmer and the Magic of Christmas anyways I hope you all enjoy reading this chapter please comment and have a happy new year.